Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weigh In, Getting Tired of Counting

First, here are my stats for the week. I have weighed, measured, and tracked everything I have eaten during the month of July. I am weighing in a day early because I have a busy day planned tomorrow.

Calories/carbs/protein this week:

890 / 69 g / 50 g
1219 / 74 g / 87 g
1134 / 95 g / 56 g
1152 / 61 g / 59 g
1159 / 94 g / 62 g
1051/ 109 g / 49 g

This averaged out to 1101 calories, 84 g carbs, and 61 g protein per day. That's right about what I was aiming for on calories and carbs, and a little low on protein. As of this morning my weight was down slightly, to about 237.5. I am using a non-digital, dial scale and the needle was right between numbers. Generally I don't count a pound lost until it hits that number exactly, but I want to recognize that there was a slight downward tick on the scale. I have to celebrate every move downward when the losses are this slow. What really counts, though, is what's lost in a month, or a year.

As I mentioned before, my bout with kidney stones put a huge damper on the exercise this week, but I am back to walking and swimming and being active now. I'm enjoying my summer and being outside a lot, too.

I am, however, really sick of counting, measuring, tracking already. I burn out a lot more quickly now on this kind of thing. When I was counting back near the beginning of this blog, I tracked every day for months. I've had way too many stints of calorie counting lasting up to a year and didn't mind it at all. But I don't think it is something I want to do, or would willingly do, for the rest of my life. I am doing it now for the purpose of weight loss, but hopefully I will be able to maintain with a non-tracking, AIP-ish template eventually. I don't like having to think about food this much, but if it gets some weight off I will do it. I have eaten under 1300 calories every day this month and plan to continue.


Lori Ann Goddess said...

I've been eating clean and with good portion control long enough that MOST of the time I don't need to weigh and measure my food but I Always track it to keep myself from self-sabotage with unconscious eating. Good on you to do what you need to do!

Sara said...

Reality is, if you want to keep seeing results and then keep those results, you have to keep counting/tracking. Once you get into maintenance you may be able to become a bit more relaxed and start spot checking, but this is a forever type of deal. I'm two years into maintenance and I still spot check 2-3 days a week. I'll continue to do so for the next 40+ years. Yes, it can be a pain sometimes, but it's so worth it. I'm worth it. So I'll keep counting and tracking.

Karen said...

Which is more tiresome? Tracking in an easy to use data base or obesity and it's diseases? For me, I eat the same things in MFP, so tracking is so easy. Even with tracking, I "forget" or don't track something- say I go back and add a little coconut milk to my coffee- it's easy for me to "forget to track it". I can imagine if I weren't tracking at all. Now I wait 1 hour after meals and make sure all is recorded. Or I prelog my lunches and I don't eat anything else at work.It's all a habit. Once it becomes automatic, it will be like brushing your teeth.

I remember telling my endocrinologist back in 1997, well my TSH and T4 are okay, but I still feel tired, say after I eat a brownie. His response "Don't eat the brownie". It was my first wake up call that I wasn't showing up to be in my own health care solutions. Only 5-10 pounds were due to the lack of thyroid meds and the Hashimotos. The rest was due to me soothing myself with food. A few years later I had my shrink tell me that flour and sugar were like allergies to me. It took 10 years after that for me to accept that.

I hope that you can decrease your risks faster than I decreased mine. Get to those roots.( I didn't have T3 problems, but have close friends who have to be on 2 meds- they are both thin- but feel terrible without the porcine based drug. It's worth exploring- IMO)

Here's to making daily tacking a life long habit, if needed. It's free, except for a minute or two of time a day and the data can be very valuable. I hope that you are also tracking your weight on MFP. For me, I can often catch and reverse trends before regain becomes a health problem again. I also track glucose and blood pressure, too. Both things I can measure at home. Very good self management with good tacking and effective problem solving. No woulda, coulda, shoulda. Just action, but now Good luck.

What would that doctor say? the one on My 600 pound life. I like his responses to his patients. Get your food and exercise in line.

JM said...

