Wednesday, April 1, 2015

State of the Body Address: Quarter 1

State of the Body Address

On January 1 of this year, I wrote something I called my "state of the body address." The purpose of that was to record the state I was in physically at that time, and to do a comparative re-assessment quarterly throughout the year. This way, I could see progress (or lack thereof) over time and decide regularly what is working and what needs to change. This is the first quarterly update.


Then: 245 pounds
Now: 239 pounds (-6 pounds). I actually got up to 248 pounds at the end of January, so have lost 9 pounds over the last 2 months.

Clothing sizes:

Then: My jeans were very tight and uncomfortable to button. I was wearing them unbuttoned most of the time, with big sweaters hanging down to cover that fact.

Now: I'm wearing the same jeans and sizes, but never unbuttoned anymore. They are always buttoned and comfortable, not too tight at all. I don't wear big sweaters anymore, either. My clothing fits well.


Then: I felt I looked bloated and large, with swollen ankles and an extra chin. My thighs and belly looked very large to me (belly/hips measuring 54" around).

Now: I think I look about the same. My belly measurement is a little under 53", one inch gone.

Blood Pressure/meds:

Then: I was on five prescription medications, including two for blood pressure. I was still getting a lot of 140/90 range readings with spikes up to 160's over high 90's (and then taking an extra half dose per my doctor).

Now: I am now on four prescription medications, including two for blood pressure. My last 15 blood pressure readings ranged from 114/67 to 129/75. The highest "spike" I have seen in the last month was 134/79. I am no longer ever needing to take an extra dose, and some days I even skip a dose (okay with doctor).

Other health:

Then: I was getting headaches about 4 days a week. I had acid reflux at night and was waking in the night with heartburn and taking Tums every night. I was waking every 2 to 3 hours. My face was red in the cheeks most of the time. I had painful hands and knees from arthritis.

Now: I only get headaches once or twice a month, have no acid reflux, and have heartburn at night once a week or less. I sleep better and usually wake once in the night. My face redness comes and goes but has improved greatly. My hands and knees only hurt when I eat sugar or overdo the walking or biking.


Then: I was tired and unmotivated, walked a mile on rare occasion, and went to the gym about once a month. No biking.

Now: I am walking several days a week, swimming once a week or more, and just started strength training.


Then: I was not gluten free or sugar free or anything else free (aside from caffeine). Not counting or measuring, just trying to be moderate. I was not eating enough vegetables, fruit, or protein and too much of my intake was processed. Lots of snacking.

Now: Gluten free, grain free (aside from corn), low sugar, eating very little processed food. I count/measure several days a week and eyeball it the other days.

General well being:

Then: I had low stamina and energy and got tired easily, but my mood was improving.

Now: My energy and stamina are better, but still need improvement. My mood is much better overall.

So I do see some improvements over the last 3 months, but I'd like to see even *greater* improvements over the next quarter. I will update again on July 1. I hope by then I will be feeling much more energetic, exercising more regularly, and be into the low 220's.


Joanna said...

Big progress in 3 months! You have this thing because you are a changed person. I just know it.
I wrote a blog post today about my slow, steady weight loss. I think it is the only way that I could have done it and really committed to making it a forever plan.

Lyn said...


so true, thank you. This does feel sustainable, so even if I stay at dropping just a pound a week, I'll be much better off in a year. Thanks for the reminder :)

16 blessings'mom said...

Fantastic!!!! I am very happy for you. Lowering that blood pressure is a huge accomplishment!!! Yay for progress!


Anonymous said...

Huh. This exercise turned out to be a really valuable thing, didn't it? I don't know that you would have noticed the change since it occurred slowly over a three month period with out this before and after assessment.

Good job. It may have been a tedious exercise (Well, I would have found it tedious.), but I think it has given a good result for your effort.

Funny how 8 pounds made the difference between buttoned and unbuttoned. :} I don't know about you, but that give ME hope.


Lori said...

Good for you! That is great progress. I'd on the pound a week plan myself. It seems so much more sane.

Sarah Bullock said...

Thank you for your blog and posts, I just recently discovered you! I think you are an inspiration, so thank you!

Deniz said...

This is great stuff. So glad you noted where you were when you started so you can really see how much progress you've made. I know it's something that helped me a lot - too easy for me to forget or overlook things if they are not down in black & white.
Have a super, healthy and Happy Easter.

Lyn said...

Thanks all. I just don't want another year to go by going in the wrong direction. If I don't stay aware, I'll fail.