Monday, March 30, 2015

Where is the Energy?

I have been waiting and waiting for the old 'burst of energy' and feeling of freedom to come along this time around. My energy *is* better than it was over the winter, but nowhere near the feeling I have had in the past as I lost weight. Maybe it's just age... I dunno. I remember vividly the turning point when I started losing weight the first time on this blog. There was this epiphany of "I like mopping!" where I actually was enjoying housework and able to get lots of things done in a day. I weighed about 236 pounds (not at all far from where I am now), so it's not the weight that is slowing me down. I was eating a lot of produce and whole grains and meat and cheese, etc, but keeping my portions reasonable. I had just started strength training (15 minutes, upper body only, 2-3x a week) and was biking 20 minutes 2 or 3 times a week. The other time I had wonderful energy was while I was on Medifast. It came after several weeks on plan when I weighed in the 2-teens, and I had so much energy I easily got everything done I needed to and felt great. I was strength training for 15 minutes twice a week, but wasn't biking or swimming or anything.

So how come now the energy has not come? I am getting a lot more done than I was over the winter, but I sometimes have to just force myself to do it. I do not have energy to spare. I get really tired after I do mop or vacuum or do yard work, even though I enjoy it. I am just way more tired.

I want that elusive energy back. I have pondered what I could do to make it happen.

It wasn't getting to a certain weight, since I am very close to the weight I was when this happened in 2008.

It wasn't low carbing, because I was not low carbing in 2008. It wasn't Medifast, or being grain free, or anything related to diet that I can figure.

It wasn't exercise, since I am doing more exercise (walking and swimming) now than I was in 2010 when I wasn't biking or swimming at all.

The only thing common to both times was that I was strength training. Not heavily or frequently. Just upper body, 15 minutes, 2-3 times a week.

Maybe that would help. It certainly can't hurt. I really need more energy.

I spent my morning at home because it's spring break. It's not quite 1:00 and so far I
showered/got ready
cooked breakfast for myself and my daughter and ate
went outside and threw a ball for the dogs for awhile and picked up the yard
unloaded the dishwasher, washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen, and pasteurized some raw milk
sorted through a couple of boxes of computer parts, donating some and labeling others
cleaned the play room and my bedroom
made snacks and lunch for myself, my daughter, and her friend who is here playing
did some laundry (up and down the stairs a few times)
mixed up green tea latte base (matcha, warm milk, honey) and in the process made a huge mess and wasted expensive matcha powder and turned my shirt bright green (hint: do not put hot milk in a shaker with honey and matcha and shake it vigorously unless you are SUPER sure your shaker is totally leak-proof)
cleaned up THAT mess

So now I am really tired, and not the "good" kind of tired where you rest up, have some iced tea, and get back to work in 30 minutes. I feel like I need to take a nap. I feel like I am DONE for the day.

I did not feel like that before when I had great energy after losing weight. I wonder if it is a thyroid thing, or an age thing, or maybe a blood pressure medication thing. I really want my energy back, so I am going to add back the strength training and see if it helps at all. I would love to be able to do all of this and more, and then still have energy to hop on my exercise bike at 10:40 pm like I used to.

In the meanwhile I just keep faking it til I make it, because I can't just sit here or take a nap right now. I need to go shopping and walk with my daughter to the park while she rides her scooter. The laundry won't finish itself and the new shower rod won't hang itself, either!


JM said...

Could be allergies, or just a normal swing. I get alot of energy from working out. the more i work out, the more energy I have, so id say try the strength training? And for cardio, it really needs to be enough to make you sweat to give you energy, walking usually wont do it for me unless I do a hill. Its the kick start that gets your body moving! Good luck

Lyn said...


yeah, I am going to give it a shot. I dug out all my hand weights and put them by the mirror in my bedroom (that's where I used to strength train) and am going to get my son to hook up the cable on the TV by my exercise bike tonight. I will try and make myself strength train 3 days a week and bike at night if there is anything I want to watch on TV.

The times when I break a sweat are usually doing things like yard work, mopping, and maybe biking. I so prefer "lifestyle" activity to stuff like aerobics classes.

Anonymous said...

I thought you had a home gym?

Deb Willbefree said...

Ha. I had two toughts on this.

First, after reading today's activities, I thought, "Well, that sounds like a good days work for me--I wouldn't want to go shopping after that, either." Then it occurred to me that I'm 63 years old, not 43. So, second thought. Yes. You probably shouldn't feel so exhausted that you want a nap. Unless you didn't sleep well last night or aren't eating sufficient protein..or too sufficient amounts of carbohydrate.

