Saturday, March 28, 2015

Post-fried-potatoes Weigh In

So after this week's screw up with the French fries and potato chips (and a candy bar later, because I was having massive carb cravings too), I figured this week would not be kind to me on the scale. I am doing my weigh in a day early because I'll be busy tomorrow morning. This morning the scale says 240 pounds, down one pound from last week. I was really glad to see that!

I credit this to my stopping with the poor eating behavior as soon as I realized what was happening, and not letting it turn into a whole bad day, or week, or month. I do feel good about that part. I did not reintroduce anything new this week and have been sticking with the AIP + all spices + cocoa + dairy + eggs. I am being moderate with the eggs and dairy.

I counted calories three days this week and averaged 1323/day. I am sure I ate higher calories on the days I didn't track. I walked 3.1 miles for exercise this week and am feeling really good! Been busy and finding it hard to fit in more walking, but will keep on trying to walk whenever I can.

Stuff I am eating:

Thick steaks cooked in avocado oil with sliced onions and cubed butternut squash

AIP recipe paleo steak

Teriyaki-style chicken thighs (made with the sauce recipe from here), mashed cauliflower, Brussels sprouts

autoimmune paleo recipe meal chicken

Ribeye steak with sauteed kale and butternut squash

AIP recipe steak dinner

Pork chops seasoned with herbs and sauteed with sweet onions and a baked white sweet potato with ghee (this was so delicious).

AIP autoimmune paleo pork chop

Breakfast hash with AIP sausage, bacon, kale, onions, yellow squash, and white sweet potatoes cooked in avocado oil

AIP recipe breakfast scramble hash

Baking: none. Homemade AIP goodies: none. I guess I got my fill for awhile because it's been a couple of weeks since I made anything. I found two AIP apple cinnamon rolls in the freezer and tossed them (looking kind of freezer burned). I can have a square of dark chocolate here and there when I want something sweet. I've been making green tea lattes for myself sometimes as a little pick-me-up and love them! I just dissolve the matcha powder in hot water, add a little honey, then add either coconut milk or grass fed local milk and a bunch of ice. Really enjoyable! With this and iced decaf tea, I don't miss coffee at all!

Well the weight loss is coming along pretty slowly (a pound a week on average over the past 2 months) and I am hoping April will be a little better since I am increasing my activity and feel like eating less in the spring and summer, plus the Farmer's Market will be overflowing with good, healthy produce soon! I can't wait!


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Please come cook for me!!!

FogDog said...

Good job!

Leslie said...

Inspirational as always, Lyn! You got a real reward for stopping the crazy early on. I can learn from that.

Anonymous said...

You food looks delicious. Don't discourage about your weight loss. At this rate you are under 200 pounds by the end of this year! Keep going and inspiring us!

Anonymous said...

Good job on the weight loss but why don't you try walking a mile a day, or every other day. Movement would definitely help you drop the weight faster and make you feel better.

Lyn said...

Thanks all!


wow, I didn't realize it but that's true. There are about 40 weeks left in the year. I would love to be back at 199 by then!


yes, I did walk about a mile every other day. Hope to increase it each week plus more swimming.

LHA said...

You are exactly right, Lyn. Stopping the excessive eating as soon as you realized what was going on was the key to having a great week and a weight loss! Congratulations, because to me that has been the key to sustaining weight loss over the long haul. Hurray!

Lori said...

You did the right thing by getting right back with the program. That is a huge success.

Your food looks yummy! I'd gladly eat that and lose a pound per week. It seems small, but think about how long you've been doing this. If you'd lost a pound per week from the beginning you'd long since be at your goal. Celebrate the pound per week.

sylfia said...

Sounds great, and looks even better! Good job!