Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fat Mom Across America: One Week In

Yesterday and today, I've continued riding along Route 30 in Oregon. The trees are tall and thick and there are some pretty serious hills along the way.

There are a lot of logging trucks on the road, which makes sense when you look at the surroundings!

I ended up biking 3.7 miles, then another 2.1 miles for a total of 5.8 miles through the forested hills yesterday.

Today was busy. I am an active volunteer in animal rescue, and today it took up my entire morning and afternoon. But in the early evening, I managed to take two rides, 4.1 miles and 2.5 miles, and rode through two small towns: Westport and Woodson, Oregon. The terrain flattened out a bit and instead of all the hills and mountains, there were some lovely fields and this rustic old barn.

I also got a unique invitation along the road: Eat Jesus Christ. Tuesday at 6 pm. Ok, I will remember that...

Today's 6.6 miles brought my total for Week 1 to 48.1 miles biked. Here is a map of my progress so far over the past 7 days. Every green circle is a spot when I stopped biking, whether to loosen the pedal straps, let my feet rest a minute, or take a longer break to have lunch.

I'm moving along, and I am proud of what I've done so far. This is something I enjoy and I am so glad I got started! Thank you for the support. You can always see real time updates on My Virtual Mission. Heading to bed; I have more biking to do tomorrow!


Joy said...

This is so interesting. Being a Brit, I had to look up where you are on Google Maps! Looking forward to the next instalments!
J x

Shelly said...

Does mvm give you the pics or do you go back and get them? Great ride, you are doing awesome.

Anonymous said...

The way you write in a tense as though this was actually happening is so odd to me. I guess I would just think you'd write something like "There would be a lot of logging trucks along this route," rather than "are." Something about it just feels really off and almost like living in an alternate reality.

I guess that's the point though, to be pretending it is actually happening. Whatever motivates you to keep moving!!

How is eating going with this increase in activity? I know my appetite goes up with sustained exercise... supposedly research says that doesn't happen, but I know what I experience!

Lyn said...

Thanks Joy, it's pretty fun!


MVM does have a street view and you can click back and forth over your past and future route. I also use Google Pro to look at various points on my route and choose what I'd like to share.


To me, it is a journey. If it were just logging miles it would get boring very quickly. I like to think about each place and put myself there as if I were actually there. Makes it more interesting for me!

The eating is stable, about the same as it was before riding and before the junk invasion of the week or so prior. Appetite is not over the top from exercise, but I had some PMS cravings this week that are now gone. Feeling good, eating mostly meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs, protein shakes/bars, and coffee.

aec5940 said...

I'm loving the bike ride - it's fascinating!!

Anonymous said...

Are you making adjustments to the resistance on your bike to account for things like hills? Any activity is good, don't get me wrong, but if days on end you're just pedaling along at your default resistance setting you're not actually getting the full benefit. In the real world, you'd have to push harder on those hills (sometimes for miles). This is a key problem with recumbent/stationary biking or treadmills in general; it's way too easy to "cover" a lot of distance at a pace that is actually too easy. Sure, you cover ground and can claim miles, but unless you're genuinely keeping your heart rate up there's not a lot of cardiac benefit.

Susan R said...

Go Lyn! I am enjoying seeing your part of the country-it looks very lush and green.

Anonymous said...

OMG People. She is doing an activity that she enjoys and is for her! FFS let it alone.

Lyn said...


yes. I mentioned on another post that I use circuits on my bike to mimic hills, and adjust the resistance to pedal as high as I can go on those areas. I am making progress, which you can see by my increasing biking speed (average mph increases with resistance). I started mostly on levels 1 and 2, with a tiny bit of level 3. Now I am mostly riding on level 3 and some 4. In the real world, I would also be able to stop pedaling and coast down all of these hills, but on a stationary bike I am pedaling 100% of the time.

Taryl said...

I'm always amazed at how many 'helpful' comments you get from people who will find a way to criticize whatever effort you're putting in, no matter how good. Nitpickers! I had the joy of one mucking around in the comments on my blog and it was rather disconcerting. I think you're remarkably gracious given how many years you've been dealing with comment boxes on here :)

The bike riding thing is so cool! I really like riding out and about but my bike tire keeps going flat. We will probably save up and replace the whole thing or see if we can fit it with more durable wheels, because I think I'm honestly too heavy for the rims :(. But I won't let that discourage me. Anything is better than nothing, for both of us. You're inspiring with your unwillingness to give up, even when you take long breaks. I've been in a wheel spinning position for two years and am not giving up either. It just not an option when my life and health are at stake.

So here's to obnoxious persistence!

Anonymous said...

You're doing good, Lyn.

I biked last night. Did the gym tonight followed by some happy back yoga.

Should be a good bike ride tomorrow after it cools down.

Take care - Kim