Thursday, March 17, 2016


Wow, it's been a week since I last posted. I feel like I've lost a month of my life with this sickness: lots of sleeping, laying around coughing, and being groggy from medicine. This morning I finally woke up in a state I can definitely call improved. It's a good thing because this has gone on long enough. Still coughing and using the inhaler, but I'm having longer stretches without coughing so hard I lose my breath, choke or vomit. That's good right? I'm still very tired... going to bed at 8, which was unheard of before this illness.

Anyway, after my last post I did manage to escape the Burger King draw and lay off the Starbucks and other convenience foods. I have no appetite for vegetables but am getting them in in the form of canned soups and some (not-low-fat) broccoli salad a friend made. I also ate a few meals of fried chicken someone brought me... not the best protein source, but okay with the skin pulled off. I still eat plenty of fruit, tea, coffee with cream, and when I felt up to it I'd cook some bacon and eggs. I finally went to the store last night and got vegetables, avocados, and healthier proteins. I'm putting a corned beef in the crock pot for tonight with some onions, celery, carrots, baby new potatoes, and cabbage. Looking forward to a "real" meal! As long as I keep getting better now, I'll be cooking (and freezing some of the meals for future emergencies!)

I am going to try and take a mile walk today as the weather is decent. I've missed being outside. I'm not up to yard work yet but I hope to get caught up on that soon as my body heals and gets healthier and stronger again. I cannot wait to be back to 100%!


Anonymous said...

i made a chart on a single sheet of paper, with squares on it representing every day until the end of the year. i have colour codes for each day for: did i stay under my calorie goal? did i exercise? did i binge?
what i have is a visual reminder of my progress in altering my behaviour, instead of tracking my weight. so i am still accountable, but i don't fall into success/failure based on what the scale says. this has (surprise, surprise) been more effective for me than weighing. it helps remind me that the goal is behaviour change - the goal is internal (healthy behaviour), not external (number on a scale), though of course there will be external affects (oh look, the numbers on the scale go down if i do X and up if i do Y). it stops me from making excuses and also isn't harsh in the same way emotional reactions are. "omg i binged today i hate myself" looks different when i can see it's one binge in a whole month. also, if i'm sick for a week, it helps me see whether i truly "fell off the wagon" for two weeks out of an entire year (not a big deal!) or if i'm using being sick as an excuse (oh look, my behaviour when i was sick actually matches my behaviour for the month prior to getting sick). thought this might be helpful as it seems you're starting to focus on behaviour changes rather than scale-chasing, but it can be challenging to do that and also remain accountable.

Lyn said...


That's a great idea, I really like it! I did something similar back when I first got my exercise bike; I made a red X or a green X for each day depending on whether I met my food and exercise goals, and it was very motivating seeing rows and rows of green X's. I like your chart idea; I may start out using my planner squares which are by the month and then transfer them to a bigger yearly grid for more of a "big picture" like you said. I don't really have calorie goals right now so I will have to decide what qualifies as a good day eating-wise (maybe no junk), but the exercise would be easy to track. Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Do you do your vegetables in the slow cooker with the meat? How do you do your corned beef in the slow cooker ?

Lyn said...


I quarter a couple of onions and lay them in the bottom of the crock pot with some garlic cloves. Then I put in the corned beef with its juices and seasonings. Add some beer, water, beef broth and cover and cook on high for 4 hours. Then add cut up celery, carrots, baby new potatoes on top, cover and cook another 2-3 hours. You can add cabbage wedges during the last hour but I steam them separately so I can get them soft but not TOO soft.

I managed to find a reasonably priced grass fed, organic corned beef with no nitrates this year so I think it will be extra tasty!

Amy said...

Yay to feeling better!! You'll get your spunk back and by then hopefully some nice sunny spring days will be upon you!

Anonymous said...

this is crazy i love this stories of people like me that struggles with weight