Saturday, June 20, 2015

Weigh In

Average calories per day this week: 1423

Weight now: 240 pounds, no loss this week.



Anonymous said...

That is frustrating. I know. Unless I'm on a low carb diet, if I eat much over 1200 calories, I will not lose weight. (I have a bit more leeway, it seems, when I ditch carbs other than veggies.) I'm always amazed at those who lose on 1500 or more calories a day.

But, you know that you're, like me, are one of those who cannot lose eating over 1400 cals a day unless you really, really...really...hit the exercise. so while it may be frustrating, it ought not to be surprising, just proof that those metabolism tests you had done were, unfortunately, quite accurate.

Since I couldn't remember exactly the numbers, I used your handy search tool, typed in metabolism test and look what I found. :) (Isn't technology grand?_

"The graphic (below) of energy balance shows an estimate of what I would burn with average activity and exercise. This would be 1440 calories (RMR) plus lifestyle and activity ("calories you burn performing your daily activities... working, playing, eating, etc") which is estimated at 432 calories, plus 150 calories burned during 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, for a total of 2022 calories/day. Under "how much to eat" it shows my weight loss zone, WITH lifestyle activity and exercise, is 1152 to 1440 calories/day. And Maintenance Zone is 1440 to 1872 calories/day."

It is what it is, Lyn. I join you in wishing it were different. I have to say that you've got it harder than I do. When I was your age (That would be about 20 years ago.) I could lose easily on 1500 cals a day. So, yes, you do have a bad hand--but it's what you've got.

Take a deep breath, and give your proof a not--and march on. this week served it's purpose. You resumed the habit of tracking. You ate less than you hve in other weeks. You didn't gain AND you confirmed what you were told. 1440 is maintenance for you. Facts are a good thing.

I wish it were different for you, but you can do this thing.


Chrissie said...

I share your pain right now... BTW, your profile still says you weigh 278 and you so don't - maybe you should update it just to take note of that loss and celebrate it even if you're not happy with this weigh in, 38 pounds is not nothing!

Lyn said...


yeah, I know. Everything I have done has shown the metabolic testing to be accurate. The last part of May I counted calories and averaged 1520/day but was exercising a lot more than I am now and I maintained then as well. I am doing 1400 because that is what my mentor/coach asked me to do, despite the metabolic testing results. I think we are going to have to come to an agreement that I need to eat less than this, because I am not willing to keep counting and eating 1400/day for months just to maintain.

Anonymous said...

I would never follow advice that I already know won't work, "mentor" or not. You know you will lose on 1100 calories even if you can't exercise much, so consider me a second "mentor" giving you some advice. I have read your blog, every post. It sounds like this person has not.

Anonymous said...

Ha! IMHO, a sure path to ditching it all is to deny yourself, count, measure...and still maintain! I assume you've shown your coach the met test results and told him/her what the nutritionist said==if not, they certainly need that info. Aren't mind readers and for most people, 1400 is on the low side of reasonable. (I know a young woman who ate 1800 cals a day and lost 100 pounds!) Bit. at ;east for now, your met results say you need to eat less.

Eating less is hard, but harder still is skipping food you'd like to eat...and still not losing weight. Eating less, tho, does require that the food be nutrient dense. Sigh. Yes.. added annoyance, I know!


Anonymous said...

so, okay, now I'm a serial commenter. :}

As I was getting up from my desk to finish the potato salad for tomorrow's Father's Day picnic, it occurred to me that my husband will eat it like there's no tomorrow...and lose weight.

So, under the misery loves company heading, get this: In mid-May, it was discovered that my 6' 205 pound husband had developed a cholesterol reading that was a bit high (165). He had to change his eating. Really, just resume how he used to eat. Around last year, he began eating cheeseburgers and shakes at at McDonald's every week when he accompanied the grandchildren there (not my fault). And he began snacking in the evening (totally my fault) and it caught up with him.

So, I began making low carb meals. No pasta, no bread, etc.

He cheated...a lot. Two McD trips. A General Tso's. Giant bowls of Rice Krispies.

He had his one month check-up a couple of days ago. He'd LOST SIX pounds.

Sighhhh. It's all in the genes...

Anonymous said...

Hi lyn
I hear this! I am 44 with thyroid issues. I workout with a trainer 2x per week and average 12k steps a day(3 mile daily walks) and usually get in an aqua fit or 2.... And I get 1625 calories to lose... I'm also short. But like Deb says, it is what it us. Strength training has helped me to get those extra 200 per day and if I'm consultant I can have a cheat day here and there with no ill effect. We are just getting older and metabolisms slower, so best to figure out a doable plan now! Good luck to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you still go to the farmer's market or use your new Fitbit?

Lyn said...

Thanks all :)


yes, I do.

Taryl said...

