Monday, August 11, 2014

Changes: Benefits of the Autoimmune Protocol

It's been 26 (edit: whoops, 27) days for me on the AIP elimination diet, and I had something interesting happen to me today. I went to see my counselor, who was on vacation last week so I hadn't seen her in 2 weeks. As soon as she saw me she said, "Wow, you look great! You look *so* much better! You really look good!" and so on. I hadn't told her anything about the diet yet, and these completely unsolicited compliments made me stop and think about the changes that have gradually been taking place over the last three and a half weeks.

I'm sleeping better... not waking up in the night as often.
I generally have more energy during the day.
My plantar fasciitis pain is nearly gone. It's more along the lines of your typical, mild PF that aches when you get out of bed in the morning or when you stand for too long, but nothing debilitating like it was in the past.
My skin looks better. I don't have any breakouts at all. And for the past year or two, I have noticed that the skin on my cheeks and across my nose has been bright red... almost like a sunburn. I've had to wear makeup to cover it because it looked SO red and rashy, and nothing I tried made it fade. Now, it has faded on its own, to the point that I don't even need foundation to make my face look normal. The redness is gone.
I feel like I can think more clearly and my emotions are more level. I am more calm in the face of stress.

Looking back in my AIP journal, I see that I felt kind of lousy for the first few days on the diet, but on Day 5 I started to feel better and see these positive changes begin. Now, on Day 27, it is very clear to me that this diet has benefited my mind *and* my body. I *do* believe that starting thyroid medication around the same time as I started AIP has contributed to a lot of these improvements as well.

So excited to see what the future holds for me!


Anonymous said...

Even in your writing, we can tell you just seem more upbeat and positive!
So happy to be reading that everything is going well for you, Lyn.


LauraA said...

I am so thrilled for you, especially that the plantar fasciitis pain is nearly gone. Thank you for continuing to share your story!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had rosacea

Leslie said...

Okay - you are totally inspiring me! I'm so happy for you, Lyn. I've long had almost sub-clinical symptoms of autoimmune issues...rosacea, brain fog, achy joints at times (though at age 61, some of that is clearly osteoarthritis), and other low level stuff that has never been long lasting or enough to even have worked up. But always, when my food was/is clean, everything starts to improve. I may take a closer look at this elimination food plan and give it a shot. I'm doing pretty well, but the summer has wooed me into some backsliding and weight gain that needs to stop now! Sick and tired of being sick and tired!!

Katherine said...

I was going to say the same as others here. It is so nice to hear the positive tone in your writing. I am very happy for you and encouraged. I've been battling plantar fascitis for the past 2 years also and it is very limiting to my daily life. I wonder how this new eating plan has helped? But, very happy to hear that you are in so much less pain.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your journey. I suffer from autoimmune diseases and I need to do AIP plan too. Drs orders. I personally have not known anyone on it. Your journey is valuable.