Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Week Off Junk, and Weigh In

Last week I got pretty mad about my current fat situation and was feeling lousy because in the week prior I had been screwing around with donuts and M&Ms and not eating enough healthy stuff. So this week I posted all my menus in posts and comments and shared what I am doing. I got some support and some criticism, including that I am now "starving" myself and living on "crumbs." Well apparently I am not starving myself enough because the scale only went down about half a pound this week.

The good thing is I succeeded in what I wanted to do, which was get off the junk and sugar, and eat a lot lower carb and healthier foods. I've done that. I am out of the "sugar fog" and got through the withdrawals okay. I am not planning to go super low carb (Atkins style, 20g a day or such) because I have done that before and felt lousy. When I was counting carbs I picked 100 grams/day as my upper limit. I found when I eat less than about 65 grams/day I just feel unwell. When I feel like I want something sweet, I reach for berries or whatever fresh fruit is in the house. A great thing that happened this week is my rosacea improved a lot. Last week it was about the worst it has ever been, and now it is very mild. That means inflammation is down, and I'm very happy about that.

I want to clarify my "plan" because some commenters seem confused about what I am trying to do.

stay off junk
lose weight
reduce inflammation/feel better
eat the smallest portions possible to satisfy, but more often to keep blood sugar steady and give me energy (thus the small meals and frequent snacks)
eat as infrequently as I can without symptoms (wait until actually hungry to eat)
drink a lot of non-caloric or at least low calorie/no carb beverages instead of eating

If I end up having some days that are really low calorie, so be it. I take vitamins, I eat plenty of protein and always include fruits and vegetables, and I'm off the junk. I'm not counting calories or weighing my food or any of that, because it makes me feel obsessive. This is something I have *not* tried before: eating a lot less, but making healthy choices, without measuring and counting. I will adjust until I get results on the scale.


Andria said...

Congratulations on the loss! Are you not adding in any exercise? If you go back to biking each day and wearing your fitbit, the pounds are much more likely to come off steadily like you seem to want. You seemed pretty enthusiastic about biking not that long ago--what happened there?

Lyn said...


thanks! I did not add any exercise this week. I figured it was enough to concentrate on getting off the sugar, and will add the biking back in this week. I always do take walks but they aren't really something I would qualify as exercise... more just lifestyle activity (walking the dogs or walking to the park with kids). I do love the biking when I get into the habit. I get sluggish when I eat junk and then don't feel like riding the bike.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the scale is telling you that you are still eating too much. Americans tend to think they need more food than they actually do. Eat plenty of greens, but cut your protein portions back. A few ounces a day is enough.

W said...

Hey Lyn,

The hardest lesson for me to learn about my own weight loss (I've gone from 270 to 199, but over like 5 years with a lot of stops and starts) is that I can't eat fruit, except as a rare treat, and still lose weight. I can maintain the crap out of whatever weight I'm at with natural sugar, but if I want to lose, I have to stop eating almost all sugar. Honestly, it sucks, and I spent a long time hovering in the 220s before I changed my habits.

I'm not really making a recommendation here, although it could be worth a try to see if the scale moves faster!

Lyn said...


I agree I could have eaten too much. Someone commented on one of the posts that they input my food into a tracker and got something like 1450 one day and 1100 another. I think that could be a bit high, according to the metabolic testing I had done awhile ago.


Thanks, I am not opposed to kicking out the fruit if I have to. I am going to keep it this week and cut back some other things and see if I get any loss, but will keep fruit removal as a tool for possible future use. Thanks, and congratulations on the weight loss! That's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be wise to continue writing down what you eat every day, whether on your blog or on a piece of paper, even if you don't count the calories. Then you can see what you have ingested for a solid week and know what is working or is not.


Lyn said...

