Sunday, October 5, 2014

Why No Weigh In?

I've gotten a few emails lately asking me why I am not doing my regular Sunday weigh-ins, posting my food, sharing my calories and exercise and recipes like I used to. Well, there's a simple answer to that. Actually two answers.

1) I am not weighing. After I got sick (sinus infection, I am fine now after a round of antibiotics), I thought about how when I started AIP, my goal was to "fix" my health. I was sick of being miserable, exhausted all the time, and in pain. I stopped blogging for a long stretch and just focused on getting the help I needed to get better. But then, when I started AIP and thyroid medication and saw the scale dropping regularly, it was easy to let *that* be my focus again... or at least a big chunk of the focus. And because of that, when I ate some off-plan foods while I was sick, instead of thinking in terms of "what should I eat/drink to heal my body?" I started thinking "Oh no, my weight is going up! I have to get a grip and lose this weight!" And that was not a happy place to be.

2) I felt like it was getting kinda boring (for me, at least) to be writing the same blog posts all the time, about what I ate and my exercise (and I was never counting calories on AIP so that's why I didn't report that). So I felt like it would be good to share a bit about my experiences with binge eating, anxiety, obsessive food thoughts, etc and how I was able to get to a more normal relationship with food.

I guess I just don't feel the need to blog as much as I used to when I was actively recovering from binge eating issues. Heck, I only wrote 8 posts last month. I used to write pretty much every day! I don't push myself to write when I don't feel like it. I get busy, I forget, I don't have anything to say in this space sometimes... but then there are times I *do* feel like writing more often. I just let it be how it is and don't push it either way. 

Honestly as I have turned to blogging the last couple of weeks, I am torn. Part of me likes, and wants, the focus and record-keeping of writing each week about the things I ate and my activity level and progress, along with weekly weigh-ins. That can be fun and gives me a barometer for how I am doing with not just the weight loss goals but also in resolving health issues. Another part of me wants to let that go and not get wrapped up in numbers like I used to be. That's another reason I'm putting off calorie counting for as long as I can... it is so easy to get obsessive about weighing and measuring and counting and record keeping and NUMBERS... and who wants to spend their precious life on that?? If it's necessary to improve your health, sure, you have to do it, and I will. But as long as I can see health and weight improvements through AIP and medication, then I will do that. It's a lot simpler and less time consuming and there's no obsessive counting or anything with AIP, so I like that. 

Which leads me to this: the Autoimmune Protocol is not meant as a diet, per se, or a long term eating plan. It's an elimination diet and when you get to the 'end' of it you have a list of foods you can eat and feel your best, and another list of foods to avoid. It's not a plan you go on and off of for weight loss... it's not for weight loss at all. It's for health. I've felt *so* well, so much better on AIP that I am sure as I add things back very slowly and carefully, and avoid anything that makes me feel less well, I'll end up with a "clean", whole foods, nutritious eating plan that will last for life. That is one way AIP differs from other, less restrictive elimination diets. If you eliminate only one or two things, say, gluten and dairy, you can still eat lots of gluten-free, dairy-free junk while you find out whether or not gluten and dairy are affecting your health. With AIP, you are eliminating *so much* stuff that all that is left is healthy food. Aside from being an elimination diet, it is a very nutritious, beneficial way to be eating long term. From my understanding, the only worry about doing AIP for life is the lack of variety. It gets boring, sure, but there are also a lot of nutrients in the foods that are excluded... so the plan is to add back what you can, when you can, so you can have the benefits of all the nutrition those foods provide... while weeding out any foods you are sensitive to.

I'll get back on the scale at some point (soon, I guess) and probably start posting more about my diet again. For now my focus is my health. But hey, I still fit in the same clothes, so I'm not too alarmed or excited either way about my weight. Scale avoidance? Maybe a bit... but I really like the freedom I feel of not thinking about/worrying about numbers on a daily basis.


Karen said...

Are you staying wheat and dairy and processed sugar free?

Those 3 things really helped my health the most.

It's no coincidence that the 3 foods I needed to be off were also the foods that triggered my binge eating.

For me, one stop shopping. Karen P

Lyn said...


yes, that's not surprising. The endocrinologist advised me that gluten and dairy were the #1 things to get off of. I feel better being off of them too (I'm gluten free and dairy free). I need to cut back on my "natural" sugar though because I've been drinking more tea with coconut milk and honey than usual, plus all the fruits, way more sweet potatoes than usual (something about craving starches in the fall), some real maple syrup here and there.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with staying off the scale. A lot of people just monitor their weight by the fit of their clothes. You're probably maintaining just fine.

It's so much better to focus on your health than the obesity.

Rachel said...

What foods/ingredients have you added back (besides cocoa)? How have you been reacting to them? I'm curious because I know I have food sensitivities but have never done an elimination "diet".

Lyn said...


I've added back just cocoa and some spices (nutmeg and cumin). I added back white rice but I took it back out because I was sick at the time, and could not tell whether the rice was making me feel worse or not. I am not in a rush to add anything back but I did post awhile back about the order of introductions and how I plan to do that, as well as symptoms to look for when doing so. Here's the post; I hope it helps you.

Connie C. said...

I understand. I'm thinking of giving up, too. I'm just tired of fighting so hard for so little. Sometimes it does seem better to just eat what makes us feel good and not worry about a healthy weight. We're all going to die anyway, and those of us who are poor might as well get what enjoyment out of life that we can.

Good luck to both of us.

Lyn said...


don't give up! It's hard... I'm not giving up, still trying although it is so frustrating sometimes. Can you drop me an email? escapefromobesity at gmail(dot)com


Karen said...

Lyn, you need to post if or when you feel like it. I know your summer was almost too much for anyone to survive, so take care of yourself first and when blogging is something that is good for you, we will see you back here. :)