I agree with Karen, tracking for me has been a real pain for the first 2 months, now it's automatic, same with exercise. Just because it seems so hard now, and annoying, doesn't mean it always will be! After all, 20 years ago, you probably could not have imagined that you would "get used to" 240lbs!
It is a HABIT, like exercise which is something after time, enough time, becomes like second nature. That is the real struggle, changing habits.
For some of us, it takes A LONG TIME for it to feel normal. Years, months, whatever, but it IS WORTH IT . YOU ARE WORTH IT> Your family is WORTH IT> Maybe give it a YEAR instead of a month? Worth a try!

Lyn said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm still tracking, not quitting. Just venting... I think tracking would seem less tedious and annoying if I was seeing more pounds drop off. But it's better than nothing, so I'll keep on with it.

Anonymous said...

I try to pre-track my food by planning out my week in advance. I usually eat the same breakfast, so that's easy. Lunch and dinner are a little harder, so I figure out what the numbers are on a couple of meal ideas before I make them. Snacks are usually fruit or veggies. When I get hungry, I see what's on my pre-approved list and check it off. This takes less time than daily tracking and it helps with grocery shopping.

Vickie said...

This topic comes up a lot. I have a combination of things I (usually) suggest.

First of all, this whole topic is easier with whole/one ingredient foods. If eating processed things, in my opinion, one HAS to track in the traditional sense of the word, logging/counting, every single thing.

We tend to eat the same sets or combinations of things together. So I have suggested to many people over the years that they put things together in groups under whatever system they are using. If they write things down, they can make index cards. One card with each set, then they can simply flip cards as they go through their day. If they are on a computer, save things in sets. I used a excel spread sheet for years where I could copy and paste and it calculated my totals for me. A good example of this concept is breakfast. If one always eats the same thing, it only has to be figured once. If one alternates between 3-4 breakfasts, they only each have to be figured once. As you add combinations, they only have to be figured once.

My next suggestion is there is not a huge difference between numbers in things like asparagus, green beans, broccoli. Some fruits are close together in numbers (have to really look at fruit numbers to determine that, all fruits are not equal). So can have a safe list of fruits too. I stick to a couple rotating proteins. I learn serving sizes of these things. I use measuring cups instead of a serving spoon to this day, for many things. I do not add extras that have to be calculated. We do not have butter at our house. I use plain yellow mustard for somethings and then do not worry about it. Etc. I only drink water (which solved all kinds of pee problems I thought were inevitable, they were not). I think of this process as building a core base of safe foods and calculating those numbers once. You can get to the point where you can just pick sort of from food groups and know your numbers. Because you have already done the math.

One either has to live with calculated, proven habits
One has to check

So either eat and exercise and water and sleep in a proven way.
Or get on scale and track everything (one eats or drinks)

Cannot just go willy nilly. ESPECIALLY in maintenance.

I have seen more people, in weight loss, who have the idea they can just wing it when they get to maintenance. And no one can do that.

I have also seen people who are trying to lose and are actually just barely maintaining. Image if those people were trying to maintain (yes, they would be gaining).

The calorie difference between losing weight and maintaining is very, very, very tiny. Like 1 serving or 1 1/2 servings of something is the difference. A blogger once wrote that her calculated difference was a half a small, plain baked potato and a 1/2 cup of raspberries. (I would have a problem adding back carbs only as that would throw off my percentages and I would gain).

Weightloss is the learning time for maintenance. And part of that learning is figuring out how to live within the numbers.

I personally got very tired of constant tracking and moved to whole/one ingredient foods from a safe list, eating portions, eating balanced, as a means to simplify. I am the lazy person's whole food supporter.

I believe exercise is something we do for range of motion, balance, cardio health, bone density, tone, flexibility. I believe we should all do regular exercise that does not, will not hurt us (I am against running, especially with ny excess weight, for example). I think people get themselves in big trouble trying to calculate their output and adding back food (unless they are high level athlete, which most of us are not, and probably should not be). No I am not a fan of the point system for this and many other reasons.

Vickie said...

