Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stuff I Did, and Weigh In

This week I wasn't sure what to expect from the scale. I had my first successful reintroduction (chocolate), didn't get to the gym much, and went to another fair. About the fair... it was so much fun! All the rides, exhibits, bunnies and chickens and goats... there was a *lot* of walking around, to the point my feet did start to hurt and I had to find some sitting areas later in the day. But we were there for several hours so I guess I did okay! I ate before I went but wow did all that fair food smell good! When it was dinnertime, I scoped out all the places selling meats, looked for the ones that looked the least seasoned (no taco meat!) and then asked the cook at the cheese steak booth about the seasonings on his meat. When I determined it was AIP-friendly, I ordered one cheese steak... no bun, no cheese, no mayo, no peppers. Haha, the look on his face! They complied, though, and I got a nice BIG plate of cooked steak, grilled onions, and mushrooms. It was quite delicious and I couldn't even finish it all! I left the fair feeling very satisfied and not like I was missing out at all.

Anyway, let me get the food stuff out of the way first. Yesterday I made:

Rainbow roasted root vegetables (red and Chioggia beets, sweet potato, orange and white carrots)

AIP recipe, rainbow roasted root vegetables with Chioggia beets

Beef bone broth (made from local, grass fed beef bones roasted and simmered for 12 hours)

grass fed bone broth

(This made enough for two quarts of bone broth to use during the week, plus the lovely white tallow at the top of the jars to use in cooking).

AIP Blackberry blueberry cobbler for one (I made 1/4 of the recipe, so good topped with coconut cream!)

Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) Blackberry cobbler

AIP  Paleo berry cobbler

I also made watermelon-lime fruit juice gummies (grass fed gelatin is a recommended supplement on AIP), but they didn't turn out how I imagined. They have a texture of really firm Jell-o. I'll still eat them though.

Other stuff I ate this week:

Bacon, chicken breast, flat-iron steak, pork cube steak, liver (just a few bites), wild salmon
Buttercup squash, pattypan squash, onions, Romaine, beets, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, sweet potatoes, spinach, cucumbers
Cantaloupe, watermelon, apples, bananas, plums, peaches, berries
Olive oil, avocado oil, olives, avocados, coconut oil, coconut flakes, coconut milk
Kombucha, sauerkraut
Black decaf tea, honey, Choffy, Trader Joe's mints, cocoa

That's it! Simple eating.

Activity for the week:

Biked 4 days (15, 20, 20, 30 minutes)
Swimming once (30 minutes)
Walking a lot at the fair and once for exercise (about 1.5 miles)

Feeling: great! Good energy, sleeping well, feeling well-fed.

Scale this morning said: 229 pounds. That's THREE pounds gone this week. Super excited about this. When I started AIP I did it solely for my health. I had had enough of fighting my body with diets and while I was on hiatus went full force into getting *well*, which meant a lot of things: doctor visits, a new elimination diet, eating stuff like liver and fermented foods and bone broths, getting better sleep, and taking the Synthroid my doctor prescribed. I put my weight on the back burner, stopped counting calories and carbs, and just zoned in on doing AIP 100% and treating my body correctly. And look, look! The weight is coming off better than it has in years! Can you believe it? Because I hardly can. I said it two weeks ago and I'll say it again: I feel like I am getting better results with *less* effort now, whereas for the past two years I was putting in WAY MORE effort (into weight loss) and getting basically nowhere. Well, I won't question it, I am just so thrilled things are going so well, and I'll keep working at AIP reintroductions and taking good care of my body.


Karen said...

Keep going. Keep track of what foods work and do not work. That will be key.

Also, if you hit a stall, start looking at fruit and the starchy veggies.

I think you will be surprised at how many health problems will "go away" with the food template that is right for you, even without weight loss.

One last word: What is working now may not sustain you later, so keep an open mind about changing things up. Keep going. Keep learning.

All my 2 cents you (and your readers) can ignore if it doesn't fit for you. It may start with food (it did for me) but the transformation involved a lot of things and day-in-day out work. Here's to moving forward.

Lyn said...

Thanks Karen! Good advice, and I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

SOunds like the Synthroid has kicked in.

Lyn said...


Absolutely! I think treating my thyroid disease with medication is a big part of my turnaround.

WGAJ said...

I'm so happy for you, Lyn!

heidi said...

My biggest recommendation is to RECORD what you are eating and amounts so that you can go back and look at what was working 4 months from now if you somehow get off track. Life happens and we all have our ups and downs, and when we gain it becomes really difficult to remember exactly what we were doing that worked so well and recreate it.

Lyn said...


thanks! I agree that's a good idea. I do have a paper journal that I write everything I eat in, but not amounts... just what foods. I pretty much eat to satisfaction when hungry. When things do slow down I will probably have to start tracking amounts and calories again.

Kai Klaarika said...

So happy for you! And seriously, i dont even know you :) Have just been reading your blog for some four years.
But happy. See, hope is always justified.
Also, good advice from others, for everyone.

Desert Singer said...

I am so stinkin' happy for you!!!!!!!!!!! YAY :D