Thursday, June 23, 2016

Another Day Getting Off Sugar

I had a sugar withdrawal headache and was pretty tired for most of the day, but tonight after my final snack I feel a lot better. I think I am over the hump and everything will get easier after today.

black decaf coffee
iced coffee with half and half
handful of sugar snap peas, raw
a few olives, maybe 2 tablespoons of roasted sunflower seeds
bottled water
Wonderslim protein crackers, peach salsa, bit of sour cream
plain iced tea
a few cherries
Dinner, on the run:
2 slices of deli ham wrapped around a light string cheese
After dinner, I was at a concert with friends and started to feel shaky and dizzy. I could literally feel my blood sugar bottoming out (I have had swings of low blood sugar before, which is why I was on Victoza to regulate my blood sugar levels. The new insurance won't cover it because I am not diabetic, so I'm not on it now). I ate 3 peppermints that I keep in my purse for this kind of thing and felt better.
Evening snack:
one serving of high protein/low carb cereal with blueberries and unsweetened almond milk

I decided to add Friday's food onto this post instead of making a new post for it. I think I am pretty steady on my intake now and won't be posting all my food to my blog every day.


black decaf coffee
fresh juice from a juice bar (I watched them make it) containing 1/2 cucumber, bunch of kale, half a lime, 5 celery stalks, and a Granny Smith apple.
5 or 6 raspberries

1 bratwurst, sliced onion and a big handful of spinach sauteed in about a teaspoon of avocado oil
iced coffee with stevia and a splash of half and half

about a half cup of Eggbeaters mixed with 2 ounces of light cream cheese, cinnamon, and stevia, cooked in a frying pan with just enough butter to coat, with about half a cup of fresh blueberries sprinkled on and flipped. Really filling and good.

Bedtime snack:
Wonderslim protein wafers

Have a great weekend!


Gina said...

I've been meaning to mention Dr. Furman's book "Eat to Live." I really like the concept of his "nutritarian." Lots of raw greens, awesome recipes. My favorite is a candy made from bananas, dates, and carob powder. Sweet, yummy, and healthy. I think it would totally fit with what you are doing and be inspiring. Not that I'm following it right now. I'm more on the Taco Bell plan. 230, no motivation.

Anonymous said...

Physical symptoms of blood sugar crashing, after so few days at lower carb, seem like an indication that diabetes isn't that far off. It also sounds like you are going through very normal 'carb' flu. It also sounds like you are still not eating healthy. You are just exchanging one kind of extreme diet behavior for another. You aren't eating three or even two normal, healthy meals a day, and by doing so, you are setting yourself up for failure. Eat real food, in normal, healthy amounts. If you eat lots of veggies (not carby ones), protein, a normal amount of healthy fat (not bacon centric) and a serving of fruit a'll feel better, last longer, and lose weight. Stop starving yourself...that's only going to make metabolism issues far worse.

Lyn said...


Thanks, I will look for that at the library this week. Sounds good!


I have had blood sugar swings for years. I get very shaky and light headed and feel like I MUST EAT SOMETHING NOW after about 4 hours of no food. The Dr says I am not even pre-diabetic but that it has to do with insulin resistance. I felt 100% normal and could go longer without eating when I was on Victoza. No blood sugar crashes at all. She said it helps the pancreas function more efficiently. She wants me to try and regulate it with diet and I think the issue was a no-carb dinner. If I had had some fruit or vegetables with dinner I think I'd have been ok, so I will pay attention to that from now on.

Anonymous said...

1. I thought most people would feel like eating after 4 hours? I eat nearly every two to three hours during the day. You can eat more healthy food I think! 2. Two cups of coffee in the morning could be headache inducing also perhaps 3. You're doing good don't forget baby steps. It takes 21 days to form a habit right?

