Saturday, January 31, 2015

Early Weigh In

I'm doing my weekly weigh in a day early, because tomorrow I'll be pretty busy and I don't want to forget. This morning I weighed in at 248 pounds again... same as last week. Well, at least that isn't a gain this time.

A few days ago I decided I really need to snap out of it and do something concrete, and that concrete thing is the Autoimmune Protocol. I have a couple of reasons for this, detailed in my last post, but mainly it's for health, to get back the benefits I was seeing when I did it before, to feel better, and to (hopefully) see some weight loss again. I also am about due to go see my endocrinologist again and am kind of embarrassed by how poorly I followed his advice. So, you know, I just want to be at least following the basic suggestions he gave me. He's going to do blood work again, I think, and I am also a bit nervous about that.

So the other day I started going back and reading over my AIP food logs to remind myself what I liked to eat on AIP, and today I went grocery shopping. I bought

free range chicken (boneless thighs), pastured bacon, pastured ground pork, grass fed ground lamb
Clementines, blueberries, bananas, apples, kiwis, and a pineapple
onions, garlic, collard greens, celery, carrots, leeks, Romaine, cukes, squash of various kinds, and two kinds of sweet potatoes
avocados, locally made beef bone broth, 3 kinds of kombucha, probiotics
dried apple chips, canned olives

I already made some changes over the last 2 days, switching out my coffee with cream for decaf tea with coconut milk and honey and having an AIP breakfast (bacon, avocado, fruit). Last night for dinner I made a pot of chicken vegetable soup, and then I put part of the broth and some water in the crockpot with all the chicken bones for 15 hours to make bone broth. So now I have everything I need to be successful with AIP and will start doing some batch cooking of things like sausage patties, banana macaroons, and roasted vegetables to keep on hand for snacks.

My motivation is coming from the place of not wanting to feel tired and sluggish anymore, and wanting better sleep, more energy, and clearer thinking back. If weight loss happens again, that's a huge bonus, but even if it doesn't, this is what I am doing. No measuring, no carb or calorie counting, no stressing... just eating from the AIP food template and writing down which foods I ate in categories... not amounts. I'll also keep walking and try to get some swimming in here and there, too.


LHA said...

This plan makes good sense! It sounds like it has a good chance of bringing you the better health you are seeking. There will no doubt be those who are critical of you not tracking calories, carbs, fat, etc. but to me you are doing the exact right thing. Not stressing over the numbers and avoiding obsessing over every little bite always helps me relax and be more successful when changing my eating. Too much thought about food just leads me to overeat! You know the foods that will help you feel better and possibly lose weight, so how can you go wrong by at least starting AIP again? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a "not an eating disorder" plan...for healthy reasons. :)

I'm going to have to go back to your AIP posts and refresh my memory r/t what one can and cannot eat.

You know, now that my eyebrows have completely fallen out ans I've lost so much hair one can see scalp on top of my head. Sigh.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Lyn. Hope you are feeling better very soon.

Lyn said...

Thanks all. I am already starting to feel a little better... probably just from better nutrition.

David Dane said...

Weigh everyday, and record it. Fast the first 3 hours of the day. Resist the urge to eat too late in the day. If you will wait to eat until later in the morning you will develop a lower tendency to have insulin immunity.Your gaining weight because of insulin resistance. Go see doctor mercola video about insulin resistance. Modify your food intake. Low sugar foods early in the day. Carbohydrate foods in the afternoon. Keep your food consumption window narrow, to about six hours in the day. If you get hungry drink chicken broth or beef broth... if you drink artificial sweeteners or eat them, stop... they promote hunger.

Susan said...

When you say eat carbs in the afternoon give some examples of the carbs to eat.