Friday, April 1, 2016

April 1, 2016: Weigh In and Goals for the Month

I was looking over my 2016 posts and weights and suddenly realized a whole quarter of the year has gone by. And in that 3 months, what have I accomplished? Well, basically I maintained, while eating what I wanted and not moving a whole lot. I started the year at 229 pounds, and today I weigh 230. A pound gain. I think my lowest weight of the quarter was 228 pounds.

I am setting goals for the month of April, and then on May 1 I will update whether I met those goals or not.

1. Wear my Fitbit all month, tracking my activity. Yesterday I got 7501 steps, so I will try to average more than that per day over the course of the month.

2. Ride my bike every day. Minimum of 5 minutes, every day, but of course I will do more most of the time. I mainly want to build the habit of getting on it every day. Eventually, when I am able to ride for 30 minutes/day or more, I'll give myself a day or two off per week. But for now, daily shorter rides will be good. I'm marking the rides in my planner calendar in orange ink along with my daily steps, so I can easily see how I am doing with these goals.

3. Start lifting again. I am not getting specific on when I will start, except that by the end of the month I want to be doing some kind of lifting routine 3 days/week, probably 15-20 minutes long. I still have my old notes of which exercises I used to do so I will start with the basics, at home, with hand weights.

4. Hydrate, a lot. More plain iced tea, iced coffee, and water.

5. Cut back on carbs and portions. I am not going to count calories, carbs, fat or anything else, but I am going to keep with the "eat what I want" while subbing lower carb foods like vegetables for higher carb grains and starches and knocking it off with the sugary stuff (very limited portions).

Weight goal: lose 5 pounds (weigh 225 or less on May 1).

I worked in the yard, biked and walked today and feel great! I'm happy. Hope you are too!


Anonymous said...

What I love about you: you are so real, and you never quit! I am so inspired by your honesty and diligence. Most people who lose can't keep off as much as you have; take heart in that! The reason you've kept off so much is your continuing to try and not quit. The rest will come off, I have no doubt. I have 30 or so pounds to lose. Your goals made me set some of my own (thank you).

JDET said...

Congrats on getting to such a positive attitude and setting realistic goals for the month! I'm jealous. I've been trying to get motivated to exercise but I haven't done it. Are you riding a real bike or an exercise bike? I have both, but it's too cold and windy to get on my real bike yet, and I'm not that keen on my recumbent exercise bike. I plan to ride to my volunteer jobs when the weather cooperates and the school buses won't run me over. I'm very close now to my target weight of 130 (I started at 181 on Oct 10), but I know I won't sustain it if I don't start moving. What kind of weight lifting are you doing? I've got weights (Dumbbells and barbells) but don't know what to do with them. You are a real inspiration, Lyn!

Lyn said...

thanks to both! And best wishes on your goals!


I am riding a recumbent exercise bike indoors. I'd love to ride a real bike outside, but my orthopedic surgeon stipulated recumbent because of my knee issues. I got a small TV to put in front of my bike, and when I ride I watch TV so it distracts me. I also open a sliding glass door right next to my bike, so the breeze comes in and I can hear the birds outside... kind of nice :)

As for weights I have a couple sets of dumbbells (I think in 3, 5, 8, 10 and 15 pounds). I haven't started yet but I plan to do the same routine that really worked well for me back when I was first losing weight. Here's a post I wrote then with all the exercises/routine and also a list of the strength training books I read to get started. I love these books because they explain what muscle groups are being worked and how to properly do each exercise:

Hope this helps!