Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Girl Scout Cookies

It's that time of year again and I've been helping my daughter sell Girl Scout cookies with her troop. We've really enjoyed Girl Scouts, but when I was given those forms with the pretty, colorful photos of all of the kinds of cookies to sell, I was not too thrilled. What? You are asking a women who has a history of extreme binge eating (and a sugar/carb/sweets addiction) to look at, talk about, and sell these cookies, have cases of them in her home, and handle the boxes on a daily basis? Well, actually, that's how I imagine that I could have reacted when they handed me the forms. Instead, I thought, "Sure, no problem" and spent the last couple of weeks doing our Scoutly duty.

Yesterday, when I walked into the house after helping my daughter deliver dozens of boxes of cookies, I stopped and really thought about it for the first time. I looked at the cases of cookies in the entryway. I thought about the boxes of cookies other family members had ordered and were eating. I looked at the sales form and the pictures and I thought, wow. Isn't it ironic. So many years I would drive to Walmart to buy boxes of Girl Scout cookies and take them home and eat them all. So many times I would have only *dreamed* of being in a position to "support our troop" by ordering as many boxes of cookies as I could... having access to chewy, caramelly Samoas and crunchy Thin Mints and all the other yummy types there are. I could easily eat a box in one sitting. The sugar could send me to my old happy place, you know? And now, being gluten free, I have my dream come true (cookie mom) and I didn't order a single box. Heck, having sworn off junk, I couldn't even buy a few boxes of the new gluten free varieties to indulge in. Nope, no cookies, not for me. I am spending a lot of time with cookies but none of them are ending up in my mouth. Sometimes I just look at them and think "wow. I cannot believe I am not binge eating myself into oblivion on Girl Scout cookies, given this opportunity." I'm thankful that at least for now, I am food sober.

I didn't track calories today. I could say I was too busy (well, I *was* busy) but it would have only taken me a few minutes so I will just say I didn't feel like it. Food so far today:

Big juicy pork chop cooked in avocado oil with onions, baked white sweet potato with grass fed ghee, Brussels sprouts.
Starbucks grande iced green tea latte, 1%, no syrup
half a banana
homemade iced green tea with honey and lemon juice
2 squares of very dark chocolate

I think dinner will be chicken thighs and vegetables, maybe with some baked acorn squash.

Too much milk and cheese the last couple of days, and not even grass fed. I feel okay on it but crave it. I had uncured ham slices wrapped around string cheese several times this week.

I did track calories yesterday (1728) and the day before (1253). I also GPSed my walks and I have walked 2.5 miles (exercise walks) so far this week. Not a lot, but it'll get better over time.

*I turned off Anonymous comments for this post because I am not really interested in all the comments telling me it is evil to sell cookies because they are ruining people's health. I think people can make their own choices about that, whether they buy them from us for just get Oreos at the grocery store. As long as we are involved in Girl Scouts, we'll participate in fund raising for our troop.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Boxes and boxes of Girl Scout cookies! A dream and a nightmare come true.

Good for you to have resisted.


Joanna said...

I was troop leader and cookie mom for the troop (long ago when my daughter was little.) Every February/March I got sidetracked by GS Cookies just like Halloween ruined my September/October streak. GS Cookie season was followed by Dove Easter egg season and then it was smooth sailing until it was Dairy Queen Blizzard season. I did not lose weight by being GF, but it gave me the structure to get off of sugar. It was the first step for me to not celebrate all the seasons: Pizza season, Christmas cookie season, birthday cake season, Valentine's candy season, and Boy Scout popcorn season. Now I am not deprived, really. (Well whose kidding whom?) I am deprived, but it isn't hard. I do not miss Thin Mints really and truly.

Lyn said...

Yeah, this whole thing had a huge potential for derailment! I am so glad I was already off gluten and junk when this happened, because I don't know if I could have resisted otherwise.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you didn't resist, but you chose what you really wanted. So much better than white - knuckling it.
I'm glad you turned off anonymous comments. The trolling was getting oppressive. I know you can handle it (aand you are unfailingly gracious), but that doesn't mean you have to hear it.

Leslie said...

Hi Lyn - Funny you are talking about Girl Scout cookies…I bought one box for my husband the first week they came out, and I had 2 (shortbread), and discovered they are really crappy anymore. The aren't anything like they were years ago. I put something on FB about it, expecting people to boo me off the site, and was surprised that virtually every commenter agreed. Many said they stopped buying them years ago. At $4.50/box, they will be easy for me to never buy again!

Lori said...

I have battled the girl scout cookie demon too! Congratulations for winning this one.

Lyn said...


lol, thanks for sharing that! I will just imagine them tasting all bland and boring now!

rmslil said...

Your not missing anything but pure disappointment. I bought 4 boxes and over 3/4 of them are still in there. They didnt taste as good as they used to. I am proud of you. Just know the spurge would not have been worth the calories, I learned that.

Cathy Yonek said...

I am not sure if they have changed, but I can honestly say if I eat a Girl Scout cookie and pay attention to the mouth feel and taste ... I think they kind of suck.

MargieAnne said...

This brought back so many memories. My Dad buying a full carton because he liked a couple or four with his coffee; me buying a carton or two for our family, we had four children so lots of hungry people, then eating 80%

Even today I cannot trust myself around biscuits, (cookies). What you call biscuits we call scones and I cannot be trusted with them in the house either.

You are stronger than you realise. Congratulations for getting through this. *smiles*

Karen said...

I thought I could sell GS cookies with my daughter in 2012.

But I realized that me being with, around, and handling boxes of cookies was something very serious for me.

Like an alcoholic handing out beer to friends at a bar, I can no longer engage in selling cookies, baked goods, cutting cake at celebrations. Just a different addictive substance.

I had to get real, real honest with my intentions. I also knew that it wasn't that exposure, but up to 1, 2, 3 weeks later- my slippery slope thinking can and still does appear.

I took a full year 2012-2013 to evaluate not just my food, but my thoughts, behaviors, habits.

As time goes, keep evaluating. This is where my private support came in handy. They help my mind think about habits and behaviors that are so habitual.

As soon as I realized the high risk situation I willingly placed myself in, I ran off to treat the adults to coffee, to make change, and to generally ask myself what the heck I was doing.

And yeah, I did consider myself a part of enabling the diseases of my community. There are non-food, more profitable ways to fund raise than shilling sugar for a non-profit.

That Billy Joel song, I didn't start the fire... sure, but I can to choose not to add fuel.

Amy said...

I love the term "food-sober". And I'm happy you are on the wagon!