Monday, March 2, 2015

AIP on the Road

I'm back from my trip and we had a wonderful time! It was a real joy for the five of us who traveled together and everyone enjoyed it. We went exploring, hiking, shopping, hit some museums and a few restaurants. I brought along some dried apple chips and a banana for myself. When we went to the donut shop, I just abstained. At restaurants, my choices were:

Meal 1: an order of thick sliced bacon with a side of avocado and a side of fruit
Meal 2: a grass fed beef burger with lots of Boston Bibb lettuce, onions, baked sweet potato and a side of raspberry kombucha.
Meal 3: a hamburger topped with thick sliced ham, lettuce, and pickles (this was about as boring as it comes, but there were limited options. No bun, no condiments).
Meal 4: 3 sausage links and a big bowl of cantaloupe, honeydew, and strawberries with some herbal tea. I figure the sausages might not be the AIP type (spices? nitrates?) but it worked out okay.

Another meal was had that they brought back to our hotel but I just had a banana and some water since I wasn't very hungry (we'd had ice cream in the afternoon).

Yes, I said we had ice cream. There was a local shop we wanted to try (which makes their own ice cream with only fresh local ingredients) and this is where I planned to reintroduce grass-fed cream (which is more likely to be tolerated than milk or conventional dairy). I chose one scoop of a flavor with no non-AIP stuff in it (no nuts, seeds, gluten, cookies, etc) and it was delicious. I felt fine after eating that. I had some cream cheese another day and still no issues with it. I am not planning to have cream or any other dairy on a regular basis, just because of the calories (and I need to ask my doctor more about the dairy/thyroid disease connection he talked about) but it's nice to know I can have it on occasion without it bothering me.

Foods I ate this week at home:
Flat iron steak, ribeye steak, turkey breast, ground beef, bacon
Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, Iceberg lettuce, spinach, red onions, mushrooms, kale, onions, butternut squash
Bananas, dates, apple chips, cantaloupe
Coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut butter, avocado oil, olives, avocado
Decaf tea, herbal tea, honey, maple syrup, coconut flour, arrowroot flour,
Gelatin, kombucha, fermented pickles.

Sweets this week: 1 date caramel, 5 dark chocolate honey mints (AIP compliant, posted about these before), a few slices of AIP banana bread. I baked the banana bread this week and even the kids liked it! It tastes close enough to the real thing. Recipe here.

Exercise: I only walked once this week at home, but did at least 3 miles each day on our trip.

This morning I weigh 244 pounds. That's 1 pound gone this week (the fourth week in a row of losing one pound). I weighed 248 on February 1, spent all of February on AIP and lost 4 pounds for the month. That may seem small, but after 5 months in a row of weight *gain* it is a welcome reversal. I have not been counting calories or anything, but eating what I like from the AIP template (with reintroductions happening now).

Looking forward to another good week!


JM said...

Sounds great, just a clarification though, isn t there sugar or cane syrup or something in Ice Cream?

Lori said...

A pound a week is wonderful!!

Lyn said...


Yes there is sugar in it, but I chose one of the less sweet flavors. Sugar is not allowed in the strict elimination phase of AIP, and natural sugar is limited. As far as I can tell with my reading, refined sugar is not something that is ever reintroduced formally. I know that if I eat too much sugar my joints get really sore (it affects my arthritis) so I am using that as a guide, because I don't intend to *never* have any sugar again. I think when I start counting calories/carbs/fat etc again it will be easier for me to see how much sugar is too much. I also will pay attention to how much I can have without getting cravings or feeling triggered to overeat.


Lyn said...


in case it wasn't clear, I am no longer in the strict elimination phase of AIP and I am doing reintroductions, but also will be taking my ED counselor's advice into account by trying to "normalize" food. I'm not sure how exactly this will pan out but for now I am trying to be very careful not to add too much, too quickly, and not to add a bunch of junk.

R.E. said...

How will you be able to determine if it's the refined sugar causing issues vs. the processed meat or even coffee/other things you have reintroduced?

Lyn said...


It's best to introduce only one new thing at a time (no closer than 3 days apart). So with the coffee, it was the only variable, and I can be fairly certain it is what upset my stomach. If I had some kind of 'symptoms' from vacation food, I'd have to back off, go back to only AIP foods that don't bother me for awhile, and then try adding anything new back more carefully/separately. It really is easier to do reintroductions at home with only known ingredients, one or two per week.

Anonymous said...

I am curious. You said you weren't hungry in the evening because you'd had ice cream earlier in the day. But you also said you only had one small scoop of ice cream. I'd love to know how is it that you weren't hungry that evening. Was it a fluke, or do you think a small amount of ice cream helped you feel full for hours?

Lyn said...


I think the full fat ice cream did help me feel full for longer. I also think not eating grains and eating lower carb in general makes me less hungry overall. Many days I don't need a snack between meals anymore. I do have hungry days but I was not hungry at all on the trip, until mealtimes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,
Glad you enjoyed your trip. Happy for you that the AIP diet is working for health and weight.
Best regards,

Betsey C. said...

It's so interesting to read about your AIP process! Thanks for sharing. You did great on your trip, too. It's not easy to stick to a plan when traveling.

Joanna said...

You seem to be eating really healthily and perhaps I am imagining things, but you seem more relaxed about eating. I am glad because there is so much more to life than food and weight. I hope you are enjoying lots of good things in your life!

CatherineMarie said...

Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I don't think 1 scoop of ice cream is a big deal (1x/month seems reasonable if it doesn't create cravings). I think the more concerning thing about your food choices is the amount of bacon and red meat. These may be perfectly allowed items on AIP, but you can't just do AIP in a bubble and ignore your other health issues (i.e. high blood pressure). Red meat is not heart-healthy, and bacon (even low sodium/nitrite free etc) still has a significant salt content. Maybe start glancing at food labels and try to keep daily sodium less than 2 grams?

I know you're trying to do AIP to figure out what foods trigger your symptoms, but I just hope you aren't shooting yourself in the foot by justifying eating unhealthy foods because it's allowed on AIP. Would you be able to substitute some of that red meat for fish or chicken? Or how about replacing bacon a few times a week for egg whites?

Lyn said...


I am, thanks!


Actually, my blood pressure has been lower the last 2 weeks than it was before AIP! I am really pleased with that. I've read that sugar is more of a trigger for high blood pressure than salt is, so that makes sense. I am a believer in using good, healthy meats (on the road I can't always get them, but at home I do) such as grass fed beef and pastured bacon. These are, from what I have read, healthy options and not bad for the heart. Of course you can find differing opinions on that but there is a big difference between eating conventional, farm raised corn fed beef and eating grass fed beef. The fats are very different, for example, in omega content. Same for grass fed dairy vs conventional.

I do like egg whites but I cannot have them on AIP until I reintroduce them, and egg whites are one of the last things they recommend adding back.

I ate a lot of beef this week, a lot of chicken last week. I pretty much rotate whatever meat is on sale (there was a week I ate pork sirloin almost every day!) I am going to try and get some fish in there more often though.

Anonymous said...

Did you check to see if the ice cream contained eggs? Many recipes do contain eggs, especially the ones of better quality which will use eggs as emulsifiers rather than other junk.

Lyn said...


yes, I checked: no eggs, no junk :)