Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Menus and a Question

Still plugging along. I have a sick kid on antibiotics today so we're not going out except maybe for a walk around the neighborhood for us to get some fresh air if she is up to it. Drinking lots of water. I wasn't going to keep noting my food intake, and may not long term, but someone pointed out to me that having a record in the beginning would be helpful so I am still taking notes. Maybe not every day, we'll see.

Breakfast: black decaf coffee, 100 calorie protein shake
Lunch: iced coffee with a splash of half and half, one baked chicken thigh, no skin, 5 roasted cashews, and 5 cherries
Afternoon: a serving of Kay's Naturals protein crackers and a couple spoons of 2% cottage cheese
iced diet Snapple peach tea
Dinner: La Croix blackberry cucumber sparking water (no sweetener, no calories), small bowl of calabacita (lean beef, onions, garlic, calabacita squash, tomatoes, taco seasoning. I also added a zucchini, some celery, and a lot of mushrooms to make it lower calorie)... about 1 cup in a bowl with a spoon of light sour cream and some cubed avocado on top.
Evening: protein bar

Calabacita, delicious and full of veggies!

calabacitas squash

Breakfast: black decaf coffee, 1 babybel cheese, 2 slices deli ham, iced diet Snapple peach tea
Lunch: small bowl (less than a cup) of leftover calabacita, topped with grated cheese and a spoon of light sour cream. Dill pickle spear.
Snack: sparkling water
Dinner: slice of thin crust pizza with steak, mushrooms, and onions. Yes I know this was not low carb, but I was with a group eating pizza. Thin crust (and not eating the crust edge) was my best option.
Snack: a few olives, a few cherries

So far today I have only had black decaf coffee.

The other day I saw some mentions online of a product called Xyngular that is for weight loss, energy, clear skin, and better health. I am trying to find out some information on this product because it sounds interesting... all natural, includes vitamins, etc. But I am really not up for a scam or anything risky or with scary stimulants. Are any of you familiar with this brand? Tried their products and have a good or bad experience? Would like to hear about it... you can leave me a comment or drop me an email. Thanks!


Chris said...

Oh Man, run from Xyl...major pyramid scheme. About $250-400 a month for pills. As for all natural, NOT!!! read the labels, if you can get someone to show them to you. There is a woman, one of Xyl's top sellers, that is a total fraud and people follow and track her frauds...its crazy. http://mckfacts.blogspot.com/ Granted, she lost a lot of weight, but she gained it all back very fast. Now, she doesn't do pics and when she does, she alters them. It is rather funny to watch, in a sad way, but she still will sell anyone the pills because she makes big bucks off of them.

Stay as far away as possible to that stuff...not good and complete scam. Just do what you are doing, continue to make good choices and move and it will come off.


Rachel rbs said...

Your food choices look really good! It definitely helps me to keep track of my food to look for trends, etc. I use MyFitnessPal, but there are tons of apps and plain old notebook paper that work just as well.

Personally, I don't buy any supplements, pills, drugs, special products that tout weight loss. There might be a very small benefit to one here or there, but most are just out there to take your money.

Sam J. said...

You should read this about those supplements.....


Anonymous said...

Oh man, run, run fast from anyone trying to sell you Xyngular! It's like most all other diet drugs, a scam, & outrageously expensive. Never trust MLM crap like that, they are out to take your money! One of the most "famous" Xyngular slinger is the infamous McKmama, who is larger than ever, hiding from the camera, she is at least 300 lbs. now. In debt up to her eyeballs, several lawsuits against her, yet acting like she is wealthy. No way.

Nothing but a clean diet, & at least moderate exercise will get you there.

Lyn said...

Thanks all for the input. I have tried to find the ingredients for these products online with no luck (although I see there is a photo of one of the product ingredients list in the link Sam J shared). I won't take anything that is risky... was told this was mainly a "vitamin" and "juice" that helps the immune system and improves health, thus taking away cravings. Figures it's too good to be true.

Will stick with what I'm doing, just wish I had more energy. It's not awful, but I do still feel kind of tired a lot of the time. Probably thyroid related.

JM said...

Could be sugar detox

Anonymous said...

The calabacita looks like it is mostly beef. It would probably be better for you if you replaced a lot of that beef with more veggies.

Lyn said...


1.25 lb chub of lean beef (cooked and drained), 1 whole large onion, 3 cloves garlic, 2 cans plain diced tomatoes, 3 calabacita squashes about 8" long each and a zucchini the same size, 4 large stalks of celery, and an 8oz package of mushrooms. More veggies than beef, although the chopped up mushrooms looked and felt like beef, so you can't even tell they are in there.