Friday, May 15, 2015

Change of Direction, Maybe

Well today I have about 45 minutes of down time (sorely needed!) so am sipping a green tea latte and sitting for a bit while updating the ol' blog. I haven't felt much like writing over the past few weeks. Truth be told, I haven't felt much like writing, at least not very often, for months. I guess I feel a bit pressured by my own decision to always write a weigh-in post on Sundays, whether I have anything else to say or not (and really, I don't have a lot new to share.) But then I feel a twinge of guilt when I think about it and start getting emails or comments asking if I am okay. I don't want to leave anyone hanging. That said, I am keeping my commitment to weigh in every Sunday... but I am not going to always post every weekend. I mean, I don't want to write if I am not feeling it. You know? I started this blog because I wanted an account of my weight loss, and I enjoyed writing. I don't want writing to be a chore. I want to write when I feel I have something to say. I want it to be a great outlet for me like it used to be. So although you may not see a post from me every weekend, or you may see a few weeks go by without me writing, it doesn't mean I am not weighing. I will always share my weight on the blog... but maybe not every weekend like I had been. I'll always track my weekly weight in my planner, and when I get the urge to write, I'll write! I will try to at least post a little note in the comments once in awhile so people aren't worried. Thank you for caring about me!

Life is good, weather is gorgeous! We are in the whirlwind season of choir and dance rehearsals and recitals, spring parties, celebrations at school, field trips, finishing up home school, and planning summer road trips. I also have a foster puppy right now who has been sucking up *all* of my free time! He is a sweetheart and we are all enjoying the little baby puppy snuggles while he is here, but wow, taking him out every 2 hours is kind of exhausting! Plus of course he chews everything and needs constant supervision. We are training basic house manners and obedience as well as crate training and housebreaking before he goes to his forever home. Lots of fun and a good experience for my younger kids! As a bonus, I have to go up and down a flight of stairs at least a dozen times a day to take him out. Great for strong legs!

My eating has been okay but I do need to tighten up the junkening that has happened over the past week (potato chips, too much cheese and ham, and some gluten free cookies). Dinners are still healthy (meatloaf, mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli and cooked carrots last night) and so are breakfasts (bacon, avocado, fruit most days... with an occasional Greek yogurt instead) but lunch and snacks haven't been ideal (gluten free pizza one day, fries and a snow cone today. Not a great lunch!) It's so easy to slide back into bad habits and eat what is easy and tastes good. That's always been an issue for me, but I keep working on it. It happens less and less often, so that's a good thing.

Anyway, just wanted to share that I may not be posting as often... or maybe if I get the urge I will post more. If I am quiet for weeks at a time just check the comments and I will try to let people know there that I am alright. I hope you all enjoy your spring and summer as much as I am enjoying mine!


Anonymous said...

I have been struggling recently with a weight gain that seemed to coincide with perimenopause/menopause. Not unusual. But my normal methods of taking off the weight seems to fail me this time around. I read the book and now am in the process of following the Hormone Reset Diet by Sara Gottfried. That, in combination with taking vitamin supplements, has really seemed to be making a difference. The diet is straightforward, very science based, and eases you into transitions every 3 days for 21 days. I am noticing that I no longer crave the sugary/carbo foods to which I have grown so attached. I have also begun realizing that fruit and yoghurt (my mainstays for diets) are full of sugars that at this age can do much more harm than I would have thought. Perhaps you can check it out and see if it would be a good approach for you.

Karen said...

Stop by my blog sometime. Glad that you are taking private time. I find that when I do things for myself, plan, then do, THEN tell people how it worked- that's were my growth takes place.

Not everything works. Keep going. Keep a growth mindset. Karen P

Betsey C. said...

Lyn, thanks for this post (and all of your posts). You sound like you are enjoying yourself, and that makes me smile.

The weather is finally warm here in Chicago, and it makes it so much easier to stick to a healthy plan. I worked for 2 hours in my garden today, lots of good exercise. I have some farmers' market goodies in the fridge for a salad, life is good.

Enjoy your summer!

Amber said...

Enjoy the summer. Life is too short to write when you don't feel like it :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I will follow until we are both 90! lol. Of course you will be thin decades before then, I believe in you. I've seen it in you, determination! Love you Lyn!


