Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekly Update

Well this is an annoying weigh in. As much as I try to be all casual about the scale (like I was for the past 6 months, just not stressing about it, and that seemed to work well... I still lost weight!), I am starting to feel a bit of pressure over my Sunday weigh-ins. And this week I was pretty disappointed. Actually, I didn't weigh this morning (had breakfast before I remembered to weigh) but I *did* weigh in earlier this week. Two days ago I was down a pound to 228. Then yesterday I was UP two pounds to 230! Carb bloat, I think. We had pizza for dinner and although I had thin crust, I ate too much of it and I'm sure it was loaded with sodium too. So net is that I am up a pound this week.

I did lay off the carbs and processed foods for the first half of the week (thus the pound loss) but it's amazing what one day of junk can do! I did get back to some walking outdoors, even though it is cold, and I've enjoyed that.

I've had this 3-day diet kit sitting on my room for a couple of months, and I need to review it, but I have just not felt like doing a "diet" at all. I got it out and looked it over, and the calories are reasonable and it includes real food (like baked salmon and vegetables, fruit, yogurt, etc) so I think I will give it a try this week. It's only 3 days... and I do enjoy reviewing things! Maybe that'll be a good way to get my brain out of the junk and back on eating a bit healthier.


Lori said...

I totally get the feeling of not wanting to diet again. You know what works for your body and what doesn't. If you just take a moderate approach like you have been, you will see slow and steady progress. It won't be painful either. It will seem like you just woke up smaller one day because all your clothes are too big. You can do this!

Lyn said...

Thanks Lori! I feel better about it today and am not going to let "reporting in on the blog" turn back into a diet obsession.

I did weigh this morning and am still 230. I decided to truly go back to what I'd been doing before adding gluten back (not eating so much bread/pasta/carbs) and keep doing the enjoyable walking I've added back.

Today's menu will include:
decaf coffee with cream
bacon, avocado, and Clementines
carrots and celery dipped in baked Parmesan artichoke spinach dip
bananas, apples, grapes
Bratwurst, sauerkraut, and whatever vegetable looks like it needs to be used up!
almonds and cheese

Lots of foods I enjoy, nothing I don't! No measuring. I feel good!

LHA said...

The upside of weighing weekly is that it keeps you accountable. The down side is that it shows up any temporary variations and can cause you to obsess about the number on the scale. I think your decision to go back to what you were doing before adding gluten back in is a good one, and I bet it will take you in the direction that you want to go. Your instinct is leading you in the right direction.

Karen said...

Predictable, Protective, and Preventable.

Predictable- the higher carb meal in combo with more food than your body can use = weight gain and higher glucose (measuring at home 2 hours post meal will show this clearly). Keeping a simple log of food and glucose measurements helps many people choose their foods for good glucose control.

Protective- your body needs to get your glucose down, so storing excess energy will be the result. Heart, liver, kidneys, retinas.

Preventable- these are choices you make, we all make the choices and have natural consequences

Were you expecting a downward trend? Did your choices match that? Think of the 3 P's.

I used to do the same thing, then I got annoyed that I was in my own way. Take care and check with your doc about home glucose monitoring. My body thanks me every day, and I do monitor periodically, even 4 years at a normal weight. Because I cannot have normal weight without monitoring- even fruit puts me way too high with my glucose.

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of food that you are listing!

I don't know, I just think many people eat way more than they should in the US. People get used to eating too much and think it's ok. Obviously, it's not. If you get used to eating too much food, can't you also get used to eating less?

Lyn said...


Is it a lot? I didn't list amounts since I don't measure, but the amounts are pretty moderate. 2 pieces of bacon, 1/3 of an avocado, and a Clementine isn't all that much for breakfast, volume wise, and probably under 250 calories. Same for lunch; a spoonful of artichoke dip and a handful of carrots/celery is like 200 calories. So I dunno, even not tracking I can see it is not all that much in the way of food, but it's satisfying. I had some grapes and coffee too so add 100ish calories for that and I am still under 550 calories before dinner.

Anonymous said...

Stay relaxed, don't let the scale bother you. Relaxed = weight loss! Stress = gain.


Anonymous said...

The bbc has had some great articles about weight lately. This one is titled ...why do people put on differing amounts of weight?...

Love your blog!