You have to put in the time to figure this all out in a planning way. We all do. The people who do, are the ones who lose and then maintain. In my opinion. You have to build yourself a system that will work long term. It does not have to be boring. Everything only has to be figured once, the first time. And then you have the data. Figure out how to streamline that data for yourself.

Lyn said...


I totally agree. I like that on MFP I can save my usual breakfasts as a set and just add them. I have done it with a dinner or two as well. I think you're right too about the non processed stuff; eating on AIP was a lot simpler and I did not need to track, just eat from a limited list of almost all whole foods. I felt good on it too. By tracking and trying to keep calories this low (1100ish) I have felt the need to add back in some processed stuff, like 10 calorie jello or diet soda, because I find it hard to restrict to this level without some flavorful, very low cal fillers. I don't think that is best long term for my health, but thought if I could drop 20 pounds I would just feel so much better and then perhaps switch back to a slower loss, higher cal, whole foods method. But the loss on 1100 cal is not looking any quicker, so I don't know what I will choose long term. I plan to finish out July doing the same thing (tracking) and then decide whether to continue.

Vickie said...

Side note - related topic - numbers can be off on packages and on systems.

I have written to one company telling them their packages were wrong. And they wrote back saying, yes, they were wrong. (It is pretty sad when you take into account I was talking about frozen fruit with nothing added and the numbers were wrong for several products; when it is multiple ingredients it is much harder to check).

I have also seen systems do very screwy things with the numbers when quantities are changed. Really crazy things. it is always good to take a second look.

And this whole topic is a good thing to mention on calculating once and then reusing data. If we have the wrong numbers to start, wrong numbers forever. Or if transpose a number, wrong forever.

I have seen people miscalculating their percentages, for years.

And we all have (probably) gone thru spells where we were off on something or the other. It happens.

Vickie said...

I forgot to mention healthy fats. I eat a whole small avocado with breakfast every day. It holds me like nothing else will. I personally also do frozen, plain, raw pecans (I like them frozen for some reason) every day, later. That helps too. Yes, calories. But somehow the calories are different.

Everyone's percentages are a little different. But same general area. My proteins and carbs have to nearly balance. Fat is a lower percentage, but I NEED that percentage to make it work somehow.

Taste - Lemon squeezed on some foods helps hugely. Also lime. It does not take much. I mentioned yellow mustard. Plain horseradish is another idea. Garlic.

Another thing that has always helped me is only eating at meal time and having a start and stop to a meal. When I first started out I ate 4-5 small meals. Sometimes (now) I might eat one big meal and a snack. Most of the time now, I eat two larger meals and a snack. (I do not get low blood sugar issues).

I try to balance each meal rather than just trying to balance my day. There is a difference.

Karen said...

Nope. Everybody chillax. I followed your rules.

Just record every thing you put in your mouth. Record your sleep. Show those records to your new doc. It will be gold as far as data goes. You'll save $$ by just recording a few simple things.

You have free or paid for tools. Ones that a functional or traditional doc will use anyway. So use them now. To get better.

I think I've said enough, so I probably will take a commenting break.

One thing that almost all formerly obese and those losing weight have said that helps is tracking. Think Sean Anderson, think Vickie, think WW members, think food addicts, think the National Weight loss registry folks, thing the maintainers at Half Size me Heather and Tips of the Scale, Add your own examples.

Track not to lose weight, but to track effects of food on blood pressure, PF, etc. Hey, I'm the queen of all things DATA and I still can stumble over tracking and trending. Menopause is the biggest wrench in my body changing. I went through menopause in the first year of weight maintenance.

Right now I'm 3 pounds over my awesome, feel good weight. And I'll use the data to recover. Or at least go down the thyroid dose path in a few months. I'm not immune to weight regain, even 3.5 years in this thing.

One kind of cool thing about tracking food is that I can also use it for sleep and calm management. It's more than just weight. I used to hate people like me. When I was obese, I thought they had it all figured out, that they had nothing to worry about. If tracking is tedious and boring without results now... well, find something that floats your boat that does work.

