Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Encouraged and Discouraged at the Same Time: Weight Loss and Fitness

This is the first week that I've set and followed some concrete goals regarding my fitness and weight loss... trying to get to a place of better health and more energy. Today I have some mixed feelings about the whole thing. They're familiar feelings though; I have had them every time I made a concentrated effort to *do* something about my weight but haven't gotten the results I want, quickly enough. It's a mindset of "I am putting in this effort, and I deserve X result!" And it has never done me any good to think that way in the past. But it's there, just starting to bubble up (already! Less than a week in!) so I want to put it out in the open and address it before it does what it has often done in the past: make me throw up my hands and give up what I'm doing.

The Good:

My goal is to hit 7500 steps every day on my FitBit. So far:

I've learned quickly that if I want to hit my steps goal, I need to get out for a walk sometime before noon... and sometimes, another walk in the evening. But I need at least one 'intentional' walk to get it done. I am happy to be getting into the habit of walking every day, parking farther from stores, making extra trips outside or downstairs, etc.

My other goal is to bike every day for at least 5 minutes. This sounds silly but given my knee and foot issues I have to ease into this. The point is to build the habit of the bike, Just getting on the bike sometimes lead to a longer ride, anyway. So far:

5 min
13 min
5 min
16 min
6 min

I have learned that it is by far more enjoyable to get on the bike first thing in the morning, after I have coffee and take the dogs out for a little fetching. Otherwise, I get too busy and forget about it. On the one day I didn't bike in the morning, it got to be 10:30 pm before I remembered and had time to get on the bike. I'd rather relax and unwind that late at night.

As for the diet, I've cut back some on carby stuff (no candy, chips, cookies), am eating smaller portions, and drinking plenty of fluids in the form of water, unsweetened iced tea, and black coffee (no sweetener).

The success at the changes is encouraging and I feel like I can continue this without a problem, and over time can increase both my steps and my time biking. But you know what? I am still not losing weight (yet). In fact the scale has gone up a couple of pounds since I started this. Maybe it's the time of month, I dunno. I guess as I increase activity over this month and give it time to take effect, I will see the results. I am just going to keep doing what is best for my body and hoping my body responds by burning off some of this extra fat.


Josie said...

Ha! You remind me of myself. Whenever I don't have ice cream or donuts when others in the office are having it, I say "I should be down 10 lbs for not having ice cream!". Too bad it doesn't really work that way.

Even if you don't see it reflected in the scale less than a week in, I'm sure you know that moving more is better for your circulation, muscles, bones, digestion, mental state....everything healthwise!

I like to watch youtube videos while riding the bike. It tends to keep me on longer because I choose a video that's about as long as I want to bike for. Then I stay on the bike until video is done so I can see it entirely.

Thank you for posting more. I really look forward to it. You know you still have a lot of people on the interwebz rooting for you and wanting you to do well. Take care.

LHA said...

Let me tell you about a little trick I use to help boost a little weight loss. I don't decrease the amount I am eating overall(assuming I am already eating well and judiciously), but I make sure to eat my very smallest meal at night. I personally like my largest meal around mid-day but you could put that meal at breakfast if you like. Once I get past about 3 pm, I eat very little. Sometimes I will use a protein shake, sometimes a small salad, sometimes a piece of fruit. The main thing is to eat very few calories in those later hours of the day. It almost always works for me and causes me to lose weight after a few days of this. There is actually some research on this that I read long ago. I don't know if you would be interested in this but I thought I would pass it on. Good luck!

Deepa said...

Lyn don't throw in the towel...am sure things will work in your favor.

Lori said...

If I lost weight in proportion to the effort, I'd have been at my goal weight ages ago. I feel like if we actually lost weight when we said 'no' to a brownie, it would be easier to pass them by. I'm trying to embrace the process and not worry about the results.

Daisy said...

I am in the same boat. After getting off the scale this morning I had to tell myself this journey neither begins nor ends on the scale. I have been making choices that are good for my body and soul. We just have to believe in ourselves and make the best decisions for our bodies.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

It's been my experience that scales enjoy holding on to the pounds and generally making your life miserable. However, if you keep eating well and exercising, it has no choice but to give them up. THOSE ARE THE RULES!!!!!