Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weigh In with AIP

So this week, I decided not to post any pictures of any sweet things that might potentially trigger someone who is struggling with disordered eating. Instead, I am working on a separate site where I will be posting photos and information about my AIP meals, snacks, treats and recipes. Hopefully that will help people who are looking specifically for AIP food information while keeping this blog relatively "clean." I *am* posting two pictures of healthy meals I had this week (a soup and a meat/veggie dinner) but in the future I might just move all my food pictures to the other site. Will let you know when it's ready.

One of the things I cooked this week was a mushroom burger soup. I used this recipe minus the sherry, and used half coconut milk and half beef bone broth for the liquid. I added a crumbled hamburger and it was very good and filling! (Please note that if you are in strict AIP you should omit the nutmeg. I reintroduced seed spices this week so I left it in).

AIP mushroom burger soup

Another food I enjoyed this week was broiled flank steak (carne asada) with broccoli, onions and mushrooms. I just rubbed the meat with onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, oregano, cilantro, cumin, olive oil, coconut aminos, and lime juice. Put the meat on a cookie sheet with broccoli florets, sliced onions and mushrooms tossed in olive oil, broil 7 minutes on one side and 5 on the other. (If you are on strict AIP, omit the cumin. It is a seed spice).

AIP steak carne asada recipe

Tonight I am making beef stroganoff with the leftovers.

Other meals I had were mainly meat and vegetables with fruits for a side at breakfast and an occasional snack.

Foods I ate this week:

Bacon, pork sirloin roast, prosciutto, chicken thighs, smoked salmon, ground beef, flank steak
Cauliflower, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes (orange and white), kale, mushrooms, broccoli, collard greens, pumpkin
Apples, bananas, kiwi fruit, dates, Clementines, baked apple chips
Coconut milk, coconut oil, avocado, avocado oil, olives, olive oil
decaf tea, honey, maple syrup, coconut flour, cocoa
Kombucha, gelatin, cultured pickles, sauerkraut, beef bone broth, chicken bone broth

AIP "treats" eaten (made from ingredients in list above): 1 apple cinnamon roll, 2 mini creme pies, 2 brownies, 2 date caramels.

Yes, I made two AIP "sweets" this week... the brownies and the date caramels. I realize some readers have a problem with this but I am doing what works best to keep myself on plan right now. I still have some of last week's baked items in the freezer, but threw out the rest of the pumpkin breakfast cookies. Just not good at all after they were frozen. The brownies are from this recipe and the date caramels are here. As you can see they are made from wholesome ingredients, no refined sugars, and I enjoyed them and then stuck them in the freezer where they are now for future use. They have not triggered any kind of cravings, binges, overeating, etc and I do not feel any emotional drive to eat them. I do enjoy a sweet after dinner though.

Tuesday: cocoa
Thursday-Sunday: seed spices (nutmeg, cumin)
All going well so far.

Exercise: walked 6 days this week, each walk about 1-1.5 miles long.
Scale says 245, one pound down from last week. That's the third week in a row I have lost one pound. I am pretty pleased with that.

Thank you for the interesting comments and the continued support.


Anonymous said...

Woohooo! Another week, aother pound down. :D Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep baking? If you already have treats, why keep making more?

Lyn said...

Thanks Deb :)


I like to bake. I wanted to make something from my new AIP cookbook that was a gift from my son, so I made the brownies (which no one else liked, sadly... way too bland. But good enough for me). I also thought it would be nice to have some different options which included cocoa since I reintroduced it.

I will probably keep baking small amounts like this once a week for variety. Nice having a few different choices in the freezer... and Cloe would be proud!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lyn on another pound gone! I bet the consistent exercise also had a lot to do with it. Way to go!

Nan in Phoenix

Anonymous said...

When I first started to lose weight, I didn't want to go "cold turkey". It didn't work for me- and never will. I'm nearly at 50kg loss and still enjoy treats on a daily basis. Small, admittedly. I started off by making paleo style treats (eg- simple chocolate balls made of cacao, water, dates and crushed almonds) and kept them in the freezer also. As long as you're able to limit yourself, it's totally fine to consume cacao/cocoa! Now I still enjoy treats- even fresh dates are now an indulgence for me. So keep going, keep persisting, make sure you limit yourself (as I know binging is a past issue for you) and YES you can stay in control. If you really want it, you'll do it. I think (and hope) you're on the right path. X

Anonymous said...

Aren't each of your "treats" each a re-introduction on this diet? If so you are adding things way to fast. Add some vegetables or eggs instead.

Lyn said...


no, everything I have made/baked prior to this week was 100% AIP-compliant. This week's two sweets have one reintroduced ingredient and that is cocoa.

As I said in the post, so far I had reinto'ed two things: cocoa, and seed spices (which are added as a group). I am going to try plain coffee today and then probably on Thursday try egg yolks (the whites are considered a food more likely to cause a reaction and introduced later, after yolks.) I am able to eat all vegetables except nightshades and those are also usually added back later.

Anonymous said...

Gracious, your treats make some people anxious! My first response is to get cranky and defend you, but isn't their anxiety a manifestation of the enormous pressure we're all fighting?
Peace, all. With or without treats, I don't care. I wish you peace

Anonymous said...

I echo what Kira says.
And congrats on another pound! I've had no loss this week, even with watching calories and upping my weights from 10 to 15 pounds. Oh well. I'm happy to feel good.

MargieAnne said...

I'm delighted to learn you are enjoying AIP. While it takes some thinking through and you cannot be as spontaneous in choosing what to eat you can enjoy it. You are learning to choose to eat foods that give you optimum health. I encourage you.

I saw Red when I read your previous post. There is a lot of misinformation about chemical reactions to food, (allergy, intolerance etc.). I would dump that counsellor faster than a hot coal ...but that is me not you.

Once you are healed via AIP it might be possible to have the occasional piece of what is currently a trigger food without binging. You will only know for sure if you follow the AIP protocol of reintroduction. Get healed before you worry about the long term banning of certain foods.

Maybe you can look at healing from fear through your faith. Just a thought.

Many people have food restrictions.
Is it rational to eat things that cause problems, whether physically, mentally or emotionally?
Only you can answer that one.

You are strong, disciplined, intelligent and full of courage. You continue to learn the best way to deal with the everyday stresors in your life. You found AIP and know it works.
Please don't let what others might say or imply confuse you. AIP is for a season. Continue until you are certain it no longer works for you. It may not be as bad as you fear.

I am confident you will win through if only because of your persistence.

I prayerfully think of you often. Blessings

Lyn said...


Thank you for the food for thought! It's so good to hear from you.

JM said...

Hi Lyn
I have a few reading suggestions for you!
Fat is a Family Affair
OA's brown book 2nd or 3rd Edition, both are so helpful for me!

Kristine said...

Thanks for the link to the soup! The addition of ground beef sounds delish.