Friday, June 26, 2015


What a beautiful early morning for a road trip! We are heading out on a three day trip (just myself and my two youngest kids; the others all have to work) to relax and enjoy the forest, mountains, rivers and all of nature! We're staying in a cabin in the woods. This is my favorite kind of trip. I love to be outdoors and always come back refreshed. So excited!

My weight has been stable at 240 pounds, even with counting calories most of the week (1200-1250). I had one day that I stopped counting mid-day and probably ended up around 1500, and another day I went to a potluck and could not figure up an accurate count... again, I am guessing 1500-1600. I brought fresh steamed broccoli and ate gluten free/grain free (deviled eggs. chili, sweet potatoes, fruit, and a cranberry blue cheese salad). My knee is 80% better, so I will be putting the compression sleeve back on so I can do some hiking on our trip. Might do some swimming, too! When I get back home I am going to try biking again and see how the knee holds up to that.

Hope you enjoy your weekend, too!


Lori said...

Enjoy yourself.

I'm sure swimming won't hurt your knee.

Sara said...

Have you figured out your TDEE? I've found that to be more accurate for what calories I need to be consuming. You're eating really low calories for someone your weight (I don't know your age/height). Eating too few calories can actually cause all sorts of mischief, including weight loss stalls.

Anyways, have a great vacation!