Anon (Maria)~

yeah, you have a point there. I will keep writing what I eat each day so I can look it over after a week and then adjust. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I average about one piece of fruit per day, I shop for myself so I usually buy like 3 apples and then just eat them over 2 days and then a lot of places have free fruit so I'll grab a piece to save for later. Fruit is not the issue here, people! And yet.. I noticed an overweight coworker of mine would completely GO TO TOWN on fruit; I think it's because she was on a WW plan which allowed all you can eat fruit. A big ol' pile of fruit can be 300 calories so for that "price" I'd rather go for some trail mix or even a candy bar. This girl would slowly munch on buckets of watermelon and piles of grapes all day long. So fruit is fine, it's just it needs to be moderated like everything else. Oh and dried fruit - ya, need to be super careful around that, I could easily eat 10 servings of dried cherries if I didn't pay attention!

Rachel rbs said...

Your plan seems healthy and sustainable.

Janet said...

Congratulations on the loss, Lyn. Yes, I know it was small, but you know what?! It was a loss and ANY loss is worth celebrating - So there ya go! :)

When you said in this post that one of your goals is to reduce inflammation, it occurred to me to mention to you the "The Next 56 Days" plan I recently discovered. Google "Steve the Food Guy" (from Thomasville, NC) and "The Next 56 Days" plan and you'll find information about it. There are even YouTube videos featuring our local news coverage of Steve and this program. I began the program two weeks ago (over 10,000 people in the triad area of North Carolina have signed up so far and are now following this guy's program!) and I'm doing great at it and so is everyone else I know that's also doing it. At last week's meeting, 33 of us "released" (lost) 248 pounds - And, that was for ONE week!

I have told you before about my 118 pound weight loss using the Optifast shakes/soups program through Wake Forest Medical Center's weight management program (cost me $2,400 to join + $1,300 in labwork, plus $150 a week for shakes/soups) - Yes, I lost 118 pounds in less than 6 months but after I got off the shakes (which I did without cheating for 16 solid weeks) I was completely left high and dry. In fact, Dr. Jamy Ard, the doctor in charge of the program flat out told me, "We are not equipped to help someone like you" when I admitted I have trouble managing my feelings regarding "real food" intake - Of course, this was THE FIRST thing I told him when I met him and BEFORE I paid $2,400 to join - But his main focus was getting a lot of weight off me fast, saying we'd deal with the other issues later... Well, when later came, there was no program to support me or help me maintain what I lost. So in the end, after the shakes that cause rapid weight loss, Dr. Ard/Wake Forest doesn't have a solid plan to help patients transition to real food and they certainly don't have a plan to help binge-eaters/people that struggle with legitimate food issues, which I believe is anyone that finds themselves more than 40 pounds overweight. Nevertheless, when I heard about The Next 56 Days program and how it is NOT about pills, shakes or any other artificial means of helping you lose weight, I signed up immediately! While it is true that they offer products in the Slenderiix Program line of supplements, drops, shakes, etc., the root of the program is solely centered around eliminating sugar and junk food and teaching you how to eat right and enjoy it/let eating right be enough... And, that's what I need! To figure out how to prepare and eat REAL food without sabotaging myself or talking myself out of making the right choices. Anyway, I thought I'd mention this to you so that you can look into it.

I start my day with 2 tablespoons of unrefined coconut oil dissolved into a small cup of hot water with lemon, which helps me go to the bathroom EVERY SINGLE day, thus cleaning out my colon of toxins that come from eating processed/fast/unhealthy food. I eat a large Fugi apple every day for the fiber and at least a tablespoon of Quinoa too. No artificial sweeteners, (which I'm allergic to anyway) and the list of off-limit foods is pretty small... No corn, potatoes, beets, oranges, bananas - but this is just for the first 56 days - after that, these foods can be added back in. Check it out on-line for yourself and even if you don't follow the program 100%, there are a lot of little things you can take away and adapt to your own program and what works for you.

You don't have to publish this comment on your blog, it is more meant just for you. But if you feel it might be beneficial to your readers, I won't mind you publishing it.