Lyn said...

last Anon~

yes, definitely. Let me try and explain how it feels. When I was on meds to regulate my blood sugar, after 4 hours I would be hungry and think about food. I would want to get somewhere for lunch but if I was busy at an appointment or something, I could wait the half hour and would just get hungrier. But without blood sugar regulation, I am hungry at 2 hours, really wanting food badly at 3 hours and at 4 hours I feel desperate like I would eat anything. Light headed, dizzy, shaky and unwell. My Dr says this is hypoglycemia. So it's a bit different than just being hungry.

The coffee is always decaf first thing. I allow myself 1 or 2 cups of regular (caffeinated) coffee in a day (one cup = 1 shot espresso) and usually ask for half caf or decaf if I order out. That's so I don't jack up my blood pressure.

Thanks for the encouragement! I am feeling great this morning and will get those 21 days done!

Anonymous said...

Lyn, don't let these people get you down. You are doing a perfect job of cutting back. I think today's food was nearly ideal. And don't worry people, she is not going to "starve" from eating a thousand calories a day. Promise.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your food posts. If you have time I think it would be good to post your food for a whole week and then weigh. What are you eating today? Are weekends harder?

Anonymous said...

Why did you remove the "running food log" post from Friday?

Lyn said...


check this post... the Friday food has been added there along with: "I decided to add Friday's food onto this post instead of making a new post for it. I think I am pretty steady on my intake now and won't be posting all my food to my blog every day."

Lyn said...

other Anon (editing my answer since I ate differently than I had planned)~

Weekends aren't harder for me. Eating at people's houses or being on a trip is harder for me.

Breakfast: black decaf coffee, a bratwurst with onions and spinach
While shopping: iced Americano with a splash of cream and sugar free syrup
Lunch: Kay's Naturals low carb Parmesan crackers (a serving) and about 1/4 c light cottage cheese
Snack: a roasted chicken thigh with the crispy skin and a couple of sauteed pea pods

Plan for dinner: lean ground beef cooked with lots of onions, zucchini, tomatoes, and other summer squash ("calabacita" recipe form my blog, but eaten in a bowl with no taco shell). I will make it mostly vegetables and less meat, and eat about a cup of it in a bowl.

Anonymous said...

Lyn, I've been back reading for awhile now, but haven't commented. Reading your food logs the last few days, I am concerned you're swinging the pendulum so far. From what you've posted, it looks to me like you are easily under 1000 calories a day, possibly even under 800. I know you're choosing not to count calories and completely understand that desire not to feel obsessed. And as a fellow binge eater, I know that swinging between eating really badly to over-restricting was part of the disorder for me.

It sounds like binging hasn't been an issue for you in a couple years, which is great. I'll just leave this here in case the tendencies ever come back. I was formally diagnosed with BED last fall and my doctor started me on a low dose of Vyvanse (as well as counseling for CBT and weight watchers for weekly accountability). Absolutely life changing. My insurance does cover Vyvanse and there is a coupon online so it is no more than $30 per month even if your copay/deductible is higher. It made my obsessive thoughts about food quiet down substantially. I resisted the diagnosis for so long because I was embarrassed, but getting that help has been amazing. I thought Medifast had helped with my binging, but when it resurfaced -- it got to the point where I was binging on Medifast foods. Absolutely insane. I hate that I'm on a med for my eating issues, but my hope is that I continue to strengthen my skills learned in counseling and eventually can wean off. But you know what, if I can't... I guess I will take it just like people with ADHD need it to help their brain work more effectively.

Thinking of you.

~Kurz from the old Medifast boards circa 2010

Lyn said...

Anon (Kurz!)~

hi! It's been a long time but of course I remember you. Wow, it sounds like that medication has really helped you. I will look into it because I know BED can morph into other things, like in my case, obsessive food thoughts and compulsive eating.

I hadn't really considered that my calories could be too low. It feels like I am eating enough. Maybe I will track calories for a day or two to be sure I am not too low. I am in a mindset right now of "the less often and less volume of food I eat, the better" because I have really had to convince myself that food is an enemy. I know logically that ALL food is not the enemy, but the only foods I see as "friends" (helpful) to me anymore are proteins (meat, eggs, protein supplements), produce, and non-caloric beverages.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the thought is something helpful, tracking for a day to get a baseline (or just plugging in a few of your recent days) might give more information, and it doesn't mean you always have to do it.