I'm sorry! That is frustrating. I'm sitting at a gain of 80-ish pounds in a single year since this pregnancy and my subsequent health collapse. I'm just now figuring out now to manage if and regain some dietary control. It's still tough with allergies, a leaky gut, prednisone, etc etc. But we all just do the best we can with the challenges God has allowed in our lives. I know that is true for me and you, too. Don't lose heart, just do your best every day.

Lyn said...

This morning, scale still the same, and I am once again thinking: I have been doing this for too long. I need to get at least part of this weight off soon. What I have been doing has not been working. Counting calories has only worked when I have been eating 1300 or less, or if I am exercising at least 30 minutes 6 days a week. I am having problems with my knee, and now my compression sleeve is causing a bad skin rash/rawness behind my knees because it is hot outside and the movement and sweating is somehow making my skin red and sore under the sleeve, so now moving is painful. I have the brace off today trying to let my skin heal but then it is more painful to walk. I feel stuck, because to me it seems an impossible situation. I could keep counting at 1300-1400 and try to swim for an hour a day but some days I just don't have the time to do that. I could count at 1200ish and swim 2-3 days a week and strength train at home a couple times a week and I think that would probably work.

I have never, ever in my life lost weight and got under 214 pounds without protein shakes/Medifast/1000 calories a day. Never. And I have been working on this for 8 years straight, plus many years before I started blogging. I don't want to do 1000 calories a day again, but maybe 1200 plus exercise is what I need to do, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

JM said...

I think the strength training is so important the more muscle the more burn. As u tone up u get to eat more! Yay! Not a lot more but enough to make it worth it!

Karen said...

I was so, so in my own way for 5-10 years. I went back to old food diaries and I was consuming 200-260 grams of carbs. When I was in my early 30's, I could maintain by counting WW points and eating whatever the heck I wanted, if it fit my points range.

Now in my late 40's and post menopausal, I need to eat squeeky clean not just for weight maintenance but for good sleep, low hs-CRP, good glucose control including HA1C. I get all my carbs from veggies- mostly non starchy. And I get good sleep out of it. Funny thing is, my anxiety and pain is at all time lows- probably the food and sleep. No junk food = no menopause symptoms. Many who eat some version of clean (Paleo, Primal, Vegan, Vegetarian, Mediterranean) do so for health and abstaining from binge behaviors. I'm not alone.

Averages don't mean a whole lot if you are still binging on chips and dip. For me, it was one-two- punch.... getting the food quality (automatic lowering in carbs)AND addressing the binge eating, too. No way out but through. Now I can look back and put myself in the drivers seat of how much I got in my own way. I own that. Just gratitude I got some help from outside of myself.

Here's to finding your root causes, addressing them on all fronts. Plan to take 2-4 years of deep diving, trying things, and 2 years of counseling and or group therapy. When or if you are ready. Many in the US just load up on fine pharmaceuticals and lots of doctors visits. That is one way. But not the only way. Only you can do that work. I do believe that there is much life to be gained by eating real food and digging deep emotionally.

Winner at a Losing Game said...

Which is why I chose weight loss surgery. It made the impossible possible for me.

Lyn said...


I agree on the strength training. And I always feel better and more confident when I invest time in that, even 15 minutes twice or three times a week.


I do best eating about 100 grams of carbs per day. I've been over that lately, but not by a lot. I do want to clarify that there is no binging going on at all. I do not binge, even when I am not counting calories. Sleep is definitely better when I am eating towards a Paleo/AIP/Primal style.

Karen said...

I used to tell myself that my food addiction and my binge eating were all "mini-binges" things that normal eaters did from time to time. I sugar coated it, mainly so I didn't have to deal with the physical and mental pain. Once I accepted myself as a life long food addict, I could address that problem and subsequently stop having (most) binge eating/urges (no sugars no grains= NSNG). I also stay leaner and more muscular than I was in HS, after being morbidly obese on and off for my whole life. Make no mistake, I'm still curvy and have some subcutaneous fat, too.

I couldn't and didn't hide that from my counselor. According to Food Addiction specialists- Vera Tarman, MD and Pamela Peeke, MD up to 40% percent of obese have some effect of food addiction (sugar, grains, processed food).10% of normal eaters and even 10% of underweight can also be effected.

Hopefully the current research and tools for dealing with Food Addiction will be more widely publicly accepted.

So how do you define the bowls of chip and dip? Comfort eating? Grief therapy. Sugar coating it hurts physically and mentally. Yes, frustrating. The answer was inside me. I just had to get out of my own way. I still have to from time to time.

Those in the NSNG groups, SANE eating, Primal, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian- OA, FA those eating low/no processed foods (abstaining food templates are individual- as they should be) don't go back. No reason to after escaping. No way. No sugar coating. Just facing reality.

Lyn said...


