Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Update and Weird Things About Beet Juice

Time is just whipping by and I don't get around to posting as much as I used to. Hard to believe I used to post almost every day. I think I said everything I wanted to say, and worked through the issues I needed to for the most part. And now it is just down to the "what I am doing and how it is working or not" stuff, which isn't as exciting anymore. But here it is.

I've been really enjoying the juicing. Some days I have been able to only ingest juice through about 3 or 4 pm, when I feel the need to solid food. Other days I have a hard boiled egg or some Greek yogurt between juices... whatever I feel like having. Every morning I make a green juice and a non-green juice, drink half of the non-green for breakfast and then drink all the juice over the course of the day. I was hoping for more energy but I am still tired all the time. However, I do like how I feel with the juicing, and I find myself craving the juice rather than other foods.

Some notes: one day I had a thick slice of hot wheat bread for lunch. It was homemade (not by me!) and offered with melting butter and it was so delicious, but the rest of the day I felt weird, off, foggy, not as well. I generally avoid wheat (and grains in general) and this just confirmed to me why. Another day, I was too busy to juice in the morning and ran out the door with a Medifast (soy) ready to drink shake. Got home and grabbed a (soy) Medifast cereal, and for lunch had a Bariwise (soy) protein bar. I felt like crap. Sluggish and sort of ill. None of it tasted good to me anymore, either, which is interesting because I used to really enjoy those foods. I had not eaten any soy in over a week and have gotten rid of most of my soy meals; this confirmed that moving away from the packets and soy in general is a good thing. My body likes the juicing better.

Also, I wanted to bring up a couple of weird things about beets. If you start eating or juicing beets, do not be alarmed when your urine or poop turns red. There is something really distressing about seeing red in a toilet, but try to remember that you are just passing the natural color of the beets. No worries. And another weird thing I had no idea about is that if you drink straight, raw beet juice or have too much raw beet or beet juice at once, it can cause vocal cord paralysis, a tight throat, a sore throat, or a scratchy throat. I found this out by juicing two beets, a heart of Romaine, and a carrot and drinking half the batch. Immediately my throat felt sore... kind of like if you had acid reflux and the back of your throat feels raw. I have food allergies so I knew this was not an allergic reaction; there was no swelling. But it was a very uncomfortable, burning sensation. Drinking water didn't make it stop, and neither did eating a yogurt. When I Googled "sore throat from beet juice" I found out I am not the only one. This has happened to other people, even resulting in being temporarily unable to speak. the funny thing is, I had been drinking beet juice before this happened. But in my other juice batches I had used a lot less beet and a lot more other fruits and veggies, so apparently the amount and dilution matters. Just a warning, so if this happens to you, back off the raw beet juice!

raw beet juice, green juice

New favorite juicer combo:

3 carrots
1 large orange
1/2 cantaloupe (peeled)

SO good and refreshing. And another:

2 carrots
2 Clementines
1/2 cantaloupe
1/2 lb strawberries


I am not going to juice everyday forever, but so far I am enjoying this and I feel it is a step towards a more natural diet. I had not weighed in quite some time this month but this week I weighed in at 229... again. Same as the last time I weighed about two weeks prior. Easter dinner included some salty ham, honeyed carrots, mashed potatoes and a dark chocolate marshmallow egg, and we also had a birthday this week which included a slice of carrot cake.

I am heading out of town for a couple of days and when I get back, maybe I will finally make time to get back on the bike. I honestly have no desire to do it, but I know it's necessary for my health.


Lori said...

I've been out of the loop for a while and am just catching up on your juicing. I'm watching with interest because that is something I don't see myself doing. It is hard for me to believe that all of those mixed up flavors actually taste good, even though you and other people I trust say they do.

Anyway, if you get good results, that is all that matters. I might even give it a whirl.

All the best!!

Lyn said...


I think the green juices are more of an acquired taste, and you have to start with greens that aren't bitter (baby spinach, Romaine) and add fruit to make it taste good. But the other ones without greens taste amazing! I love them and look forward to them every morning!

Sidney Cohen said...

Juicing is a great idea and it takes time to do, so congrats to you for doing it. Many times we have psychological blocks that interfere with our weight lose. See my site http://innerblockstolosingweight.com to get some additional ideas on losing weight.

JoJo said...

I am on the juicing learning curve also. I throw in hemp, chia or flax in the morning smoothie for more energy and then juice the rest of the day. It is helping me get in the vegetables--fruit is so easy, but green is tough without juicing for me. My last two beet purchased ended up in the trash...reluctant to try beets I guess. Good luck.