I got down from 266 to 184 on Medifast. Over the course of about 5 years, I regained from 184 up to 331. Absolutely terrible, and I don't mean that as a moral judgement on myself - just that it was emotionally and physically devestating.

I am now back down to 203 and continuing on to an ultimate goal around 165. Regained and relost that whole 84 lbs and then a bunch. It is just brutal, but what's the alternative? I actually will say I learned a ton from being on Medifast, even though I didn't keep it off. The impact of carbs on me was such a lightbulb. I am now committed to eating low carb (I am staying under 50, and plan to stay under 100 permanently, which my doctor has blessed) and I do track my calories. I've also started exercising, but I've completely separated it from weight loss in my mind. I expect no results from it, I am just doing it for wellness. Losing weight is for my health. Exercising is for my health. But I don't expect any measurable scale results from exercising. That has been a really healthy mindset for me.

The other big ah-ha I gained from counseling was that I can't hate myself into losing weight. I always felt like I just needed to be tougher, stricter, more disciplined, more rigid. I'm a type a personality, and being kind and giving myself grace doesn't come naturally. But when I purposely do it... huge difference in both how I feel and results. I have to be conscious of it and find the line between being kind to myself and making excuses for myself.

Rooting for you.


Lyn said...


you have really been through it. And I do relate. It gets exhausting losing and gaining and worrying about it over and over. I also feel I learned a lot from Medifast; a lot of what I am doing now is from what I learned then (eat every 3 hours to keep blood sugar stable, eyeball labels and aim for no more than 15g carbs in a sitting, get enough protein, use shakes when I can't figure anything else out). I like your health mindset for exercise, too. I may just steal that from you :) Thanks again! Stay in touch, I am rooting for you too.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has struggled with yo-yo'ing weight, I just came across this blog by an obesity specialist MD and focused on weight maintenance. Have you read it? I am blown away by how helpful it is!!

Anonymous said...

Lyn, I know you've heard this a million times, but add me to the voices saying it. This one extreme to the other isn't useful or helpful. Have you ever thought about the fact that austerity just leads to bingeing. There's a ton of science on this. The more extreme you go, the more likely you are to rebound and binge. You've been in this cycle for years, aren't you sick of it? You need to enlist the help of a registered dietitian and a psychologist or psychiatrist and get this under control. Moderation and sanity can work if you put in the work and invest the time to get better. Let go of the extremes and enlist the help of professionals who can help you unless you want to continue this cycle forever.

Anonymous said...

You said: " Let me try and explain how it feels. When I was on meds to regulate my blood sugar, after 4 hours I would be hungry and think about food. I would want to get somewhere for lunch but if I was busy at an appointment or something, I could wait the half hour and would just get hungrier. But without blood sugar regulation, I am hungry at 2 hours, really wanting food badly at 3 hours and at 4 hours I feel desperate like I would eat anything. Light headed, dizzy, shaky and unwell. My Dr says this is hypoglycemia. So it's a bit different than just being hungry."

You eat one of two ways: either you eat sugary food and supplement with foods that have been chemically processed, or you basically eat crumbs (well below 1000 calories a day) and supplement with foods that have been chemically processed. The first way keeps the sugar coursing through your veins, so keeps the sugar cravings alive, that you feel is hunger pangs. The 2nd way, is your body reacting to mere crumbs for food, and is starving. Either way, you eat way too much chemically processed foods, and diet or gluten-free food that are processed are just horrible for a body. No wonder your body cries out for real food. Even if you eat 3000 calories a day, if it's loaded with sugar and chemically processed foods, you are still starving your body.

