Thursday, June 23, 2016

Weight, Food

Scale's not moving.

black decaf coffee
iced coffee with cream, Kay's Naturals protein pretzels
Lunch: slice of apple, a few olives, protein bar
protein water
Wonderslim protein crackers and a little sour cream
plain iced tea, a few olives
potluck dinner: half a plate of raw vegetables (salad mix, cucumbers, carrots) with a small amount of dressing (about a tablespoon), one deviled egg half, 1/4 plate of fruit (melon, berries, grapes), one small spoon of potato salad, 5 potato chips.
Evening: a few olives

Note, I am using up this box of low carb, high protein foods that I've had for awhile now. Most were sent to me to review or for free to try and some I got at a discount. I figure I may as well use them up since they make good crutches while getting off junk or trying to cut carbs, but aside from the occasional bar or shake I don't plan to keep them in my diet long term. They are easy portions and generally between 100 and 160 calories, 0 to 15 grams of carbs, 10 to 15 grams of protein.

The cream in my coffee is half and half. I use 1 to 2 tablespoons in a large glass. When I get coffee out, I get cold brew or Americano, which is made with water and no milk. I get no sweetener or sugar free syrup in coffee. I think if I am out and get an iced tea or granita from now on instead of 1-2 pumps of syrup I will go with no sweetener. Then the tea has basically no calories. Thanks for the comments on the last post.

Will eat less today.


Anonymous said...

I know you like to go back through old journal entries on occasion. My suggestion to you, is that the next time you're interested (and have some time) go back over the last 2-3 years and see how often you've posted about a bad day, going off plan, etc. How long you were off. How long you were on. Omit the non-blogging times from consideration. Be ruthless with yourself. Don't omit counting a day because it wasn't "that bad". And only count days where there's evidence you were on/off. Don't assume days with no recording were good ones (unless you say something like "The past two weeks, I've been great!") Really, just see how long you can maintain whatever healthy eating pattern you're trying.

My impression is that you're frustrated because you believe that you are "on" 90% of the time, that you can go without slipping for months, when really I think it's only about half the time that you aren't slipping, and since your Medifast days (and for a month or two when you first started the highly restrictive low inflammation medical diet), you haven't maintained an eating regime for a couple of weeks, let alone a month or more. And I think it's that roller coaster that kills the forward momentum you have. We all have blind spots. I could be totally off here. But I really do think you believe you're eating better more consistently and more often than you are.

Anonymous said...

Give up Starbucks and buy a chicken breast, for crying out loud. If you can afford to have organically-grown vegetables delivered, then you can afford to throw out those "fake" protein foods and eat real food. You've clearly drunk the weight-loss industry Kool-Aid with that junk. Follow the advice of the Mayo Clinic, the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, etc., and eat a balanced diet of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lean meat/pulses, nuts, etc., while tracking your caloric intake and getting a little exercise.

Lyn said...

Anon 1~

I have a small planner/notebook where I have marked almost every day for the past 8 years just for my eating habits and exercise. It's kind of cool to be able to go back to when I was calorie counting and actually see my calorie counts for each day and my average for the week or month. I marked down things like days on plan (like on AIP or Medifast) or off plan, days that I overate, days I biked and how many minutes or how many miles or steps I have taken. That way I have an accurate self check system even for when I do not blog. There have been many times I have maintained an eating plan for months, for example, AIP. But I will definitely continue doing this and being sure I am not fooling myself by thinking I have been on plan when I wasn't.

Anon 2~

It's not about Kool Aid or what I can afford. Starbucks and chicken breast can coexist. As for the whole grain/high carb recommended american lifestyle, my endocrinologist has asked me to base my eating on produce and protein and to keep the "whole grains" and other carbs to a minimum, or eliminate them. I think I feel better when I follow her advice, so my goal is to cut down carbs and yes, get more exercise too.

Mia said...

I was also going to say investing in yourself by counting calories is a good thing. Figure out basics u eat and make it easy for yourself. Like almonds, I don't measure each time I eat them but I do know that 14 raw almonds are 1/2 an ounce and 80 calories. So I mark it down and move on. I don't have to get my measuring cup out. And myfinesspal keeps everything I've already ate close at and so it is easy to find

Anonymous said...

Your Day 1 was 3 days ago. Cut yourself a little slack if the scale's not moving yet. Breathe.

And I'm sure someone will take it upon themselves to berate you for the potato salad/chips. Ignore them. Looking at the rest of your menu, you desperately needed those calories.

Anonymous said...

I think if you cut out the fatty things (dressing, devilled egg, potato salad, chips, olives, cream) your diet would be ideal and very similar to how I eat. I have never had a weight problem eating this way. I wish you the best!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you ever watch Ted Talks, but this one is really great. She is a neuroscientist who walks through how our brains regulate weight. In a nutshell our bodies really fight to stay the same weight. It's titled, 'why dieting usually doesn't work.'

Sarah Lister said...

Are you measuring your food or guesstimating? I have noticed that at least in your posts you use a lot of fairly inexact amounts (a small bowl, a few tablespoons, etc.) It's hard to be in control of your calories when you're not really sure how much you're eating. This is an interesting video showing how two very similar looking meals can be very different in calories. You may be measuring more carefully in real life and just not writing about it, but if you seem to be eating an amount of food that should be resulting in weight loss and it isn't, I would recommend weighing everything, or at least measuring with actual measuring spoons and cups.

You can do this! Hang in there, I agree with the other poster that three days of eating in a particular way isn't enough to make a difference, don't panic.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to berate, just confused why you would eat potato salad and chips when you are trying to lose weight? Especially with a low carb approach? You say that your goal/therapist recommended this low carb approach, but why aren't you doing it? Half and half low carb, high fat, and random snacking with high fat/high carb, even just a few bites, isn't going to cause any weight loss. If you want to do low carb and lose weight, you have to do very low carb. Or ditch that and count calories to the number, but seriously, if you don't chose a lane, you will likely not only lose, but gain weight...

Lyn said...


Right now I'm not measuring and not counting calories. I am pretty burned out on that as I spent many years doing it. When I did count calories I always weighed on a food scale and measured with measuring cups. It got old after awhile and now that kind of thing triggers obsessive food thoughts, so I am trying to do it a different way now. Just mainly eating very small portions and trying to make them low carb, low sugar. Thanks for the encouragement!

Lyn said...

last Anon~

probably because I am not a robot, and I am not perfect. It is a challenge to go from eating burritos, donuts and chips to eating salad and fruit overnight. If having 3 bites of potato salad and 5 chips helps me stay on track, that is still a huge step in the right direction. And if you would like, you can add up my approximate carbs and see that my day was low carb. My endocrinologist (not therapist) did not recommend Atkins style with 20 g carbs/day; she recommended 100 g cars/day or less with most of the carbs coming from produce and not grains. I don't count carbs but just for you I entered the exact brands of potato salad and chips into a food tracker. Together those two items had 12 grams of carbs. Far from a high carb diet. Not sure which of my snacks you feel are high carb/high fat so I can't really address that. You may feel good on a "very low carb" diet but I feel sick and shaky when I eat too few carbs (I have done Atkins style and felt horrible). I am following my doctor's advice on the carbs.

I think my carbs were probably lower today and I almost passed out at a concert, so there's that. I have to find a balance.