Friday, August 22, 2014

Reintroducing Chocolate!

Well you know me, I change my mind and plans on a whim sometimes, and what food to reintroduce first on AIP is no different! I'd bought a jar of ghee to try, but after posting about that I had second thoughts. All along I have said the two things I missed the most were chocolate and coffee. In fact, last week I had a silly, dramatic dream where I was crawling and dragging myself across a parched desert, reaching out my hand and begging... "chocolate! I need chocolate!" Issues? Maybe :) But I do love the flavor of it, and was eating a square of 88% dark every night before AIP. So, after some reflection and looking over my AIP resources, I decided to reintroduce chocolate (cocoa, actually) before ghee. My e-book guide says it is fine to add things you miss the most first, but also gives a chart with foods divided into 4 stages... stage 1 being least likely to cause a reintoduction reaction, and stage 4 being the most likely to be problematic. Cocoa is a stage 2 food.

When you decide to add chocolate, you can't just go buy a Hershey bar or eat some organic milk chocolate. If you do that and have a reaction, you won't know if it was to the cocoa specifically, or to the milk or other ingredients in the candy (soy lecithin is a common additive, and soy is avoided on AIP). In the e-book, there is a recipe for homemade chocolates which is basically plain cocoa mixed with coconut oil and honey. That's a great option. Here are two other options that I'm using.

1) Choffy. I had this on hand already as I was drinking it through the winter. It's just roasted, ground-up cocoa beans that you brew in a French Press as you would coffee. It makes a cocoa-flavored hot drink that I love plain. The only ingredient is cocoa beans.

2) Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Honey Mints. I found these at Trader Joe's and they have only three ingredients: chocolate liquor, honey, and peppermint oil. Since honey and mint are already allowed on AIP (and I have been eating them without issue), the only variable is the chocolate liquor, which is just "pure cocoa mass" from cocoa beans (and despite being called liquor, this contains no alcohol).

So on Wednesday I ate one of the Dark Chocolate Honey Mints. It tasted AMAZING. I really missed my chocolate! I waited awhile, didn't notice anything different, and had another one. I had one more in the evening... no issues. Since then I have been enjoying a mint or some Choffy each day and have noticed no problems. I still feel great! If everything stays happy, I'll be able to declare cocoa as my first reintroduction success. That doesn't mean I'll eat a mint candy every day (still need to watch the sugar levels overall), but it gives me one more thing I don't have to avoid and can enjoy in moderation.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Try adding cocoa to your smoothies. It is tasty with strawberries or bananas and good for you too. I am doing AIP as well and I am reading your additions with interest.

Gwen said...

You say you won't have one every day...and yet, you have. I'm confused. And chocolate is SUCH a 'gateway' / trigger food for most people, I really question if that was a wise choice. :(

Lyn said...


I didn't have one today, just the Choffy. It's been 3 days, and when reintroducing a new food on AIP you are supposed to have some each day for 3-7 days to see if you have any issues from that food (according to the e-book, anyway... it's not an exact science though).

I understand how you feel about chocolate. I've been reading your blog on and off for awhile now and have seen you swear off it many times and then slip back... it is so hard to give up a trigger food! I'm so glad to see you have been able to kick that habit. I think for me, potato chips (and french fries) are my huge trigger. Chocolate... only if it is in a Snickers or other junk candy bar, or baked stuff like brownies or Little Debbies. I do love very dark chocolate and plan to enjoy it in moderation as part of my life forever. I'm really glad I haven't had a reaction to it!

Betsey C. said...

Good job, Lyn! This has been so interesting to read about. That choffy sounds good! I am so glad you are feeling better.

Smooches to you!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate is the nectar of life.

Anonymous said...

Question: Is your AIP and now reintroducing food something that was directed for you to do and being supervised by a physician or did you just decide to try it on your own. Very interested!

Lyn said...


My endocrinologist recommended doing an elimination diet and especially to cut out gluten, and "possibly dairy" but did not mention AIP specifically. I go back in a couple months to see him again and get blood tests to see how the Synthroid is working, also. I had an appointment with a non-MD thyroid specialist who gave me more details on what to avoid, and when I started doing research I found out about AIP myself. It's an elimination diet but probably a lot more strict than the Dr thought I would do. It's been really interesting and, I think, beneficial to my health.

Lori said...

yahoo for the safe reintroduction to chocolate!!!

Steelers6 said...

The title alone got me excited!
This is huge people! Yippee!!