Kat said...

Hi Lyn, glad I found your blog. I am currently a 225 lb car about to crash into a tree. Not one to give up completely, unless lost in a pint of Pecans and Cream Haagen Daz of course, I am committing once again to Weight Watchers. Years ago, pre 40's, pre "pre menopause", pre multiple crash diets it worked. REALLY well. I am very well versed in Clean Eating and the effects of processed food and LCHF, Paleo, blah, blah blah. Fact is all those diets don't deal with life. They seem to have a quick fix for when you are feeling good about following them. Dig into a pint of ice cream or chips or pizza or even a beer in the middle of a hot hot summer and're done. Just one time and you have to start all over. Just too daunting, given all the other things in life we must deal with.

So, once again I try. Can't ask for much more than that I suppose. Organizing and prepping yet again. This time though just feels different. I have hit an all time high and unless I swerve or brake I will hit that tree. I refuse to go down like that. I hope I can post in 6 months with some progress (which I KNOW will be 1/4 to 1/2 of what I accomplished last time). In the mean time I will bookmark your blog for inspiration. Thank you for your honesty. It helps, believe me.

Anonymous said...

I asked this earlier but you must have forgotten to post my comment. How do you have time for home school, work, and volunteering if you have a puppy that needs "constant supervision"?

Lyn said...


Deciding to do something and starting is a huge step! You sound determined. Come back and let me know how it's going!


I didn't see another comment re: this. Sometimes anonymous comments go to spam.

Crate training is a wonderful thing! I can get a lot done between play sessions, training, and potty breaks by letting him play or sleep in his crate. I also have 3 kids still at home who help out a lot. It's a family project! So if I need to be gone, my son cares for him. When we work in the yard the puppy is out there with us in a large exercise pen. I volunteer at 2 nonprofits, and the puppy is from one of them (a rescue), so for now I get to do most of my volunteer work right here at home! Lots of fun and very fulfilling to help animals in need. It brings me a lot of joy.


I am feeling good. I love this time of year so much! The weather is wonderful. I love to take walks in the cool morning or evening and I sleep so much better with the windows open this time of year. My eating was not so great this week... not enough veggies, too much chocolate... so again no weight loss. I believe that is 3 weeks straight without a loss now. I think adding a lot more veggies this week will help with that!

Anonymous said...

How about an update on those beautiful children on yours? We haven't heard much about them lately like we used to in your beginnings.

Lyn said...


They're doing well but aren't little kids anymore! Where does the time go? When I started blogging they were all still little kids and teens. Now they're all growing up! I don't share much out of respect for their privacy (I'm no mommy blogger.)

I have one about to graduate college and one who graduated college already. One is working a great job and looking to buy his first house (house hunting together has been really fun). All medical issues are stable right now (no crisis stuff!) and my disabled son is making good progress. Daughter is happy and healthy. They all make me proud. I may have a daughter-in-law or two in the near future! Looking forward to an expanding family and maybe some trips to the beach together this summer (like old times!)

Sometimes I get that 'empty nest' feeling and think about being a foster parent again, but I think that will wait until my youngest is a teen. :) I love being a mom.

Anonymous said...

That's so nice to hear about your kids Lyn :)

All sounds really positive.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is not too personal, but are you married or divorced? I remember you mentioning separation years ago but then never heard anything more. Also, are you still trying to do AIP?

Lyn said...

last Anonymous~

That's another topic I stopped blogging about long ago :) I found that blogging about my marriage was overall not helpful to the relationship. Anyway, we reconciled, he came home, and we are still married. He is not in very good health right now though. Good thoughts appreciated.

I am not doing strict AIP anymore, but I maintained some of the restrictions (no gluten, grain free with the exception of corn and rice, nut/seed free, legume free, nightshade free) and some of the good habits (bone broth, kombucha, fermented vegetables). I would like to try subbing almond milk for dairy at some point, probably after my endocrinologist visit, to see if eliminating dairy again would help my thyroid function at all.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Marriage is a sacred blessing and I am so happy you reconciled! Was this a recent development? Maybe this is why you sound so much happier lately!

Lyn said...


No, not recent. I think I feel better every spring, when SAD lifts and the weather is so nice. This is my favorite time of year!