Monday, July 6, 2015


Just trying to stay accountable. I have this blog, I may as well use it!


Breakfast: coffee with chocolate creamer, thick cut bacon, avocado, and watermelon
Snack: protein shake
Lunch: smoked ham, cream cheese, and a dill pickle spear with a Coke Zero
Snack: tortilla chips, guacamole, cucumber slices and light Ranch. One piece of candy.
Dinner: chicken Waldorf salad (so good!): cubed chicken, apples, celery, grapes and light mayo.

Totals: 1104 calories, 83 g carbs, 70 g protein

Exercise: biked 15 minutes


Breakfast: black decaf coffee, berry yogurt cup
Snack: smoked ham, light cream cheese, dill pickle spears, Coke Zero
Snack 2: iced green tea lemonade (no syrup)
Lunch: Rotisserie chicken dark meat and watermelon
Snack: iced coffee with honey and cinnamon and cream
Dinner: chicken Waldorf salad (same as yesterday) with walnuts added

Stats so far: 1133 calories, 98 g carbs, 83 g protein

I may have a bedtime snack but it will not have carbs. Probably a light string cheese.

I did not exercise yet today, but will either bike or walk this evening.

Feeling good and determined to stick with my plan!


Hillary Gras said...

Do you track fat content? Some of these foods... thick cut bacon.. cream cheese...mayo...dark meat chicken... could be leading to some plateau issues.

Lyn said...


I do track fat on My Fitness Pal. I figure if I am keeping the carbs and protein in line where I want them, what's left is the fat and that takes care of itself. At one point I aimed for certain fat percentages when I was having some stomach issues and my doctor asked me to cut the fat. That was when my carb level was lower, though, and thus fat was higher.

Klaar met Vetsug said...

Wow you a inspiration to me. I am trying to lose weight with out strict dieting. its been 16 months now and I can only manage to lose 8.8 pounds and manage that. But must ask how do you motivate yourself to exercise that is my BIG problem I hate exercise.

Anonymous said...

Fat usually gets a bad rap, when in reality, it's not bad for you as long as you are maintaining calories in a range that your body isn't gaining weight... In fact, it wasn't until after I started ADDING fat to my diet that I finally started to lose weight and feel better (was a sucker for the "whole wheat, low fat" agenda and all it did was make me fatter and fatter).

All your foods look so yummy, Lyn! I'm glad that you found something that you have been enjoying!

I know that you get people telling you what you should be doing all the time, and I'm trying to avoid sounding like that! But, it looks like your protein intake is a little low IMO. If you don't mind me asking, what protein range are you targeting and what did you use to set that target?

I'm also pretty jealous of all the tasty fruit you've been eating! If I ate that much fruit (especially watermelon), I'd have the worst cravings for more sweets... :/


JM said...

Yay!!! How are you feeling? Are u hungry? Feeling deprived or doing good on that front? Any let up on the pain?

kathyj333 said...

You're doing great. I wouldn't let fat worry you. There's a lot of new research that says fat isn't the problem it was once believed to be. Keep up the good work.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Hey, I have a blog, too. I could use it!

Lyn said...


You are doing good! I bet you feel better with that weight off, and if it is staying off, that is the important thing. The FitBit helps with motivation a little, but I am just forcing myself to exercise at this point because I said I would do it. When I get in the habit, it does become enjoyable. And I like swimming :)

Anonymous (N)~

I chose my protein range based on my success with Medifast in the past. Their guideline is 72 grams per day or more, so that's what I am aiming for. I always felt well eating by those guidelines (and 100 g carbs per day or less). Fruit has never given me cravings or issues; when I started losing weight (from 278 pounds) I was probably eating ten or more servings of fruit a day. It helped me stop bingeing on sweets and gave me good nutrition. I don't eat THAT much fruit now, but I can enjoy quite a bit without feeling any cravings.


I am feeling generally very good and much improved. I have not felt deprived yet but I know it will come when someone sticks some yummy thing in my face! So far I've been just really enjoying my food and eating things I like. As for pain, not really any letup yet, except when I was eating more sugar and junk, my arthritis was a constant dull ache in my hands and joints. That's gone away and while there is a bit of stiffness sometimes, the soreness in my hands is gone. My knees still ache a lot though.


Thanks, I agree!

Lyn said...


Definitely use it ;)

Anonymous said...

It's typically a good idea to aim for 0.7-1g protein per pound of lean body mass, so probably 70-100g protein a day since your resting metabolism is quite low so you probably only have around 100lb of lean mass. If it were me I'd aim for the higher end of that range and talk to a personal trainer about high-resistance strength training to preserve as much of that as possible. That's just a suggestion but it might make things easier as you lose weight and prevent future plateaux.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how you can get such low calories with those foods. I added them up in MFP and got lots higher numbers on all your meals. Not criticizing, just wondering how you come up with the numbers.

Lyn said...

Anon 1~

thanks for the suggestion. I will adjust my protein and carbs up or down as needed to get good results.

Anon 2~

I'm sure it's hard to try and enter my meals when you don't know amounts or brands. I don't type that out because it's tedious and I figure people know I am generally eating small portions (one serving or less). If you'd like, feel free to comment back: pick a day of eating I posted since July 1 with amounts and calories per food that you came up with in MFP, and I will post back with the actual stats. Maybe that will help clarify.

Anonymous said...

Omg. Who is out there MFP ing other people's menus? Really?!?

JM said...

If u are using MFP u can copy paste it to the blog as well. That is what I do for my food sponsor, she is my accountability partner

Lyn said...


of course I could. But I don't want my blog to become page after page of posts full of all that stuff. I doubt that is what people come here to read. I share a general framework of what I am eating, and when I start a new plan I use the blog for accountability (like with AIP, I shared a list of foods I ate each week). I still would have no problem answering questions about a particular day, or meal, that someone felt my calorie counts are substantially off. I know they are not.