Always with love and best wishes!


Wondergirl S said...

I agre. I'm in the same boat

LHA said...

Lyn, you have come to many of the same conclusions I have concerning weight loss and maintaining lost weight. I too become obsessive about food if I count calories or carbs or whatever. I also find that a reduced but not terribly restrictive low carb diet works best for me. I also aspire to eat only when hungry, eat the smallest amount I need to feel satisfied, and leave off sugar and junk food as close to 100% of the time as I can. I don't freak out if I eat any food, but know that I have to be very careful when eating those sugary or junky foods from time to time. I make that as infrequent as possible, while still living a normal life. On the fruit issue, a long time ago I made the rule that if I wanted fruit, I would eat a small serving only. For example, half an orange instead of a whole one, a few strawberries instead of a whole bowl, etc. I also rarely eat fruit every day of a week, limiting it more to an every other day kind of thing. This keeps me eating healthy fruit but doesn't set off any cravings, at least for me. I don't know if that idea would be valuable to you or not but I thought I would mention it. Good luck going forward. We all experiment with different plans and ideas and to me that is what keeps us going in the quest for a healthy weight. Good for you for keeping on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

New to your blog so I don't know if you've mentioned this before, but have you looked into THM ( Trim Healthy Mama)?

I lose weight best and feel best when eating low carb. I technically don't follow THM because the E meals are still too carby for me to lose weight, but I will add them in when I get to a healthy weight. Many, many people do lose weight doing the full program. I use it mainly for the recipes. There is seriously no foods I used to love that I can't find a great low carb substitute. I struggled with sweeteners because I was a huge sugar addict. Xylitol is my go to now and I've found really good recipes and I'VE BEEN OFF WHITE SUGAR FOR 6 MONTHS. That is huge for me. I started at 256 right after Christmas and I'm hovering around 205 currently. I'm 48 and have been overweight since I was about 20.

Anyway, if you aren't familiar with THM, I encourage you to look into it. Lots of FB groups with people sharing freely.

MargieAnne said...

Hi Lyn. Just caught up to date with your blog.

I feel for you as you work toward a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Just a thought on something which I should practice as well.

Each day take a clean page and draw 2 or 3 horizontal lines divided from 0 to 10

Label each line such as stress level, business, general well being and mark where you think you are when the day begins. Now add a comment section in which you estimate how well your exercise and food went for the day. This will be personal and according to your perception.

You might have to do this for a month to see the trends.... which up to a point you already know but seeing it in black and white can have a major impact.

My reason for this suggestions:- Take the guilt out of days when you eat off plan because of business, health cravings etc. Understand when and why cravings occur. What you are most likely to crave. Have something suitable in the freezer to combat choices you would rather not make when under some kind of stress.

All this is easier said than done but I think well worth the effort.

I know that there are many times when I would have made healthier choices if I'd been prepared,, forewarned by my own self research and had the right kind of food in the freezer. Recently I wanted EASY. To me that spells bread. Easy would have been easy if I'd had some coconut or almond flour muffins in the freezer. I also needed easy on my mouth and stomach. Jelly, (Jello) and icecream fitted the bill but not so great day after day. Whipped fresh cream, sugar free jelly, soft or pureed fruit and plain yoghurt would have been suitable and more sensible options.

You have a very busy and often stressful life with circumstances often beyond your control. I know how that feels and recognize myself as a 'Stress-Queen.'

I've learned to go easy on myself under difficult circumstances but that has not helped my weight loss goals. I think we need to learn to use our freezers more.

I have nearly 18 months of damage to heal from. Losing 15 kg or 33 pounds is going to mean a long road back. But with wisdom we can do this.

All the best as you continue to beat the odds.

Kyla said...

Great post! Thanks! I recently started blogging and I have found out that it is helping me a lot with the accountability! & posts like this!! <3