Vickie showed up on my blog and recommend that I look at my carbs, strength training, removing nuts for migraines. All things I needed to do. It's not anyone's fault, but if I fail to honor my geneotype, I WILL fail at weight management. I'm not alone.

I take a great amount of heat, behind the scenes, when I post comments here. This summer is hot enough. I'm taking some time off to sleep and get my own weight under control. Best of luck.

Lyn said...

Thanks for clarifying, Karen. I do like all the data (calories, activity, sleep) that I get from the FitBit. I find it surprising anyone would give you "heat" for commenting anywhere. We're all adults with our own choices to make. Hopefully you can cut those kinds of (controlling and/or negative) people from your life. I do wish you the best getting back to your "feel good" weight. Thanks for the input.

Vickie said...

Karen takes an enormous amount of heat.

I did too.

I got nailed mostly for eating cleanly (which I did mostly to simplify tracking), then for losing my weight, maintaining my weight, getting along with my kids, having my kids do well, cleaning up my act on so many levels, etc.

One thing that happens to many of us (been around a long time, as part of our process) is we learn not to enable destructive or self sabotage behavior. There are a lot of people out there who read an enabling comment and see it as kind. And then read a non enabling one and see it as mean. Yes, I realize there are mean comments. But you are not going to get one from Karen and not from me either.

Lyn said...


this is a side of blogging I have not seen/heard of before in my 8 years of blogging. I am dismayed that you and Karen and perhaps others are getting "heat" (which to me sounds like angry/attacking or bullying type behavior) for comments you leave. Or for the things you listed. I get my share of hostile (mostly anonymous) comments, but it's pretty easy to discern in the first sentence that the person is hostile... so I stop reading and hit delete. People can't bully you if they don't exist to you, has been my way of thinking. Of course, if it is someone you know and is just being critical of your choices, sometimes you have to just say "hey, I am not interested in the criticism" and if they can't respect that, let them go. I hate the thought of you being attacked or upset by some random negative people.

And a side note, good for you for your success with your kids! That is huge and I'm sure a great source of joy for you. I have so enjoyed seeing my children grow into responsible, successful adults. It just makes you feel good. Proud :)

Anonymous said...

I get tired of counting calories, too. I take one day off a week to just eyeball my food (not over-eat). It makes it more bearable.

Anonymous said...

Last summer on AIP, you lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks. It seems like if you want to get 20 pounds off fast, you should do now what you did then. Stop the processed food, and no baking AIP treats.

Lyn said...


yes, that felt amazing. I did not get as good results the second time around on AIP, so I tend to believe a good part of that weight loss was because I started on Synthroid at the same time. My Dr tells me when I first began the medication, it would have put my thyroid levels at a borderline-too-high state at first, so I felt better and had more energy and weight loss. Over time, my thyroid stopped making as much hormone in response to the medication, and that's why now I am back to the same levels I was last summer. I bet if I doubled my Synthroid dose right now, I'd lose some weight... but he advised me to just stop taking it. Also FYI when I was losing so well last summer, AIP treats were part of the equation and helped me be successful.

Anonymous said...

Your numbers are impressive! It shows your determination that you are able to stick to this. With this kind of focus you will surely reach your goals.

Ms. Tammy said...

I would really like to read Vicki' s blog to help on my own weight loss journey, but I can only find a profile on blogger. How do I find Vicki and Karen's blogs? Could someone point me to them? Thank you.

Vickie said...

If you click on Karen's name, you can get to her blog Garden Girl from her profile page. I would encourage you to go back and read from the beginning. And to read the comments too. She like me, often has a lot in comments. She documents better than anyone I know. Has really had to change a lot of her habits to reduce physical symptoms and conditions (type 2 and hashimotos plus other things) in addition to dropping her excess fat. I have always looked at my process as a science experiment (what do I mean to do?, what am I actually doing?, is it working?), I think she does too.

I took my blog private many years ago. That is why you can't find me. I clicked on your name and was lead to a commercial site - ? When I clicked on your email (on your profile) it booted me out of the system. So if you send your email address to Lyn's email, I am pretty sure she will forward it on to me, and we can talk.