Thursday, March 31, 2016

Doing It

Today is the first day I broke out my Fitbit One and put it on. Technically I got it out yesterday, charged it and slept with it on to track my sleep. I plan to wear it all the way through April to see if it helps me stay motivated to move more. I've been so sedentary since I got sick over a month ago and I want to push myself to move more! I already took one of my dogs out for a long walk this morning with a friend, and I'm going to take another walk later.

I'm also using low carb protein shakes as breakfast for a bit while I come off the sugar. I really ate too much candy last week and it's given me headaches to get back off it. I am fine with a small piece here and there, but when I eat it more often I just don't feel right. And it saps my energy, too.

I bought a Keurig "Brew Over Ice" Tumbler that I just LOVE. You take the little drip platform away from the front of the Keurig, fill this tumbler with ice and put it underneath, and brew your favorite coffee (set at 6 or 8 oz) right into the tumbler! It's leak proof and keeps the coffee cold, so my new beverage of choice for this spring and summer is lots of iced (decaf) coffee. I use flavored k-cups and don't need any sugar. I'm also back into making Sun Tea in a gallon jar on my back deck; I use a mix of regular and herbal teas or green tea and drink it over ice all day (no sugar needed!) So much tastier and healthier than diet sodas or Crystal Light, and it helps me stay hydrated.

I have family coming to stay for 3 or 4 days next week and I'm so excited. My sister-in-law has some dietary restrictions, so I'm planning a menu of food she can eat and the kids will all enjoy. I'm now avoiding pasta, rice, and breads (not totally eliminating these things, but making other choices most of the time) and will always have 2 or 3 kinds of produce served with dinner.

I think these small changes should help reverse the upward scale trend of the past month. Hope you are enjoying the spring weather! Yard work is going to be my main exercise in April. My goal is to lose 5 pounds in April; this is the first time I have made a weight loss goal in months! I think my mindset is strong now, and free of diet and food obsession, so setting this goal is my way of giving myself a reason to make adjustments as needed to see it happen. I'm ready!


Lori said...

You are ready! I can feel your energy coming through. You will lose at least 5 pounds in April, I am sure.

16 blessings'mom said...

You are inspiring me here! I'm so glad you're in a good place! I want to lose 5 pounds in April, too!


LHA said...

Sometimes you just have to set a goal to get yourself moving in the right direction. You have so many things going right right have a much improved relationship with food, you recognize that too much high carb food leads to weight gain, and you are ready to step up the exercise....that it seems that you can only be successful. Good luck!

Lyn said...

Thanks all! I feel good. I've been walking but this will help me SEE how much walking I am doing, and step it up (literally) on days I fall short. It is almost 6pm and so far I have 6585 steps. I will use my final count as a sort of baseline and try not to go below it. I am thinking I will try to get more steps per day/average every week.

terra said...

Good for you!!! :-) You got this.