Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weigh In and a Week of AIP

About a week ago, I put myself back on the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) elimination diet, which I'd done for 2 months in the fall and then blew it when I got sick. I was hoping getting back on AIP would give me some health benefits and maybe weight loss, too.

I have to say this time getting back on AIP was *much* easier than it was the first time. I didn't get much of the headaches, mild nausea, cravings, and general irritability I had last time. I found it pretty easy to stick to after the first two days (which is really saying something, since it felt very difficult to get that first day in and was mentally very hard to get started on something diet-wise at all!) But finally I think I have caught the "time that would stick" and am doing well staying on the plan. I am down one pound this week to 247, which isn't as much as the first time, but it's a pound in the right direction.

What I ate this week (once again, as last time, I am only keeping a journal of foods I eat but not amounts. No measuring, counting, etc):

The usual breakfasts with bacon, fruit, sweet potatoes, sometimes avocado...

AIP breakfast

AIP breakfast

AIP Banana Bread Macaroons... very good, filling, and non-triggering:

AIP banana macaroons

AIP Cinnamon Apple "Oatmeal" (grain free, made with apples, cauliflower and coconut):

AIP cereal oatmeal

I also ate Leek and Sweet Potato Soup, Asparagus Soup (believe it or not, made with less bacon... 1 piece... and 1/4 c. coconut milk added), and pumpkin pie (just the filling, poured into custard cups... a great breakfast!).

What else I ate:
Italian sausage, flat iron steak, bacon, tuna, chicken thighs, ground beef
Carrots, mushrooms, spaghetti squash, broccoli, garlic, onions, celery, sweet potato, cucumbers, Romaine, pumpkin, leeks, cauliflower, asparagus
Cantaloupe, Clementines, bananas, watermelon, pineapples, grapes, apples, strawberries
Coconut oil, coconut milk, avocado, olives
Black decaf tea, peach herbal tea, honey, plantain chips, apple chips
Kombucha, beef bone broth, chicken bone broth, gelatin, cultured pickles, sauerkraut

That's it! Nothing else. Good nutrition.

I went to a potluck; I ate tuna mashed with avocado before I left, and had plain undressed salad and fruit there. I went to a meeting at a coffee house and ordered a plain, hot, peach tea.

Exercise was pretty dismal this week; I walked a couple of times, about a mile and a half each time. I've been fairly active lifestyle-wise but not much formal this week.

That's it. I am seeing improvements in my skin, my mood, my energy, but most of all my sleep. I am sleeping much more soundly and for longer periods without waking, and the acid reflux is gone. I plan to keep this up and stay on AIP for 30 days before starting reintroductions again.


LHA said...

How wonderful! Celebrate the one pound lost, and don't ever forget about the 30 pounds that you have not gained back from your original loss. That should be celebrated every day! Good luck going forward, and so glad you are feeling better.

Joanna said...


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing. Keep on. Keeping on. I have learned so much from you on this journey.
Take care.

Lori said...

I am so glad that you are seeing results so quickly. That always helps keep me on track.

Anonymous said...

Knowing your issues with food, I would stop trying to create things you are supposed to eliminate (like cookies?) and focus on creating a healthy self. Eat roasted cauliflower, eat WHOLE foods, not mashed up whole foods disguised as something they are not (oatmeal?). Instead of trying new recipes, learn to love the food the way it is; in its natural state. Perhaps turn your focus to fitness. Try a new class... buy a fitbit and focus on achieving a goal. Once you commit to AIP you know what to eat. Time to focus on other things!

HikerRD said...

Most importantly, focus on positive behaviors, as opposed to weight change which can fluctuate and mess with your head. And for all of your readers wondering about the merits of an Auto Immune Diet, hear this: the greatest benefit is the mindfulness that's involved in selecting what we eat. Any plan requires focus, and that focus will alter intake--especially if the plan requires reading labels for particular nutrients to be omitted; it prohibits just grabbing food. That said, any diet that contributes to preoccupation and a sense of deprivation will result in rebound over eating. And it's not your fault. So think before you leap into yet another diet!