Monday, August 29, 2016

Fat Mom Across America: One Month In

It's hard to believe it's been a whole month since I started my "ride across America."  In the month between July 28 and yesterday, I rode a total of 130.4 miles through Washington and into Oregon.  Although that's not as far as I would have liked, it's pretty good for a start, and considering I had several days not biking due to illness or injury (and a couple due to sheer laziness). Over the coming month, I will bike much farther, faster, and more consistently. I've already biked 4 miles today and will ride some more this evening. I still have a goal of getting across the United States (3,035 miles) by my 10 year Blog Anniversary in August 2017. I also plan to be relatively thin by then. I say "relatively" because when you've been close to 300 pounds (right now I weigh 242), anything that's out of the Obese category is relatively thin. I am doing whatever it takes to get my health back.

My route so far (the dark blue line is where I have biked):

Here are some photos of the scenery during rides over the last couple of days:

First, I biked over the Sandy River near where Lewis and Clark traveled in 1805.

The highway eventually runs along the Columbia River and you can see the mountains in the distance. Washington is on the other side of the river.

My family and I have traveled this road several times and we always enjoy looking at the interesting and varied rock formations along the way.

Here is the most beautiful rest stop I have ever seen: Vista House above Mirror Lake. What's that? You don't see a rest stop? Look way up on the top of that rock. You can barely see the edge of the rest stop building, which was built in 1917 along the Historic Columbia River Highway.

Here's a picture of Vista House that I took when I drove up there with my kids some years ago. It's a very cool building!

This is the view from the upstairs . So amazing!

Tonight I will keep on riding along beside the river and hope to get a glimpse of some waterfalls soon. You can follow my route and get live updates at My Virtual Mission:Fat Mom Across America. You can join me by creating your own mission for free! It's a fun way to set an exercise goal and stick to it. Happy travels!


Melissa @ Faster In Water said...

130 miles is great! Nice job!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are going to write a book! I love your blog.

Kristi said...

Cool! I started with you. I'm walking the pacific coast trail, 2600 miles or so. I've walked 175.5 miles so far this month. Keep on chugging.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing how far you have gone on the map. That is some rest stop there, wow. Thanks for letting us tag along on your ride!