Thursday, May 26, 2016

CSA Box Week 2: Trying to Sub Produce for Other Foods

This week's CSA box arrived with lots of healthy goodies. I call them "goodies" because I'm trying to psych myself up into eating vegetables instead of potato chips, and fruit instead of sweets. It's been a busy and junky week eating too many of the wrong things, although I did also eat many of the right things, too. It's a mindset, for me. Some days the mindset is for health, and some days the mindset is for crap.

Mindset A: Wow, I can't wait to trim the vegetables and get them roasted for lunch! I feel so much better eating healthy foods, and they're so delicious I don't even miss the junk!

Mindset B: Meh, I don't want fruit, I want a cupcake.

The difference in the mindsets isn't really just what I "want" to eat. It's what I "want" to FEEL. Do I want to feel life? Or do I want to feel numb? That's what it all comes down to. That's what comfort eating has always been about for me. The trick is to push Mindset A as much as possible (fake it til you make it) and tell myself that after I eat my healthy produce, if I still want a cupcake, I can have it. ONE. From a bakery. Not a dozen, not from a Hostess box, not giant sized. And then I will not indulge in that kind of thing again for at least a couple of days. I'd say I am at about 70% Mindset A this week, but the 30% Mindset B gets tiring. That 30% is more than usual, probably just due to hormones and stuff.

The CSA box pushes Mindset A very well! Getting all this local, organic food that was just picked yesterday or today makes me feel happy, and privileged to have it (I know it is a blessing because there was a time I couldn't afford *any* produce, much less organic and local and delivered to my front door). So I treasure it and it becomes the special thing (over the cupcake) and I take good care of it, and make sure none of it goes to waste.

For dinner the other day I used up the last of the first CSA box and the last of the mini fridge produce (yes, my new fridge came!): sloppy joes with steamed mixed greens, roasted carrots, white radishes, and asparagus, and cut up strawberries. It was a great meal!

Here is today's CSA box. It is stacked up so there is more volume than the photo appears to show:

CSA box farmer's market produce

Sugar snap peas
Kohlrabi with greens
Curly kale
Purple asparagus
Bok choy
and lots of strawberries!

I bought some Rubbermaid FreshWorks containers and use them to keep the produce fresh longer. It really works! The berries were put in there unwashed and they stayed fresh and perfect for much longer. Having this produce makes me stop thinking about candy bars and helps me focus on what I can make with all my fresh veggies. Because yes, I still get in a mood sometimes for candy or junk, and yes I even still have some on occasion. But the less often, the better, and this stuff distracts me from the junk.

I am thinking about doing a week (or more) where I only eat local foods from the farmer's market, CSA box and produce stands. I think that would be a fun challenge; I can get pastured meats and dairy, local nuts and produce, local honey and herbs from those places. That would mean no breads or oranges or bananas... nothing out of season, either. I think what I'd miss the most is avocados! But I bet I would enjoy the challenge. I am probably going to try this at some point in June. Maybe you can do it with me!


Lori said...

You should do that challenge. I would enjoy reading about it.

I really need to learn more about vegetables. I don't care for many and I don't know how to prepare even more. I love the idea of the CSA but have not jumped in because I fear too much of it would go do waste. I bought a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables from the grocery store on Wednesday and I'm already nervous about cooking it all before it goes bad.

Amy said...

Hormone shifts are the pits, aren't they? I have read that we crave sugars more during that time because the hormonal changes mess with our blood sugars. Adding a little more healthy fats into your diet a week or two before hand should help.

Lyn said...


I think I will do it! Our biggest outdoor market isn't open yet so I am waiting for that to happen. There is no way the CSA box would last a week, so I will start going once a week for meat and more veggies to supplement the box. I love a fun challenge and this would be a lot easier and less restrictive than AIP, which I was able to do. I also love getting something new or unusual and trying new recipes and posting them. Have fun with all your veggies (soups use them up pretty fast, and so can stir fries). If you think it is not going to get used in time, some things can be chopped and frozen, like peppers and onions.


yeah, I am still getting used to the mid-40's hormone swings. You're right about the fat though. I crave sugar a lot less on days I eat avocado for breakfast!

Anonymous said...

You are my hero for being real. I hate bloggers who lie about what they eat, pretend they never falter from their perfect plan, lie about their weight, etc. You tell it like it is and I appreciate it because it makes you so much more relatable. Eating healthy all the time would be ideal in a perfect world but no one does that. No one with an actual life outside of the gym anyway. Keep blogging, you inspire!!! (p.s. I just saw your recent pictures and you looks great! You do not look your weight at all. I think that comes from the healthy eating. Kudos!)

Lyn said...

Thanks Anon. I try very hard to be transparent and have always shared my experiences honestly. And thanks for the picture compliment! I do feel pretty good but need to get some more weight off for the sake of my knees.

JDET said...

Lyn, I admire your creative and adventurous attitude about cooking and eating veggies. I'm where Lori is. I looked at that picture you posted and only recognized three things: the sugar pea pods, the asparagus, and the strawberries. I really like asparagus, but don't even try to cook it because I don't know how. I'm not sure I've ever had any kind of pea pods outside of Chinese food! I love, buy, and eat strawberries. Probably because all you have to do is wash and eat! I'm more of a basic salad person, plus broccoli. I'd starve if I had to live on veggies! If you can make that work for you, that's wonderful. I definitely won't be joining you in that local produce challenge.

Betsey C. said...

I second Anon above! You are refreshingly real and honest. I have been reading your blog from the beginning, and you have always inspired me -- especially during your "down" times, or when you are describing so accurately what goes on in the mind of a compulsive overeater. So many, many times I have said to myself "Yes! That is EXACTLY how I feel.". Thanks

CatherineMarie said...

I'm glad to hear the Rubbermaid things work, I saw them at Costco, and have been debating buying them. My CSA starts up again in about two weeks! For those of you who think you don't like veggies, roasting is always good, I've also made salad rolls with shredded veg too.

Get some cookbooks from the library, read for inspiration. Deborah Madison has some great recipes.