Friday, February 5, 2016

A Measure of Success

This week when I posted my 50 Pounds Gone Again update pictures, I started to wonder how my body measurements have changed over the past year since my last photos. Fourteen months ago, I weighed 243 pounds. I gained a few pounds between then and last January before starting to lose again, but the net difference in the photos is 15 pounds. So what about measurements and size? Well, I measured today and compared the numbers now (228) to the numbers then (243). Along with those 15 pounds, I've lost

1/4" off my neck
1" off each ankle
1/2" off each calf
3/4" off each thigh
1" off each upper arm
1.25" off my bust
3.75" off my hips
and 4" off my waist!

That's pretty good progress! No wonder I feel better and fit into my clothes better.

I'm pleased with how things are going, even if slowly. Now to get those next ten pounds off!


Anonymous said...

No wonder you look so good! Keep up the great work Lyn!

Anonymous said...

Just to make sure I'm not confused... The difference in measurements are from when you weighed 243 pounds and now rather than in comparison to when you last weighed 228, right? (The photos in your post where both at 228...not 243 and 229, so I'm assuming the photo your referring to is the one in the long past post. See, how confused I sound?

Regardless...congrats on the nice inches loss.


Lyn said...

Thanks, Anon :)


lol, thanks... lemme see. The first link in my post goes to my most recent pics, at 228. The second link in my post goes to the photos from 13 months ago, weighing 243. So the difference in measurements is the difference in inches between those two weights/pictures. (Sounds more complicated than I wanted it to be! Does it make sense?)

Off the blog, I actually did also look back to see how the measurements now at 228 compare to the last time I was 228. I didn't write about it because the measurements were pretty close to the same.

Lyn said...

eta- Deb, I went back and edited my post and added "(228)" and "(243)" so it would be clearer what weights/measures I am comparing. Hopefully that will help clarify for people. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Chuckle. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Keep shrinking!


Lori said...


Annette said...

awesome job!!!

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Great job!