Also, blood sugar wild swings, such strong 'low blood sugar' physical symptoms, feeling 'better' after eating 2 sugar candies (peppermints)...those are all precursors of diabetes. Don't kid yourself. You are playing with fire if you don't understand that the ways you are currently eating are leading you right to diabetes and the premature death that will cause. It's simply a matter of throwing out the garbage processed food, eat lots of vegetables (potato chips and french fries don't count as vegetables), a fair amount of meat, healthy fats (try cutting back on the bacon; you eat way too much), a little fruit, and drink lots of water. You never mention water. Yes, the first few days you will probably feel like hell. That's your body detoxing from decades of crappy eating. It's part of the process and you have to go through it. Any other path, and nothing will change for the good, either physically or emotionally.

Lyn said...


I love her blog! She is very insightful. I wrote to her some time ago and asked her advice, which she kindly allowed me to share on my blog, here:

I don't have the ability to go back on Medifast as she suggested, but I am off sugar and am trying to sort of mimic Medifast with small meals 3 hours apart, higher protein and lower carb. Medifast was about 800-1000 calories a day. I believe I am about there now. I may need to cut back a bit more to get there. I will count my calories for a day or two to be sure... but I won't count them daily.

Next Anon~

I been to a registered dietitian whose advice conflicted with my doctor's. Whose would you take? I chose to go with my Dr who has seen me for years, has seen all my bloodwork and is a specialist in endocrinology. The dietitian wants me to base my eating on whole grains. High carb is a bad thing for me. I've also been to several counselors, one of which included a visit with a psychiatrist as part of their clinic practice. No one offered me any medical intervention for the eating issues. Maybe because I couldn't see an eating disorder specialist counselor that is why the months of counseling don't feel worth the investment. I'd be open to seeing a new counselor if they were at an eating disorder clinic or had some training dealing with those issues.

Next Anon~

I hardly think a bratwurst with spinach and onions, or baked chicken, or fresh fruit, is"crumbs." I wish people could be more supportive. It was really hard for me to cut out all the sugar and get to a lower carb state, cut back my portions and calories to get here. Yes I had 2 slices of bacon a week ago with breakfast, and bacon bits on a salad once, but do you really think my eating is so bad this week that it needs criticism instead of support? The only "junk" I had all week was FIVE potato chips. I did not have any french fries you mentioned. Just because I am supplementing with low carb protein bars that I already had in my pantry doesn't mean my eating is "garbage." As for water, I don't mention it because it is a non-issue. I have written many times on my blog that one habit that never changes is 2 cups of water on arising, 2 cups with every meal and snack, plus more water in between meals. That easily gives me 12 cups a day just with food, and usually closer to 16-18 cups a day when I am keeping a water bottle with me in between.

I get it that the weight has to come off. That's why I worked SO HARD (and yes, despite what you may think, it was HARD for me to change my eating so drastically this week) and I am going to do what I have to do to be thin.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the commenter who mentioned the Refuse to Regain blog. I agreed with most of her stuff except she seems to have a ban on sweets and "bad foods." That may work for some but I like to eat a well-balanced diet and have a fun size milky way or ice cream bar here or there, then I don't obsessively fetishize or demonize those foods. Other good resources are the sub-reddits Lose It, and Fat Logic. On Fat Logic they can be a bit mean or sarcastic but it's well-moderated so it's not just spewing hatred, it's more meant to point out flaws in our way of thinking about a healthy body weight.
Another great tool is the NIH / USDA body weight planner
I know the government does some messed up things (to put it mildly) and sometimes do crazy pivots on things like salt, the food pyramid, etc., but the body weight planner really breaks it down scientifically and gives you something to hang your hat on when it comes to building a weight loss AND maintenance plan.

Anonymous said...

@ Kurz:

Congrats on your weight loss! Do you have a blog by any chance? Best wishes to you.

MaryFran said...

It sounds like you are doing really well! Keep up the good work!!!

JDET said...

Holy cow! 203 is awsome given where you have been. Screw the naysayers! You go, girl!