Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm Home! And Weigh In

I'm back from our little getaway and boy did we have fun! It was so nice to just relax and enjoy my daughter's company and get out in the spring sunshine! We went to several parks, played fetch with our dog in the lake, and I did a lot of smiling while watching my daughter run and play with her furry best friend! We did some walking, went swimming in the hotel pool, and visited with friends. Fun was had by all! I feel so refreshed, glad to be home and ready to get back into the regular swing of things.

This week, as I posted about before I left, has not been my best eating week. It wasn't awful, but ham is salty and while I cut back on the dairy during the week, I did have quite a bit of it on the weekend. Too much sugar, too. This week will be much lower sugar, carbs, and dairy and it will all balance out okay.

Here's how my eating was on the trip. At the hotel breakfast buffet each morning, I had a hard boiled egg and half of a strawberry-banana yogurt. Once each day I had an iced green tea latte from Starbucks with no syrup added. I packed some apple chips, sweet potato chips, cheese, dark chocolate, fruit, microwave popcorn and bottles of water. I meant to bring baby carrots... oops! They're still in the fridge! We ate at restaurants a couple of times; once I had a bacon cheeseburger (no bun) with a side salad and Ranch dressing and another time I had some really amazing Prime rib with steamed veggies and half a baked potato. I wanted sweet potato (not a nightshade) but they didn't have them and after a lot of walking I was really craving the carbs! I added butter and sour cream and it was delicious. On the way home last night I actually had an order of fries and a cup of vanilla ice cream for dinner. Not on plan, fried potatoes again... but you know, I feel pretty good. I won't make that a regular indulgence!

Back to the basics this week! Tonight I am making my famous split pea soup for the family (made from our leftover/frozen Easter ham bone) with biscuits, and for myself I am making my hearty low carb split pea soup, which has no split peas in it but tastes amazing! I think I'll try making some Golden Squash Drop Biscuits, too... they're AIP!

And finally, I did weigh in this morning expecting a bit of a gain but am down a pound to 238! I'll take it.


suzee said...

Nice surprise on the loss. I have found that sometimes when you go "off plan" a little, you have a loss. I think one's metabolism might get startled into action. I might be wrong on that, but it has happened to me when I expected a gain. Glad you had a great time. Always enjoy your posts.

Anonymous said...

So you're incorporating french fries and ice cream in to your diet. Is that not normalizing food? When Cloe told you to have chips or whatever, you balked at the idea. Now you can have fried potatoes with no problem?

Lyn said...


thanks! I do think having some higher and lower calorie/carb days is better for me than, say, staying at 900 cal/day like I did on Medifast. I did lose weight that way but it also lowered my metabolism. This feels a lot more sustainable!


I think the normalizing concept has some value, but Cloe also told me to go have a Snickers bar or a gluten free cupcake when I felt like it. Some things I just don't want to add back on any regular basis... or at all. Too hard to moderate. French fries are a bad one for me, and I think I'd be better off not eating them at all.

LHA said...

When I come back from a trip where I have eaten some foods that I usually avoid at home, the real test is whether or not I can get back to my healthy eating plan. Sometimes it is a terrible struggle that can start me down a very, very slippery slope into a regain. I hope you won't face anything like that, and I feel sure you won't because you sound like you have a good plan.

In my view, your eating could have been so much worse, and the main thing is that you had a good time with your daughter. Congratulations on the one pound loss too. Wishing you good success in this coming week!

CARLA said...


Anonymous said...

Wow you are doing so good. I would love to lose a pound a week and eat the things you eat. I think you are doing the right thing eating very healthy whole foods most of the time and other things once in a while. I am 42 and I have tried to change my habbits so many times. I ate fast food and southern cooking all the time growing up and I can't seem to get in the swing of eating vegetables (yuck) or chicken breasts or fish.

Lori said...

Welcome back. I am so glad you were able to enjoy your get away without obsessing about food.
I agree, that 'evening out' food is better. A little indulgence here and cutting back there is a much better way to live.
Congratulations on the loss!