Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Rebound Weight

Well it's been an interesting couple of weeks! And an interesting bunch of weigh-ins, too. Fourteen days in a row of low carb, fairly low calorie, and small portions were followed by one day of higher carbs, fat, and calories yesterday (4th of July party stuff, it was actually so good!) I posted the menu in the comments on the last post if you're interested, but what did *not* surprise me is the 4-pounds uptick on the scale this morning. Lots of salt and carbs (which means water retention) always give me that kind of result, so it doesn't phase me. I do find it interesting that one day like that results in a gain bigger than the amount I lost over the prior two weeks eating probably an average of 1000 calories a day. I only counted calories on a couple of days, plus an interested commenter counted on a few days for me. Some days were in the 600's and others closer to 1000. I have felt great eating less over time: usually skipping breakfast (just black coffee), very low cal lunch and snacks, and a bigger but still small portioned dinner. I drink a lot of no-calorie beverages and am feeling totally out of the sugar fog! Even though I ate more yesterday, I did *not* indulge in any cake, ice cream, cookies etc because I do not want to trigger more sugar cravings! Fruit was enough for me.

I am doing a lot of prepping for the trip and looking forward to catching (and eating) plenty of fish! The scale will respond, I will just keep plugging along. I am in it for the long haul.


MaryFran said...

Just stay focused!!!! The numbers on the scale is often undeserved!

Nmmumaw said...

If you catch salmon, I have a stand-by way to prepare it that I learned in Japan. You take the fillet, whole, and put a lot of salt on the flesh. Then leave it in a cold, dry place (like a fridge or cooler) for 12-24 hours. Then slice into individual pieces and grill or pan-fry. I love keeping the skin on and eating that too, but you can remove it if you want.

The salt and cold dry air dehydrate the fish a bit so it's much denser, meatier, and richer-tasting without any additional fat necessary =D You can rinse the pieces under water for a couple seconds to get off any extra salt if you want.

I learned about salting salmon when I lived in Japan, where it's referred to as sake (sah-keh) (the fish in general) or shake (shah-keh) (the salted kind specifically). I always make it that way and everyone who tries it raves.

Lyn said...


Thanks! Will do!


oh that sounds good! We will be catching trout and bass this trip, but my son does catch salmon often so I will try that next time. Thanks! I love salmon.

Anonymous said...

I haven't commented here for years, as I know my frustration comes out in my comments and my mom did teach me to be polite. But here I go, sorry mom. I do read here as it's a public blog, to keep me on track of what not to do and how not to feel. I enjoy 110lb long term weight loss. I gained weight as a stupid young adult, after having three children and the new "low fat" diet craze of the 80s that caused me to become a fat person. I haven't been a fat person for a long time, and had to become completely honest with myself to do that. So just a few more thoughts from me. As women get older, toward menopause and after, we often cannot eat as much food as when younger without gaining weight. We can all cry and moan about this, but it's a fact of life for many that will never change. We also come into a time when our children are older, more independent and self-sufficient and we can be more free with our own food needs and not worry so much about what the whole family needs on a three-meal-a-day basis. So no excuses there, make yourself a priority for the sake of your children and yourself. You must be honest and take in quality nutrition without the carb and calorie load for the rest of your life, if you choose to live without the weight of extra weight. I guarantee that if you have two green smoothies (simple as spinach, carrots and a banana plus maybe a few almonds or such) twice a day, or whatever similar smoothie you may like, and then eat a normal meal with your friends or family, you will loose 5 real lbs your first week. And thereafter continue steady weight loss. Supplement with low sodium V8 or such between meals if you are in a hurry and need to grab something. You won’t have your “no food headaches” after a day or two. Apples are good with this type of food behavior, if you need to chew something. Apples alone can cause great hunger after eating one, but with the green foods, that can be kept under control. Leave the berries, high sugar fruits and all the little “protein” snacks and “healthy" high sugar/carb foods for your one meal that you socially enjoy with your friends or family, as sharing food and meals is calming to the soul and very important in our daily lives. Have a few meals on the weekends if there is special stuff going on, if you are honest with your behavior during the week, you will still lose weight, if those meals aren’t outrageously glutenous. I know you watched your mom suffer from obesity related health issues, I did also and am so glad my children don't have to deal with this. Just an obesity health reminder: You already suffer from obesity blood sugar issues, hello diabetes. You know what obesity does to blood pressure and heart issues. You know what the extra abdominal fat does to your estrogen levels and inflammation. Hello fibromyalgia/arthritis/immune deficiency disease symptoms, endometriosis and cancer issues causes by high levels of estrogen caused by your abdominal fat and your dishonesty about how to really solve these issues. There is no whining and crying in weight loss, just better health and happiness rewards for being honest and getting it done.

kim ellis said...

was watching a documentary and heard a doctor say that most studies show that the most weight a person can successfully keep off and maintain through diet and exercise is 20lbs.....wdhhhhhhh

so by that standard you've done pretty darn well, don't you think??