Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Week Gone By

Well, we're a week into the new year already and how much progress have I made? None with the weight... none. I'm not frustrated, I am just surprised how quickly the time is flying by already and how easy it is to just let that happen. I've been busy, but like I wrote in my last post, I'm making the effort now to take better care of me. I'm not doing as great as I want to be doing; I think back to when the habit was... and priority was... to bike 6 days a week, to eat lots of healthy things and avoid the processed. It's harder to get back to it than it was to keep it. I will remember this when I do get it back.

I *have* made some progress in cleaning up my diet. I'd gotten into some bad habits this winter, like flavored coffees, lattes, stopping for a donut with the coffee, eating pasta sometimes... having many of the foods I've avoided for so long (mostly carbs). Now, I am back to drinking coffee black or with a splash of cream (no sweeteners of any kind) and skipping the baked stuff. I'm back to using squash or other vegetables in place of pasta and potatoes, although my veggie intake is still not up to par yet. Instead of crackers or sweets I have hard boiled eggs in the fridge for snacks. I've stopped eating after dinner and instead have a glass of steamed milk with cinnamon and vanilla before bed.

I haven't baked. I've been eating smaller portions and letting myself get hungry between meals. It's better. I am starting to feel a little better too, aside from the sugar-withdrawal headaches. I need to really make the exercise a priority; I am doing 20-30 minutes but only every other day or so. It's a start but I'm not meeting my goals on that yet. I'm working on it day by day.

I'm also doing some reading and learning from others about food addictions and how they are different from eating disorders. I am starting to understand why I am getting conflicting advice from an ED counselor versus people who treat their eating issues as addiction (not to all foods, but from what I am starting to understand, a chemical dependency on some substances... most commonly sugar and wheat). I think there is a lot to learn here and what I am learning is going to help me.

I am going to work this until it works.


FogDog said...

Hang in there; every little bit helps! At least you can say you are now making an effort and that's a lot more than many others can say.

Eileen Daidone said...

I actually think you are on to something with the wheat and sugar. And you need to research oils. Most that conventional nutritionists recommend are not good for you at all! I'll throw in one more item for you to study - leptin and it's role in weight loss.

Lori said...

Don't discount the progress you have made cleaning up your diet. That is a great start. It is easy to think that if everything isn't 100% right with eating & exercise then everything is 100% wrong. Focus on what is right, however small it seems, and build on that. You've got a good week in of cleaning up your diet. Keep that and add something else. Time will continue to fly by but when you look back, you'll see how those small improvements added up to a huge improvement in your health. I know it is hard. I'm living in the same place you are right now. Just don't quit!

kathyj333 said...

I am certainly addicted to sugar. Let me know what you have find out about this addiction. Alcoholism runs in my family and I have often wondered if my sugar addiction is related the alcoholic gene we appear to carry.

Bloggophereo said...

Hi Lyn,

Have you ever considered intermittent fasting? Know much about it?

I'm considering trying it myself and am wondering what your experiences with it are, if any.

Lyn said...

Thanks all! I am starting to feel much better, each day off sugar and wheat.


that's an interesting topic for sure (leptin). I have read some on various oils/fats and right now I only use olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil (if you have any negative info on any of those please share! I am always trying to learn and adjust).

Thanks Lori, I appreciate it!


I come from a family with lots of alcoholism as well. I really think tendency to addiction is genetic. I will post more on this in the future :)


I have friends who do IF. I always shied away from it because when I don't eat for hours, my blood sugar seems to drop and I feel sick and agitated. However I was reading about doing IF as an extended overnight thing and that works better for me. So you can get a good 12-14 hours of not eating by stopping by 8pm and not eating breakfast until after 8am. I do have some black coffee (decaf) around 7am; do you know if that would be considered breaking the "fast"?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn - about your weight not changing... boy, I've been there! I did the same thing as you this time last year - kicked out or reduced a LOT of crap from my diet, and started exercising. I mean I kicked a LOT of crap out! After 6 weeks, I figured I'd earned some real progress but I'd lost... a whopping 2 pounds.

"Frustrating" is a major understatement.

But, that result motivated me to try something new, which was giving up foods with added-sugar, and eliminating all simple carbs, swapping for complex carbs if I wanted/needed a carb (e.g., switching brown rice for white, sweet potato for white potato, whole grain for white bread). This was all subject to to a once/week allowance of a sugar or simple carb, if I wanted/needed.

Just the first month doing this, I lost (I think) 12 pounds.

Since then I've almost totally eliminated grains, and I am coming up on 60 pounds lost.

Oh, and I've never used my once/week sugar pass every week. But you could, if you need to, to get you through.

I do exercise, but that actually makes weight loss go slower, if anything, not faster, FWIW.

Great job on your first week! I'm just sharing my experience not to preach or anything but because I can really, really relate, and also just to share what worked for me. Some of it may work for you... or whatever you find that does work for you, I'm eager to read about it, and I'm cheering you on.
All best,