Sunday, February 28, 2016


I feel horrible today. I keep getting better and then worse. I am skipping my social engagement this evening and if I'm not significantly better tomorrow I am heading to the doctor. I tend to get sinus infections and the headache/fatigue and coughing that is going on suggests that may be the case here. I am ready to feel better and get things done!

Today's weight: 229, up a pound. Considering the very minimal movement I had this week and the last couple days I drank a lot of juice, I'm not surprised. I need to get well and then I'll get that pound back off.


Cameron Yoder said...

Hope you feel better!

Lori said...

So sorry you aren't well. I hope you get better very soon.

JM said...

MAybe the pound gain is due to the going off the Victoza? Does it affect weight?

JM said...

I ask because ANY change in my meds causes a gain!

Lyn said...

Cameron and Lori~ thank you for the well wishes.

JM~ I think it is more likely increased calories + lowered activity. I am still taking Victoza, just a lowered dose to taper off.

Karin said...

I have sinus infections EVERY year due to small nasal cavities and ear tubes (I don't know if that's the correct terminology, but you get my drift). Best thing for it is squirting saline solution up your schnozz during the day. Sometimes anti-biotics work but mostly they don't. It sucks. I hope you get better soon.

JDET said...

Hope you get better soon without the doc. Every time I get some prescription, I gain weight. Who needs it? I gained a pound yesterday, but it's probably that 8 oz filet mignon I grilled! And it was worth it. First time it's been warm enough to cook out for a long time. Still, I only ate about 1100 calories. Because I only had a small salad with it.

Lyn said...

A little update: Doctor put me on antibiotics, codeine cough syrup, and an inhaler. Hope this fixes me up (sinus infection/possible pneumonia).

iluvmerengue said...

I REALLY want to recommend that if you're eating dairy products you stop immediately as they are the main cause of sinus problems. I do need to warn you that once you stop things could get a little worse before they get better due to a rebound effect, I know because I've been through it, it's part of what's called "the healing crisis".

But I actually want to make another suggestion that may be the answer to all your prayers: GO VEGAN!

I cut out all meats & eggs on Dec. 14 and dairy 5 weeks later when I found this article: It made me feel so angry to realize it was not so much that I "loved" cheese but that I was truly addicted to it that I decided that was my last day on dairy. I did it for my health but soon realized I was losing weight and to date I've lost 17-20 (will never know for sure because I'd stopped weighing myself early last year). I ate as much as needed and the first few weeks I was still eating home-made desserts and dark chocolate. If you do a search you'll find lots of other testimonials. I'd pretty much given up hope, I knew I'd continued to gain so that made me feel very depressed, so this has been like a miracle to me.

If you're thinking veganism "isn't for me", I must tell you that as ahypoglycemic I'd believed for many years that carbs were a no-no, that I needed animal protein, and even though I'd wanted to become at least a vegetarian once I became aware of how horribly the animals are treated in "factory farms" I felt it would never work. However, I believe God began guiding me to the truth and he used another person to get me to try a "vegan" meal, and after I ate it I did not feel hungry for hours (with the bonus of not getting indigestion or pain due to gallbladder stones) so I kept testing "this" for one more meal and then another, and found myself even enjoying what I was eating very much.

Another HUGE benefit I've experienced is that the depression and sometimes random anxiety that I'd suffered on/off for decades left me instantly, anyone who's been through it would agree with me that it's another "miracle", and this has happened to other people as well. Even my symptoms of candida diminished greatly, and the best of all is that I've hardly missed everything that I gave up.

What I am proposing to you is a WHOLE FOODS PLANT BASED DIET, meaning nothing highly processed (including oils in most cases, just nuts, seeds & avocadoes) are consumed, only foods in as close a state to "natural" as possible. To help you understand all the benefits that can be expected I want to invite you to watch the documentary "Forks Over Knives" (put on autoplay so all parts will play in order). I didn't want to watch it for a long time because I knew it was about not eating meat, etc. But I'm hoping you will keep an open mind unlike I did.

The best thing about all this is that all the information is out there for FREE, all you have to do is start shopping differently, you don't even have to go all organic if you can't afford it, and once you get all your new "staples" you will see the savings in your food bill, so with all these benefits any reasonable person should agree that it's at least worth a try. Some people go on the "30-day vegan challenge", others embrace it fully and don't look back, and yet others have to do it gradually, but either way you would be taking very positive steps towards your health & weight while also helping the planet, growing animals for food is actually very unsustainable (watch "Cowspiracy" so you learn why).

iluvmerengue said...

Lyn, I just left a long comment about going vegan and just noticed that you mentioned you take Victoza. Well, you'll be happy to learn that lots of people have actually had their diabetes disappear or greatly reduced after stopping animal products. I know it goes against everything we had learned about it but the truth is that even science doesn't know everything yet. Here's a link so you can read about it:

I REALLY REALLY hope you'll decide to research this thoroughly so you can make an informed decision that could change your life for the better! Even though I didn't get to reach a level of obesity similar to yours I got to probably over 170 lbs. which on my small-boned 5'1" frame is quite a bit and I've struggled on/off with my weight ever since I had kids 33+ years ago, so it broke my heart when I first found your blog a couple of years ago and saw all the heartache you've gone through as I can relate to a lot of it. I've watched my own self lose and gain repeatedly, each time topping my highest previous weight, and I developed various health problems that made me stop working back in '00 for 11 years and then just a year later again. I honestly believe now that it's the price we pay for being part of the cycle of violence against the innocent animals we ate who have feelings, a family structure, and a God-given desire to live like we do. If you'd never considered that, please watch "Earthlings", it's narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, I'm sure you won't be able to look at meat, eggs or dairy the same way anymore.

Anonymous said...

TO THE BOTTOMS OF YOUR FEET, PUT VIK'S VAP-O RUB. Place a sheet of tissue or paper towel before putting on socks. Gets rid of nasty cough.

Lyn said...


Wow, you left me such a wealth of information and resources! Thank you. I do have an open mind and will check out the links, videos etc you left for me. I really appreciate you taking the time to share this with me. It sounds like a vegan lifestyle has been so very healing for you. Thank you again, I will do some research.


That's actually worked for my kids before when they couldn't stop coughing in the night, so I knew about this remedy and tried it 2 nights last week. Unfortunately it didn't help this time.