Sunday, July 17, 2016

Stupid Weigh In and a Summary of My Year

Well I have not been posting official weigh-ins on Sundays like I used to, but instead posting vague references to being up and down the same half pound and of gaining and losing 4 pounds of (I assume) carb bloat around the 4th of July. This is because the scale is *frustrating* to me. It makes me insane when I do (what I think are) all the right things and don't get my "paycheck" of deserved results. But yeah, I am pretty resigned to the fact that I don't usually get the losses, or gains, that I would expect from how I eat and move.

So basically, last July I weighed 240 pounds. By this January I had lost 11 pounds and was down to 229. It was slow going, but with some effort I got down to 226 by May 1. By the third week of June I weighed 238 pounds... a rapid, 12 pound regain in under 2 months, even thought I WAS making an effort and having a lot of good days. I know it is hard to believe a person can gain weight that fast without binge eating, but I wasn't. I never binged once. I overate junk about half the days for 2 weeks and that was the result I got.

Since June 19 I have been restricting what I eat. I posted most of my intake/menus in blog posts or in the comments if you're interested. This week I made a commitment to walk and bike every day and I have kept that. Today I weigh 238 pounds... still. Same as I weighed about a month ago. I believe (I have to believe) that if I keep my carbs and calories low and increase my activity this month, the scale will respond.

This week I am keeping a close eye on the carb content of my food. I'm not tracking, but am using the Medifast meal guidelines (see last post) to decide what to eat or not. That basically means I aim to get plenty of protein in a small amount of calories and eat about 15 total grams of carbs at a sitting. For example, this morning I had black coffee with half and half, an Egg Beater omelet with one slice of bacon, 2 sliced mushrooms, and a sprinkle of grated cheese, and a small nectarine. That's close to the 15 grams of carbs I want, is low calorie and high protein.

I put my FitBit back on this morning to encourage me to walk more. I also downloaded Pokemon Go on my phone at the urging of one of my kids (yes an ADULT kid!) and I will be out hunting Pokemon with several of my kids this summer. It seems silly but it is a BIG thing around here, with large groups of people of all ages (even my age!) out hunting Pokemon in the parks. I think it is a fun way to get in more walking and family time and meet new people!


Keep going with the low carb, low calorie eating, including plenty of protein and local produce
Walk every day and get 10k steps/day
Bike most days for 25 minutes or more
Continue to gather info about WLS and talk to my doctor at my next appointment
Weigh 199 pounds on January 1, 2107
Take up kayaking and paddle boarding next summer


Anonymous said...

So happy to read this. This seems like a sane, sustainable plan that also is pretty well documented to produce results. I like your goals too, they feel concrete and both pushing yourself but also hopeful for the future. Go for it!!

Lyn said...

Thanks Anon :)

Lunch today was part of a Subway chopped Italian salad with extra cucumbers, some onions and pickles, plenty of spinach and light vinaigrette. It was a lot of food so I just ate 2/3 of it. I looked it up and that's only 10 grams of carbs. Feeling good today!

Anonymous said...

That isn't a stupid weighin! That is a great weighin! Maintaining this month when you have gone on vacation is good. Congratulations! I gained.

Anonymous said...

What do you think your heart rate is getting up to when your walking? Biking? Why wait until next summer to start kayaking?

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

I swear, every time I read your blog, we're the same person living in alternate worlds.

Keep on keepin' on!

Anonymous said...

How tall are you?

Rachel Smith said...

Pokémon has gotten me, my husband, and my son outside for walks, which is a BIG deal in this Texas heat. Whatever works, right?

anne h said...

YES! I like the Kayaking idea. Too bad we don't live closer! Go for it Lyn!

Lyn said...


yeah I often gain on vacation too... I think that's the usual course. I only lost this time because of carb bloat (and getting back off most carbs) and a lot of activity. Thanks for the support!

Anon with questions~

No idea on heart rate, but I may start timing myself on my walks just to see if my pace gets faster. It kind of depends on who I am walking with: with dog 1, pretty fast. Dog 2, slow and sniffy (for her). Kid walking, moderate pace. Alone or with a kid on a scooter, pretty fast. I am not kayaking or paddle boarding yet because I have such bad balance right now I am afraid I would not be able to do it. When I tried to stand on a paddle board I just kept tipping and falling in, but with my weight it is painful to kneel on one. But I would love to do this regularly (a couple of my kids love to kayak and such) so this is a big incentive for me to get my act together.

Lyn said...


So many of us are in the same boat! And I just love your dog so much, great pic :)


I am 5'6" tall.


yep, if it gets us moving then it's a good thing!


it would be so fun to be kayaking buddies! I can't wait to get out there next summer and hopefully for the rest of my life.

Estela Rosales said...

FYI, I am 60, had gastric bypass April 9, 2001. Starting weight was 278, size 26, lowest weight at 18 months post op was 179, size 12. Today, 15 yrs later, I weigh 238. It's a constant battle, the struggle is real

Lyn said...


I have wondered how WLS works out long term. It's definitely not a magic bullet. I do hope you feel better at the lower weight, I know I do, but it sure sucks thinking back on being in the 170's and not being there anymore, doesn't it? For me it really bothers me that I got there and didn't stay.

Lindsay Gentles said...

I'm here after losing (and gaining) 90lbs on Jenny Craig! Doing it all over again and also started on June 19th. So far, I am down 13.5lbs in 28-days and working my way to the first 50 (hopefully by Christmas). Would love to cheer you on as you work your way back to being a happy, healthy version of you! <3

Lyn said...


It is so hard doing it over again... harder than the first time don't you think? But we will get it done. Congratulations on the loss so far! We can encourage each other along the way. Come back and update as you lose :)