Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014: Progress Report

Yesterday I shared my weekly weigh-in as well as what I ate and my exercise for the week. Today, I am looking at the bigger picture: where am I now? How is this working? I like to look at progress over a longer term to get a better feel for things. Here's a basic summary.

I started AIP in mid-July weighing 242 pounds.
Weekly losses: -2, -1, -2, -2, -1, -2, -3, -3
That totals 16 pounds gone in a month and a half:
I lost 6 pounds in July.
I lost TEN POUNDS in August and weigh 226 pounds.

Why the emphasis? Because I have been working on weight loss all this time and in the last two and a half years the most I was able to lose in one month is 3 pounds. In a month. And I was working harder than I am working now. I was also eating less than I am now... about 1200 calories a day on average. I have only counted calories on 3 random days in the past 6 weeks, out of curiosity (not restricting), and my counts were around 1400/day. I am pretty sure I eat more than that on hungry days. I am far less stressed than I used to be about eating. I eat what I want from the AIP template, whenever I want to, including plenty of healthy fats.

I attribute this turnaround to three things: 1) addressing my thyroid dysfunction. Without healthy thyroid function, it can be very hard to get the results you think you *should* get from your efforts. 2) not being confined to a chair most of the time due to debilitating plantar fasciitis. I am not sure people realize how bad this was, but yeah. It was disabling. My activity level is *normal* now. I still don't exercise as much as I should, but just being able to walk around and do stuff all day makes a huge difference. 3) starting the AIP diet, which is not magic or anything, but it does cut out a lot of foods that can give people trouble. Cutting out processed foods, grains, breads, baked stuff, fried stuff, most restaurant meals, eggs, dairy, etc really makes it easier to hold a lower calorie level and not be triggered to overeat.

I still worry I will flip out sometime and go eat a bunch of junk and not be able to get it back together for days or weeks. I hope that doesn't happen, but I have battled an eating disorder for many years and I don't think there is a "cure" for that. I guess I feel like it is in remission right now. But I know it is there, and it makes me nervous sometimes. One bad choice could lead me back down a really bad path. All I can do is keep plugging along and trying to make good-for-me choices and avoid triggering situations... although sometimes, just grocery shopping can be triggering. I'm working on ways to deal with this because I know that even if I get my diet and exercise and thyroid medication to a "perfect" (for me) place, the longstanding, underlying food issues could come out and throw me. I think I am starting to see it more as a disease... like drug addiction or alcoholism... and less as a character flaw or weakness.

Anyway, I am thankful things are going well *now* and I am doing the work to help myself continue on this healthy path. I appreciate your support.


skinnyhollie said...

Awesome! So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you!! Such amazing progress, your inspiring me to really clean up my eating today. Thank you!

LHA said...

Your recent success in figuring out some of the obstacles that were keeping you from losing weight at a reasonable pace proves one thing: persistence pays off! You are right that the underlying eating disorder is still there, but like any chronic disorder or disease it can be managed with effort. Some of us have multiple challenges to overcome, but the lesson you have taught is DO NOT GIVE UP! That is so important to remember. Nothing good can come of throwing in the towel. Thank you for blogging about your journey and sharing the good and the bad.

Blods said...

Brilliant! It's so nice to hear you're getting the results you deserve unlike the times you were trying so hard and getting very small losses, probably owing to your thyroid problems. What finally worked with the plantar fascilitis in the end? Really happy to hear things have improved so much Blods xx

Sean Anderson said...

I totally agree with you--it isn't a character flaw or some kind of devious defect, it's certainly a disease. I'm right here with you. I hope and pray I never go back to eating sugar and other things that might trigger that scary part of me. Like you, I'm in a very good place these days--I fear losing it...but it isn't an all consuming fear--it's just enough to keep me aware of where I am and what I'm doing. Congrats on your success--it's so wonderful to read. I love--absolutely love your perspective. I can relate.

16 blessings'mom said...

Yay yay yay!!!!! You have worked so so hard, and I am jumping up and down that you have been making progress and feeling good. You are the most determined person that I "know", and I am extremely happy for you. Don't let doubt about the future cloud your happiness, take it one day at a time:)


Lyn said...

Thank you *very* much all :)


I got a third set of cortisone injections this spring which took all the pain away for about 7 weeks. When it came back, it was mild, and then when I started Synthroid and AIP, that mild pain faded to almost nothing. SUCH a relief!

Taryl said...

I have been a bad commenter lately but I keep checking in on your progress. It sounds like you've solved some big issues, especially with the thyroid and potential food sensitivities. Your losses are fabulous and after so many months of nothing it must feel SO good!

Catherine55 said...

It's so nice to know that you are doing so well! Major props to you on your weight loss! Way to go!!