I define a serving of chips and a serving of dip as a poor food choice when I am trying to lose weight. Binge eating is not something I engage in anymore (several servings, overstuffing myself, feeling out of control with the food).

I explained my awareness of why I had started eating chips again, here:

Being aware of what I was doing has made it easy to stop. I've been able to confine my eating to 1400 calories a day and most of that high nutrient foods this past week, and plan to continue this way of eating... just 200 calories less per day.

Betsey C. said...

Good grief, having one serving of chips and dip in a day is not "binging" on chips and dip. Lyn, I agree with those who have mentioned strength training as a way to get more out of your metabolism. I am going to concentrate on this form of exercise too. Good luck to us!

Amber said...

I also recommend weight lifting. I do this 3 hours a week and finally am losing weight. It makes a difference. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

You'll be able to incorporate one small bag of chips into your daily calories. Buy the single serving ones and just fit it into your calories. That way you can still connect to your deceased loved one and also have a small treat to look forward to each day.

so wa said...

I'm curious, would you consider re doing medifast for a few months to jump start your loss?

Don said...

So, I guess I am confused. You are saying that you gained 60 pounds by eating 6-8 chips (depending on the kids of chips your partake in) and 2 tablespoons of sour cream two or three tea a week? I've read Almost every post you've written in the last few years. That just doesn't seem possible. i would also never call 6-8 chips a bowl of chips, it's a handful at most.

Lyn said...

so wa~

No, I don't think it would be a good idea to eat 900 calories a day again. I think it did hurt my metabolism. I do think I can use protein shakes to help stay within my 1200 calorie range more easily (a 100 calorie low carb shake with lots of protein is still very filling to me).


what? No... I really don't know what you are talking about. If you have read almost every post covering the regain, I've been pretty clear about how I regained 60 pounds, and it sure didn't happen from 6 chips 3 times a week.

Anonymous said...

Please try and read The Hormone Reset Diet, by Sara Gottfried. I followed it to the letter, lost weight and, most importantly did not go back to breads/pasta/sugar afterward. I have been eating clean for months with NO CRAVINGS for junk. None. I also never felt hungry during the 21 days I was on the diet. After the 21 days, you slowly begin eating some of the things you gave up, but never the need for the white stuff. It really helped me, and I hope it could help you.

so wa said...

Can you give me an idea what protein shake do you plan on taking. I'm new to the idea of protein shakes and bars and I'm sure you've done your research on them.

lollykings said...

Regarding the knee brace causing skin irritation: I have had great luck with kinesiotape both for my plantar fascia and knee. There are videos out there that can teach you how to tape for various ailments. If you still see a PT they can teach you too! It can be little finicky to get the hang of, but the learning curve isn't too steep. Good luck, Lyn!

Taryl said...

Hmm.. Reading some more of these comments have me wondering if looking into something like a VSG might not be a bad idea for you. As a tool to help you do what your body needs - restricting calories very strongly - without the difficulty of doing it by willpower, alone. Im fairly opposed to surgery on an otherwise healthy organ, but with your additional health issues it might be the tool you need to get ahead of the game, especially since Medicat DID work for you. This would, in many ways, be a more permanent version of that.

Have you looked into some of the newer gastric surgeries? What are your thoughts?

Lyn said...

so wa~

I have used Bariwise and Wonderslim whey based protein shakes and Quest bars on occasion. I need to look over the ingredient lists in these before I decide whether they are the ones I want to keep using. I don't want soy at all. I know they are going to have artificial sweeteners but that's just something I'll have to be okay with for now. I know this is not a protein shake but there are also Greek yogurts that have low sugar, low carb, and high protein and have the same nutritional stats as a shake might, so I eat those sometimes too.


I will look it up. The PT used to tape my foot for PF so maybe it would also help the knee.


I am not considering surgery right now, but maybe I should read up on the newer methods.

One interesting this is that after Medifast, my stomach had shrunk so much that I could only eat rather small portions of many foods and be full. I felt like I had had some kind of stomach reduction for a long time. Guess I stretched it back out over time, but I wonder if I could get that effect again by eating smaller portions and using protein shakes for some meals.

Anonymous said...

Just a note on Whey Protein Smoothies as meal replacement. I did this with grassfed whey using only organic fruit, veggies, coconut oil, chia seeds, etc. for nine months (2 meals per day). In the beginning it was great. I lost 35 pounds and felt great. Suddenly, my body would no longer tolerate it. SEVERE stomach cramping and would sit in my stomach undigested for hours. Even stopped tasting good to me. A Naturopathic Dr. had warned me about using whey protein as it causes inflammation for many people. She had recommended using vegetable protein such as pea, etc. Ultimately, she was right. It just took awhile for me to get to that point. I would not choose to go the 2 smoothie per day route again. We are meant to chew our food and when we don't, it eventually affects our digestive enzymes and ability to digest food properly.