Saturday, April 2, 2016

Focusing on TODAY

Setting my new goals for the month of April has really helped me focus on what I can do each day to reach those goals. Sure, it's only been two days since I set the goals, but I feel so confident and energized about life, not overwhelmed and sad like I felt many times over the past few years. Today I feel that all of my goals are within reach... and it is not at all overwhelming (to think of losing 50-60 pounds) because my focus is narrowed: goals for one month, steps for one day. It is so important to take concrete steps every day toward our goals.

What I have done today to meet my goals:
Got on the bike first thing this morning. Made it for 13 minutes.
Took one of the dogs out for a neighborhood walk, helping ensure I meet my Steps goal.
Put some Sun Tea out on the deck in a gallon jar to brew in the sun (pomegranate raspberry green tea, no sweetener added). Now it's chilling in the fridge and I filled the ice trays so there will be plenty for iced tea.
Made a batch of my favorite low carb Cauliflower "Potato" Salad, with an extra egg added (for protein).
Ate some healthy foods: roasted turkey breast (from the deli, but it is some good stuff! It's the real thing, minimally processed), a yogurt/berry smoothie, and a protein bar.
I'm wearing my FitBit and keeping an eye on my steps, and will make sure I pass my 7500 steps/day goal.
Got out my old strength training routine and books and made a plan to start soon. Got my weights out and organized.

It's nice to feel so healthy and positive! Life is good.


Anonymous said...

You sound like your old self. I'm glad to see you motivated again because we all know what you can do when you set your mind to it. I'm cheering you on!

Lori said...

Good for you! Love reading the confidence in this post. You've got this.

Margaret Wolfinbarger said...

This is great to read. I'm proud of you. You can do this. One step at a time. One day at a time. You go, Girl!

Rachel rbs said...

Those are some great goals - I like how you focus on one day at a time. It can be overwhelming to look at the long goals sometimes.

Lyn said...

Thanks all. I appreciate the support!

JDET said...

Holley cow! What a start!!! So, you shamed me into getting on the treadmill. My late hubby bought that thing, and all I'd ever done was get on it and walk. Turns out is has a bunch of exercise (?) routines preprogrammed. I tried out one on Saturday and thought it was OK (I hate exercise so that's the best I could ever say). I've done it 3 days in a row. Only goes 20 minutes with a top speed of 4 mph, but has a chunk of time at 6% grade, which I'd never done. Will try your weight lift routine soon, but I don't even know what some of it is! Thanks for being an awsome role model!

Lyn said...


awesome!! Just making the commitment is a huge step! I've gotten on the bike every day and have gotten over 7500 steps every day too so far! You can do it. If you set a goal of even 5 minutes every day on the treadmill... then once you get on it you'll feel more like going longer :) Good luck, we've got this!