Friday, April 15, 2016


It's halfway through the month already so I thought I'd give a little update and how I'm doing with my goals.

I have biked every day this month for at least 5 minutes. The longest I biked was 30 minutes, but usually I am doing 15 or so. I can feel it getting easier and I'm already able to turn the resistance up for longer. I don't get tired quickly anymore... the fitness is improving and I feel great about the habit I've built! I'm also walking a lot more every day; I've gone over 7500 steps/day every day except one (which was 5722, when it rained and I just don't like walking in the rain!). I have not hit 10,000 steps yet but I am getting close with a high of 9321 this month.I started strength training today and plan to do it 2-3x/week.

Wow, I got some interesting comments on my last post where I showed some of the things I am eating! I guess there's no pleasing everyone. I'm just doing what I think will help me with three things:
1. Staying calm about my eating (not restricting, counting, obsessing, or feeling guilty about my food).
2. Enjoying my food
3. Getting healthier (including losing weight, by eating nutritious things)

I make no claims that this WILL result in weight loss this month. I don't know! But it is helping stabilize my blood sugar by cutting back on carbs and sugar. I don't have the shaky, hypoglycemic crashes I've had before.  It is improving my quality of life by giving me more energy, and I am in a good mood. When I prepare and eat my food, I am smiling, relaxed, and content, instead of feeling stressed, worried, deprived, or driven by insane urges to eat. There is something of value in peaceful eating. I won't ruin it with yet another restrictive "Diet."

I plan to continue with things as they are until I see what I weigh on May 1 to get the big picture of how this exercise and eating is working for me, weight-wise. I know it is working for other aspects of health and for my mood, but it *does* need to result in weight loss (my goal is 5 pounds this month). So if something is out of balance, and I don't lose weight or only lose a pound, I will make some new and different goals for May to adjust for better weight loss. I might increase my biking minutes/day goal or my steps/day goal. I might go from strength training twice a week to a solid 3x/week. Or I might cut portions or decide to eat on a different schedule or eat less red meat and more fish, or more vegetables, or hey, maybe even less cheese! But if I don't lose much, I am not going to make the same mistakes I've made in the past and get frantic and desperate and upset that the pounds are not coming off fast enough for me and do some drastic change. Gradual, peaceful, loving change is my friend. I do what gives me health AND joy. And that is how I hope to lose weight and maintain the loss for life.


LHA said...

This is a great post! Your frame of mind is, in a word, SANE! I couldn't agree more with everything you said.

JDET said...

Great post, Lyn. I went to Wendy's last night. I found out they have a really cool web site that not only lists all the nutritional data, it allows you to customize the food. You can take off the croutons, bun, etc., or swap out fried chicken for grilled, change the dressing, or anything else you can think of, and it recalculates the nutritional info. No guessing on calories, carbs, fiber, protein, sugar! Very cool and convenient!

Kira said...

The comments on your last post really were interesting. So much judgment. I started to get really irritated on your behalf, but it's really just evidence of the enormous pressure of the diet culture, isn't it? The rules are seen as absolute, but no one can agree on what they are.
I think you're wise to make these choices and adjustments based on your own body and what you feel. No judgment from me!

Lyn said...


Thanks! I feel a lot more sane about food.


That's a great tool! I've had their salads with the grilled chicken and it's not a bad option for when we're travelling.


Very true. I think when someone finds what works well for them, they look for other people who also have success with that plan to validate their choice. There are groups who swear by Paleo, or veganism, or Weight Watchers, or High Fat Low Carb, or calorie counters. All very different choices, and all work for some people! Just because I choose to eat a certain way doesn't make it the healthiest way for everyone else to eat. We can all learn from each other and still respect our differences :)

Lori said...

Having peace about food is a huge victory! My gut tells me you will meet your weight loss goal for the month and maybe even exceed it.

Good for you.

Lyn said...

Thanks Lori! Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lyn! No matter what you type or say someone somewhere will trash it. Didn't you know that the internet gives you license to be mean to people yet?? LOL

Your plan sounds spot on to me! :)
Your doing great!


Nine Dark Moons said...

I love the thought of "peaceful eating". That appeals to me more than mindful eating. It adds the element of full body and mind peace from all the bad voices. Good for you for focusing on health and smart choices, but allowing yourself flexibility. I remember when you were first blogging the number of times you'd wake up with really bad headaches and acid reflux. you've come so far!

Lyn said...

Nine Dark Moons~

oh yes, I remember waking up every morning with a headache! And the reflux was horrible. I do not miss waking up in the night choking on reflux!! Looking back, at the time I didn't think I'd ever be able to totally stop bingeing, or have peace with food. It's taken me awhile, but I am so content :) Thanks for the comment!