Saturday, August 2, 2014

Weigh In and What's Working

This past week has been a busy one. I only got to the gym once and took a walk a few times but dropped the ball on weight training and biking. Will pick it back up this week. I still stuck to AIP 100% (more than two weeks now) and am feeling really good! I am not counting calories, just focusing on eating the correct foods. I am keeping an elimination diet notebook where I write down what foods I eat each day (just specific foods, but not amounts) and how I feel, any symptoms, and my exercise and weight. This way I can see any improvements and also it will help me detect any problems when adding in new foods. I have noticed that while on AIP, my skin has cleared quite a bit, my plantar fasciitis is fading even more, I have more energy, and I sleep better. It's hard to know, though, if these things are due to the diet (which is very anti-inflammatory) or the Synthroid, which I started within a couple weeks of starting AIP. One interesting fact I have read is that low thyroid hormones cause tendon injuries to heal more slowly. I have less tendinitis pain now than I have in a long time. Diet? Synthroid? Not sure, but very happy about how I'm feeling.

Stuff I eat on a regular basis:
grass fed beef, pastured uncured bacon, pastured pork sausage with AIP-compliant spices, salmon, chicken
cooked greens, onions, all kinds of squash, sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, fermented vegetables
cantaloupe, peaches, berries, bananas
whole fat coconut milk and coconut cream with no guar gum added
avocado, olive oil, avocado oil, olives

I do change up the produce a bit, but those are most of the foods I eat every day.

This week I lost TWO pounds, down to 235 today. I can hardly believe it. I am not eating that much differently, amount-wise, than I was when I was gaining weight a few months ago. I feel like I am even more indulgent within the AIP guidelines: adding coconut cream and honey to my tea, roasting my vegetables in olive oil, eating as much as I want of these foods (not to feeling stuffed, but until I am full). I really believe the Synthroid is responsible for this speed-up in weight loss; I just feel so much more 'normal', too: better moods, improved sleep and energy, just.. good. I am so thankful that what I am doing is getting results... not just in weight loss, but more importantly, in my health and happiness.


Anonymous said...

Long time follower of your blog and I am standing up and cheering right now. Lyn, you are an inspiration.

I am so happy for you!

Michelle Himes said...

Great to hear that things are going good for you. :)

Lori said...

I am so glad that you are feeling good and getting positive results even on the scales. I'm sure that makes the strict eating plan a teeny bit more tolerable.

LHA said...

Wonderful news. You had better believe that Synthroid makes a big difference in your ability to lose weight and also feel good in general! Years ago I was struggling with depression that was intractable. It didn't respond to therapy or antidepressants. Finally, my psychiatrist put me on a dose of Synthroid even though my thyroid tests appeared normal. Within weeks my mood had lifted and I felt better than I had in years. I lost weight too. I'm glad you are finding some answers and that you have gotten a correct diagnosis. I hope things continue on this upswing!

Gwen said...

congrats! While it would be nice to know which is impacting more; the new diet or the really doesn't matter. Stay the course, and the results will (I'm sure) continue to improve. We all take different paths to improved health, and while I feel everyone can get better with no or little grains, sugar, processed foods, the variations within that are great. I'm just happy that you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

This bit of news really made me smile, I am so happy to hear that you're doing so well!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading you for a few years now and am cheering inside for you right now! This is wonderful news to hear, and I'm sure super to feel.

16 blessings'mom said...

I am also cheering for you, Lyn!!!! You are a shining of example of what happens when one endures and doesn't give up!!!! I very thankful you are getting some results and feeling better.:)


Sean Anderson said...

I noticed you commented on Suzi's blog and thought---Oh wow-- I must come over to your place immediately!! So happy to read where you are!!! I'm very happy for you, Lyn! Finding that peace and happiness despite everything else, is golden... Very much. Your plan and approach looks absolutely beautiful.
So good to catch up!
My best-Sean

h2oratt said...

What dosage of synthroid are you on?

Lyn said...

Thanks all! I really do feel so much better!


yes! my mood has also lifted. I didn't realize how low I felt. I thought I was just tired/sluggish but now I can see it was more than that. Glad you got help too!


good to see you!! I had to go check your blog and I see you're working hard... WTG! We got this :)


I am on 25 mcg, taken once a day in the morning.

h2oratt said...

You know to take it 1 he before eating right ?
Glad you are feeling better

Lyn said...


yep, I do :) Thanks, that is actually really important to do. It has to be taken on an empty stomach since mixing with food limits absorption.