Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Just an Update

Lately I have been really slacking about what I eat (well, it feels like slacking to me, compared to AIP). I explained the way I eat in my last blog post... that hasn't changed... but honestly, those 'bad days' have too much inflammatory stuff in them and I am feeling it. In some ways I justify in my mind that having one gluten free waffle, or scrambled eggs, or gluten free oatmeal for breakfast is okay... but I know that I feel better when I am not eating grains like that. Having some peanut butter on an apple, or some nuts for a snack, or a black decaf coffee may seem like reasonable choices, but they are not AIP choices. And I just felt so much better on AIP that I do want to eat that way again and sort of start over on the reintroductions.

This week I have made a choice to eat an AIP breakfast *every day* and an AIP dinner *every day.* This way, even on my 'bad' days I am making better choices at the beginning and end of every day. If I am going to have some kind of non-AIP food such as nuts, eggs, gluten-free processed foods, or cheese, I have them for lunch or a snack. The fewer inflammatory foods I eat, the better I feel.

My breakfasts now are almost the same as they were over the summer on AIP, except the fruits and vegetables have changed with the seasons. I usually choose a meat, a vegetable, a fruit and some healthy fat so this week it has been:

bacon or sausage (local, no sugar, no nitrates)
sweet potato or winter squash
a Clementine, pomegranate arils, or half a banana
decaf tea with coconut milk and honey

Dinner is generally a meat, a starchy vegetable, a green vegetable, and sometimes a fruit:
pork roast, wild salmon, or chicken
roasted butternut squash, baked acorn squash, or sweet potatoes
Brussels sprouts, green beans, kale, or salad

Now all I have to do is make my lunch and snacks AIP. I've been having soup or leftovers or a taco, maybe some au gratin potatoes or a gluten free pizza for lunch. Snacks are usually decaf coffee or tea and a gluten free cookie or some dark chocolate, or lately it's been baked rice crackers with hummus. I also am adding back some of the AIP foods I haven't been enjoying enough lately, like kombucha and bone broth.

Not very exciting but since I haven't been blogging much I thought I'd just give an update to let you know how I'm doing. I also couldn't get an appointment with Cloe again until December unless she has a cancellation, so nothing new there either. Will write more when there is more to say!


Karen said...

Are you still remaining 100% gluten free? I am pretty sure you know about cross contamination with oats etc.

Are you tracking your food in an online or paper diary for your counselor? This could be very helpful to the councelor and you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,

You give some example of 'bad choices' that you've been eating, such as oatmeal. However, in your last post your "bad day" food includes FAST FOOD and cookies, which you say you've been doing twice a week. If you want to make a change to your diet I think cutting back on fast food and sweets instead of feeling guilty about oatmeal would be more productive.

Anonymous said...

How much bacon? How much sweet potato? How much avocado? It matters!!!!

Lyn said...


I am not as careful as I could be, and am sure there is a possibility of cross contamination not only from eating out but also in my own kitchen (where people are still making toast or pancakes, although I have now switched out the regular flour for gluten free flour). But the oatmeal was specifically labelled gluten free so that one was okay. Yes, I am tracking in my notebook for my counselor and hope she has some feedback for me next time.

Anon 1~

actually, both posts mention oatmeal, gluten free cookies, and tacos... none of which are AIP compliant. And all of which are being taken out of my diet... meal by meal. BTW I suppose any food you get by driving up to a window is "fast" food, but these are pretty clean, freshly made tacos from a local joint... not Taco Bell or that kind of junky stuff. To me, it makes a difference. But yeah, even if they were made in my own kitchen from local grass fed beef, they're not AIP compliant (corn, cumin, paprika, tomatoes).

Anon 2~

2 slices of bacon, about 1/4 cup of sweet potato or squash, and 1/4 of an avocado. I don't count calories but I keep portions moderate.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of calories and FAT for just one meal. I input your breakfast into calorie software and that is a 432 calorie breakfast assuming you are even measuring correctly.

LHA said...

I think you are doing an awesome job of slowly sliding back to full AIP eating. In my experience, starting to cut way back on foods that you know are not good for you instead of trying to force yourself to go cold turkey has more chance of success. When I get seriously off track, I take each day to cut back the bad food until it is eliminated again entirely. Good luck, and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Is it not possible for you to go 100% AIP? It couldn't hurt to try, right? If I eat something I have a reaction to it might take a few days to get over it completely (especially alcohol! A hangover from two glasses of wine lasts two days. I don't drink at all anymore), so maybe try 100% AIP for several days in a row (or even a week) and see what kind of results you get. Sort of to clear your system and flush out all the inflammatory stuff.

From what you've written it just seems following the AI diet is what makes you feel the best, so I say go for it.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. The "how MUCH" and "that's a lot of FAT" comments make me want to cry. Every person who struggles with weight (but especially women) lives with that hyper awareness of what's "right" or "wrong" about their diet. It's awful. I don't think those people should be judging you like that, but neither should they be living under that pressure themselves.
You've made it clear that your primary goal here is health. You don't need my validation for that choice, but I still feel like standing up and cheering. God bless you. I couldn't care less how much avocado you eat, but I wish you health and strength with all my heart.

Lyn said...

Thanks LHA, that's what I'm trying to do.

last Anon~

I wish I had the fortitude to be 100% AIP right now, but I don't. I admit that weakness, and am trying to correct it.


thank you... that is *very* much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I understand why it's so hard. I did the same thing with Weight Watchers: on and off. I did the same thing with Medi-Fast too: on with the shakes, but Lean and Green was not so Lean or Green. I don't know why but it seems like the first time you (any of us) try a diet it is easiest. Then if you go off the diet and try to do it again it is 10x harder the second, third time and almost impossible to stick to. I wish someone could tell us why that is.

CatherineMarie said...

Lyn, I just want to comment, I follow a gluten-free diet, but I feel better when any treats/etc are at least home-made.

I made a great gluten-free oat bread the other day...still playing around with it, so have not posted the recipe. The problem with most gluten-free treats is lack of fiber and many calories. And that is minimized if you make them at home, and control what goes into them.

I do think oatmeal is a healthy choice. The problem with AIP diets is that they are so limiting. And that has always been your downfall (and mine too) is that when a diet is so limiting, you start missing some of the things you have been limiting. It happened with fruit, when you were on Medifast, it happened after the AIP diet. You need to find what works for you. But just please, don't cut out too much.