Sunday, March 15, 2015

AIP plus Tracking

This was my first week of doing AIP plus tracking on My Fitness Pal. I didn't set a calorie goal, just ate in general the way I have been eating on AIP for the last month and a half, except I measured everything so I could track accurately. I'm still walking for exercise a few days a week, 1-2 miles each time.

This week I reintroduced peas (green and sugar snap) which are considered a fresh legume. That went just fine. I ate the usual AIP stuff, mainly meats and vegetables with plenty of healthy fats and some fruits thrown in. I am still 100% free of gluten, grains, nuts, beans, soy, nightshades, and general junk.

This week my average calories per day was 1445. I felt fine and did not restrict. I enjoyed my regular meals, several squares of dark chocolate, and the last AIP date caramel from the freezer. One of my favorite breakfasts that I eat several times a week is a "hash" of AIP sausage, diced white or orange sweet potatoes, onions, and whatever other veggies I have on hand (kale, mushrooms, zucchini, etc). It's really good and filling!

The first 4 weeks eating AIP (not tracking) I lost a pound a week.
The fifth week (last week) I did not lose or gain.
This week, AIP + tracking, I lost two pounds (down to 242 today).

I'll keep doing AIP and tracking next week. I am curious as to whether I will keep averaging a pound per week or see an increase in weight loss as I track. I am still not setting a calorie level to aim for... just tracking. I am at that point where you just want to hack the fat off your body to be lighter (even 25 pounds off would make a huge difference in how I look and feel) so maybe that will keep me focused on my goals.


Joanna said...

You seem to be in a very good place. The breakfast hash sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious...have you ever thought about weight loss surgery? Your struggle is real and I wonder if you may find some answers with surgery.

Lyn said...

Thanks Joanna.

Anonymous, I've thought about it but it's not something I would do at this time.

Lori said...

I would love to lose a pound a week! I'm glad for you.

Anonymous said...

A pound a week is fab!
I had weight loss surgery, vertical sleeve, last year. It helped me lose half my goal and get to a weight where I feel comfortable. Now I'm working hard to continue the loss. I'm seeing a stall in the scale, but my size keeps decreasing. Odd.

MargieAnne said...

You rock... to use a slang term. Very happy you are doing this. Your commitment is very encouraging for me.


Anonymous said...

If you would work harder and knock 4 pounds off per week, you would be 25 pounds lighter in just 6 weeks! Cut back to 1000 calories, no carbohydratess. Double your walking and speed it up to a jog. Swim every night (you said you have access to a pool now). If that is not enough add bike in the morning before breakfast. Then you will feel better.

Lissa said...

I respectfully disagree with Anon @ 7:06's comment. Slow and steady and sustainable wins the race!!

Joanna said...

You know what makes me mad--when someone who knows nothing about eating disorders just proclaims that you should just eat 1000 calories and everything will be peachy. For me, I struggled for so many years, I have lost count. Finally, I started being supervised by my PCP's partner who put me on a pretty strict regime, but she told me that extreme calorie restriction does more harm than good. After years of dieting, my metabolism is pretty efficient so my eating anything like 1000 calories a day does nothing to speed up my weight loss. Instead, my doctor computed that I needed 1500 calories a day to lose weight sensibly and to not go below 1200. I eat quite similarly to what you eat, Lyn, because those are healthy, nutritious items. I think perhaps other negative people should just keep their opinions to themselves. Incidentally, slow and steady wins the race. I am now at a pretty healthy weight. I never lost more than two pounds a weeks and I am delighted, (elated actually) if I lose one pound per week.

Lyn said...


I think if I did that I would crash and burn so fast your head would spin! That doesn't sound maintainable for me.


great comment, thank you. I agree and have no intention of lowering my calories at all. I think if I am eating at this level and losing a pound a week that is good. I do think I could improve on my activity/exercise, so I will work on that (and if I am hungry because of that, I might even eat a little more nutritious food).

Joanna said...

Lyn, do you add back any of your exercise calories? I like that part of My Fitness Pal. Usually, I don't increase my food even though I get a lot of exercise, but sometimes when I work out extensively, I need to eat more. I feel like the exercise calories are sort of a reward for exercising. The only problem with the exercise portion of MFP is that the stated calories are too high and I usually adjust them downwards. Let me tell you the absolutely most fun exercise possible--Aqua Zumba. The music is Latin/hip hop and the hour just flies by. In the water, I don't get hurt like I do when I do land Zumba. Don't get me wrong. land Zumba is a blast too but it hurts my knees. That is not a problem in the water. Aqua Zumba classes are hard to find...

Lyn said...


I haven't put my exercise info MFP at all this week, but I saw how it subtracts the exercise calories. I think you're right that it probably overestimates calories burned. I will try inputting my exercise this week and see what the program tells me, but I won't eat extra calories unless I am really hungry and did a lot of calorie burning. Thanks for the input!

Aqua Zumba sounds fun. They didn't have it last time I checked but it's been awhile. I'll see what they have going on for spring.

DZ said...

I agree with anon on the exercise but not the limited food intake. The way to go is sweating it up again and Lyn I've cheered you on in another blog post where I'm looking forward to see you getting back into exercise... A good trainer can help give u a HIIT routine while protecting parts of your body that is injured or cannot be strained. I have knee problems and it doesn't stop me from enjoying heavy cardio and core routines. Cheering you on always ! Love DZ