Thursday, June 2, 2016

CSA Box 3 and Stuff

This week, the CSA box arrived before I had even used up all of last week's produce. I still have some asparagus and some kale, although I did make kale chips with part of it...

They were crispy and salty and very good!

The box this week contained:

more asparagus
fresh garlic
baby lettuce
more sugar snap peas

farmer's market csa box organic

Okay, I admit that getting asparagus 3 weeks in a row is a little boring. But today I bought a new grill for the deck and I'm going to grill this batch of asparagus when I made burgers this weekend! That will take the boredom out of it!

That's all for now. I'm headed on a little 2 day mini vacation to the mountains with my daughter and one of the dogs. It'll be a fun break, and I'll use up this produce when I get back. (We're eating the strawberries and salad tonight, and I think the snap peas are coming along on the trip as a snack!)


Lori said...

You make vegetables sound like fun!

Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

I want your produce box. How cool!

Kai Klaarika said...

Try to enjoy the asparagus! Just roast t and eat it in bulk..
It is so expensive in where I'm from. I never buy it.
Garlic should be easy to dry and store for winter.