Saturday, April 23, 2016

Rosacea and Diet

Yesterday I had another visit with my endocrinologist for a check-up. She mentioned that since I am off injections (my new insurance won't cover them without a diabetes diagnosis) and trying to stabilize blood sugar by diet and exercise, and also because I am off Synthroid and taking some thyroid supplements instead, we needed to have some further blood tests. Hashimoto's disease does not just go away, so we have to make sure my thyroid function isn't suffering. She ordered thyroid tests and another A1C, which I had drawn yesterday and we're waiting for the results to decide what's next.

She also mentioned that it looks like I have Rosacea. I have mentioned this before on my blog: for years, my cheeks have often looked very red, almost sunburned. Sometimes they look rashy. No matter what I have tried to soothe my skin, the redness and rashiness has never gone away... with one exception. When I was on AIP, it was gone. My skin finally looked normal again and that was the only time when I did not need to use makeup just to have a normal, non-reddened skin tone on my face. When I went off AIP it came right back, even when I was gluten free. So I know diet could really help with this issue but I am not sure exactly which food is irritating my skin. No doubt it's a food that causes inflammation... maybe dairy, hard to tell. It's not just grains and not just sugar, since I have been very low sugar and grain free in the past and still had rosacea symptoms. For now she has me using some facial wipes twice a day that have soothing ingredients and tea tree oil to see if that helps at all. But part of me also wonders if I will need to do some diet tweaking to fix this issue. I really hate having reddened, rashy cheeks (and sometimes nose and chin) so it would be worth it to me to try and figure this out.

Not much else going on. Just doing my walking, biking, lifting. Eating well and getting excited about the Farmer's Market starting to bloom with more fresh, local foods soon. I've gone to some produce stands to get local asparagus, and to the local food store to get grass fed local beef. I buy my eggs now from a friend who has a yard full of chickens, so the eggs are wonderfully fresh and rich in omegas. I had a thought the other day when I wondered how fun it might be to try and eat *only* foods from the Farmer's Market for a month. That might be a fun project to try in the middle of summer! I'm mulling that over now.

There's only a week left in April so I'm making the most of it! Hope you are too.


Anonymous said...

Glad things are going well for you. A few years ago my husband was having trouble with rosacea. The dermatologist prescribed a couple of different things and they both seemed to irritate it rather than help it. I saw an ad for Aveeno Active Natural Ultra-calming daily moisturizer in a magazine and thought that it was worth a shot. He started using it each morning after showering and the rosacea cleared right up. If your current routine doesn't help, you might want to give it a try. Good luck!

Lori said...

I was going to suggest essential oils for your face. I'll be curious to hear how the tea tree oil works.

I love spring and summer because of all the fresh produce. I think you should do a 30 day farmer's market challenge. I bet you'd lose weight on that.

Sam J. said...

Regarding the Rosacea please don't be upset with me but both cheese and avocados can easily trigger Rosacea (my husband is a dermatologist.)

You can read about that and other triggers here:

Take good care of yourself.

Lyn said...


Thanks for that. I think I will look for that lotion and see if it also helps since my skin is dry anyway.


Agree. I was thinking "but that is restricting"... but then really it's not, because I would be eating pretty much everything I enjoy! Except I don't think avocados grow here... lol.

Sam J~

Thank you for the great link! That's very helpful. I have thought it could be dairy (and there is a lot of dairy on that list in the link) or maybe tomatoes or beans. Those are the main foods on that list that I was off on AIP but added back since. I ate lots of avocado on AIP when my skin got better, so I know it's not that. At some point I may try just cutting dairy out and see if that helps. And tomatoes, too, perhaps.

Graze With Me said...

There is a blood test called the ALCAT test. It's not cheap, I'd say it starts around $250-300 and you can test for 50-200 different foods plus food dyes, supplements, herbs, etc. It's a food intolerance test and the info packet I received came with a DVD of several news interviews/personal stories about people who've done it. I watched half of it before I picked up the phone and got it for my 2 year old who has Leaky Gut and for myself (I have a very sensitive digestive system). Our results will arrive sometime next week so I don't have a before/after story for you but the whole concept was so incredible to me. And SO much easier than my poor daughter having to be a Guinea pig to see what foods make her miserable. Anyway. Ask about it. I think it's really going to help us figure out what foods cause our issues, it might help w/yours as well.

Lyn said...

Graze With Me~

I had actually asked my (old) endocrinologist about that test when he told me to try an elimination diet. He told me it wasn't accurate... but then again I was not happy with his care and switched to a different doctor. I may ask her opinion on this. I would love to hear/read about your test results and how it works out for you if you eliminate those foods. Maybe you could come back and share, or drop me an email? I hope it helps you and your little one.

Anonymous said...

"Lifting"? Since when? You never mentioned that before. What's that even mean?

Lyn said...


Lifting = strength training (dumbbells). I mentioned on the 15th that I started strength training with a goal of 2-3 days/week. If you're interested in my routine, I posted about it at the beginning of the month with a link to my routine (same one I used before). So far, so good!

Anonymous said...

I had the reddened nose and cheeks for 40 years, went to multiple dermatologists. Diagnoses ranged from Acne to Rosacea to Psoriasis to Allergies. Different treatments seemed to help somewhat, I got the most help from a non-prescription gel called Psoriacin. The redness always got worse in the summer.
Finally about 2 years ago I made and canned a Serbian sauce made of eggplant, tomatoes and peppers. I broke out like crazy. You know where I'm going with this: my favorite foods, Nightshades!

I've found that it's probably an intolerance, I can have some cooked tomatoes and potatoes w/o any problem. Raw tomatoes affect me the most, but even with those I can eat a little, now that it's mainly under control. I had allergy testing way back when and I wasn't allergic to any foods. Don't know if they've since improved the testing.

I don't know what's allowed on AIP, but maybe nightshades were reduced? Hope you find out what it is, I know how miserable it is to have people asking about the redness!

Lyn said...


Yes! Nightshades were completely eliminated on AIP. When I reintroduced them I found that peppers really seemed irritating to my arthritis so I avoid them now. I also avoid eggplant and raw tomato for the same reason. I thought cooked tomato didn't seem to bother me but that could be something that irritates my skin but not my joints. I also eat white potatoes now, too. I may try cutting all the nightshades back out and see if it improves, but first I will see how the skin wipes and lotion work. Thanks! I appreciate you sharing your experience.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I used to follow your blog many years ago. Something made me think of you a few months back and I was sad to see that your blog was closed. Wow, it's good to see you get back on the wagon. Best of luck and I will check back periodically to wish you well with your progress.

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