Wednesday, August 13, 2014


We're heading out on vacation today for some beach and camping fun! I am *very* close to the end of my 30 days of AIP (today is day 29!) and it was quite tempting for a moment to "reintroduce" some things so I could eat more leniently on our trip. But you know, I am somehow calmer about food on this diet, and I quickly realized that it's not the time to be doing that. I'll be busy and distracted and might not notice any subtle changes in how I feel when adding a food... plus, I really want to take this slowly. So I'll stick to my strict AIP for awhile longer, bringing along most of the food I will be eating.

The cooler will contain:
a couple pounds of carrot sticks
cooked spaghetti squash
cooked pork
frozen homemade AIP-friendly sausage patties
raw bacon, raw steaks marinating in a ziplock bag
onions, mushrooms, leeks, and whatever other veggie is in the fridge, for cooking in the cabin's kitchen
peaches, cubed watermelon and cantaloupe, apples, grapes
olives, coconut milk

I will also bring some decaf tea bags and honey and a big water bottle.

If we do end up at a restaurant at some point, I'll go simple and ask for some basic protein and veggies with nothing added. But hopefully I can just cook for us and eat what I'd eat at home, stopping at a grocery store for more basics if needed.

Looking very much forward to the fun and relaxation! I love summertime. Enjoy yours!


Lori said...

Enjoy your vacation.

LovelyDreams said...

Have a great trip!

Jen said...

Lyn, came across this AIP blog and thought of you:

How good does that salted honey caramel sauce look? Yum!