Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Tough Day on AIP

Today was a tough day on the Autoimmune Protocol. Funny how yesterday was my best day yet... I had energy, was happy, and felt 'normal' for the first time in ages. Yesterday I biked 25 minutes, lifted weights for 35 minutes, swam for an hour straight, and walked a mile and a half, and I still felt great. I slept very well last night but today was not like yesterday. I had a headache, felt blah and tired, and had brain fog. I have been 100% on AIP all week, including today, but I really struggled this afternoon. At one point I felt like I HAD TO HAVE some coffee or some chocolate. I was rationalizing it in my head. Just one off day won't hurt... I could have the coffee with no cream. I could get extra dark chocolate. I could go through a fast food drive through and get 2 sausage egg cheese biscuits... then I snapped out of it, got myself an iced green tea, and went home. I made myself some grassfed beef meatballs (with salt, green onion, garlic, and cilantro added) and roasted broccolini and told myself how fortunate I am to have such good healthy food to eat. I made it through a tough day and am *so* glad I did not give in to my cravings.

I am keeping a food journal so I can keep an eye on how various foods may be affecting me. This will be even more important when I start reintroducing things in a month or two. For now, my daily intake is basically a lot of produce and meat with a side of avocado and coconut milk or coconut butter. In the fridge right now:


Plenty to choose from, and tomorrow I need to roast some chicken so I have that to grab when hungry.

Tomorrow will be a better day!


Deniz said...

Here's to today, and the next, and the next all being great days. Well done you for not caving in.

LHA said...

Those bad days seem to happen no matter what! I suppose the cravings could have been set off by the extra hard exercise, but if so your body will soon get used to more activity without crying out for old favorite foods. Keep up the good work! I am learning so much.

~Oct said...

I have been reading your blog for years. Your recent posts have struck a note with me and I am now seriously considering transitioning from low carb to paleo as a first step to moving into the strict AIP. I have multiple sclerosis which I've kept largely at bay with strict low carb. The disease has been doing a number on me over the last several months, effecting balance and walking more than what I'm willing to live with without trying to fight back. Thank you for posting about your experience with this and know you are helping more than just yourself with the information you share.

Best wishes,
~ Oct

Lori said...

I hate it when I get days like that. It seems so easy to rationalize whatever is dancing in my head. Good for you for powering through and staying strong.

Lyn said...

Thanks for all the encouragement! I feel better this morning and am getting ready to hit the gym.


I encourage you to give it a try! From what I have read, systemic inflammation is a huge contributor to autoimmune diseases and all aspects of health. If you Google "autoimmune" and diet, you will find a lot of interesting information to digest. I hope making further diet changes helps you. Take care.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, way to resist temptation! So sorry it was a crappy day.

I'm contemplating the FODMAP diet for a different issue. (And I have to laugh, because all but a couple items in your fridge are forbidden!)

So yeah, like yours, the FODMAP thing has a long list of "nope" foods, some of which I love and are really healthy!

I'm still awaiting consultation with a dietician, but the GI doc recommended it... but there's still a little foot dragging and rationalizing happening Chez Cranky until I get some test results back. But as I start contemplating it, your posts are really helpful in terms of coping with restrictive diets!

Hope the AIP approach helps with your symptoms and that you can add at least a little more stuff back later on.

JM said...

Also good resource is the abscal way diet

Mary McNamara said...


Just wanted to say that it's great to see you back and in positive spirits! You are such an inspiration. :)


CatherineMarie said...

What about making some slaws and such? I always do better with my eating when I have prepped veggies.

16 blessings'mom said...

As a long time reader, I just want to say that I am really just plain rejoicing that you are are back in the ring, not that you ever really left it, but that you are more positive:) You are more encouraging than you can possibly realize, sharing not just the ups but being honest about the downs. Thank you!


Katya said...


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