Maybe sun exposure is still low (I hear we have sun here back East, but so far this year it's just a rumor!) Or, maybe your thyroid meds need to be increased a bit. You have an endo app't soon, don't you?


Lyn said...


yes, I did. One of my growing kids needed a bigger space so I gave them my office/home gym. Now my office desk etc is in a corner of the family room. My bike's in there too and that's where we are hooking up the TV. I had a big weight machine too but with no space, it's languishing in the garage for now.

Lyn said...


yes, I am actually overdue to see the endocrinologist. I am really curious about the blood work. I did have better energy when I first started Synthroid so maybe it IS that. Thanks.

Protein is good, carbs are moderate most days. More sun will definitely help. I am still taking extra D3 for SAD and a B12 supplement too.

JM said...

Curious if u gave been tested for the MTHFR gene mutation? And if u have it, are u taking methylated b vitamin?

JM said...

Lyn said...


I take prescription methyl B9 and over-the-counter methyl B12.

Lyn said...

oh and here is the MTHFR post:

Joanna said...

I tested just below the level that would be considered hypothyroidism. I started on Armor (allergic apparently) and then Synthroid. It hasn't upped my weight loss but my energy level increase has been off the charts. There is an optimal thyroid level and you can be in the normal range and yet thyroid medicine can really boost the feeling of well being in spite of the tested thyroid levels being considered normal. I just wish the medicine would allow me to eat more but that unfortunately is not the case :(

JM said...

OH! I missed that post, it certainly explains alot. All of us at my house are mutants, with 2 copies. We manage really well with the methylguard!

Anonymous said...

Use your bike EVERY DAY. After a week, I guarantee you that your energy level will increase as will your metabolism. Use the bike first thing every morning, before breakfast. If you can't/won't then pick up the pace on the walking. You have to PUSH yourself if you want results. Get out of your comfort zone. Walk faster and further every day. Think about Biggest Loser contestants - they exercise OUT of their comfort zone and you can see the results. When you're walking think of the biggest loser and speed it up until you're really pushing yourself. I know it's unrealistic to push yourself to that extreme, but it would be a good motivation.

The only way to get out of where you are is to push yourself out. Losing 1lb a week for 5 weeks is good because you stopped the bleeding (weight gain) but there is no way that will increase your energy. (yes I read that long ago you had energy when 4 lbs lighter than you are now. so what.)

PUSH YOURSELF if you truly want energy again.

Lyn said...


Pushing myself in that manner got me tendon injuries and plantar fasciitis that would not heal for 2 years. Not worth it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lyn,

I appreciate that Anon's comment above might have been phrased better, but I have to respectfully agree with the spirit of the message. I understand you had a bad run with PF and tendon injuries, however, you've received treatment for them and they no longer affect you as they once did. You certainly don't want to push TOO hard, and risk re-injury, however there is a lot of room between what you're doing now and that point.

Don't let the fact that you previously had PF keep you from pushing a little harder these days. You aren't that delicate, you won't just break. It might be uncomfortable (it always is in the beginning), but in time it won't be and then you'll be on your way.

Lyn said...


Thank you. Yes, I appreciate the thought of increasing activity, I get that. I am *very* hesitant to push anything past discomfort though, with walking and biking. It's probably hard to imagine how depressing it is to be in daily pain and limited activity for that long, but I just can't do that again.

That said, swimming is a wonderful activity I can do more of without hurting myself, so I could definitely do more of that. I am careful with the walking and biking because of the past tendon issues and knee issues, but I am definitely able to do upper body and core strength training so I've added that this week.

Thank you for your thoughts.

CARLA said...

HERE it has been stolen by ALLERGIES.

Susan said...

Lyn..did you ever check your cortisol levels (adrenals) another thing you can do is check your bp sitting then stand up and take it again..if it drops that could be an indicator

Lyn said...


I've done the blood test and the urine test. My doctor won't order the saliva test and it is $185. The tests I had done came back normal. I'll check the blood pressure thing, thanks.

Susan said...

Yes at least do the bp check... i had my daughter done... also had her vita d level check..normal is between 30000 and 100000 the higher the better.. hers wad 28000. Doctor said a little low not to worry we will check in a year... sometimes we have to take further steps than the "professional" she was also fatigued..I can tell you are not one that sitd idleley by because i see educated choices that most people have no clue about...for instance using avocado is a true high heat healthy option...if you don't get the test try dr wilsons boost your adrenals..the rebuilder, the luquid stress herbs the stress tabs and and a high quality vits c with liposomes..and see what you feel like after 3 months... the low energy is a big indicator that you were under long term stress. Takes 3 months to make a difference... keep in touch and let me know how you are feeling.