Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stupid Gain

Yep, March didn't go so well diet wise, no big shocker there. I had some weeks where I was totally on plan (low carb, high protein, off sugar and grains, small portions) and then I had a couple of rough patches too. It got hectic around here a couple of weeks ago and I stopped writing anything down whatsoever. I have this little book where I take notes on my diet, calories, exercise, pain level, activity level, and anything else about my health that I feel is relevant. The whole last 2 weeks is a blank. I know this, even though I don't know where the book is (and haven't looked for it) because I was absorbed in other things. I am still absorbed in other things, which is why I didn't blog earlier.

On March 1 I weighed 228 pounds. The lowest number I saw in March was 226. And today I weigh 229... a one pound GAIN. Not pleased with that as it ruins my goal of losing weight every month in 2014, BUT... it is also a push to get me working harder on this. Or at least giving it *some* of my attention.

My activity level *feels* like a lot more. Heck, it IS a lot more because I spent months sitting with my feet elevated and/or in night splints for the majority of my days. Now I am not sitting nearly as much, and thankfully my pain level is a lot lower than it used to be. I think the PT and medication really did work. I was scared when PT ended and my pain level inched back up, but after a few days with continued stretching and splinting and a new orthotic, the pain level went back down again. I feel I am now completely recovered from my October injury, and I am also better (meaning less pain and more ability to function) than I have been over most of the past 2 years, except for when I had cortisone shots. So I am happy about that. I think my pain is more along the lines of your standard, run of the mill plantar fasciitis now: sharp pain when I first get up or for the first few steps, and then it eases up and I can walk. I can walk to the park and I can shop. I still do get more sore and painful by the end of the day and if I overdo it. I can't walk miles yet, but I am on my way. No biking, no gyms or anything, but I do work in the yard, walk the dogs, and stay very busy all day.

It is probably going to be this way for awhile. I am doing okay and I think April will be better on the eating front, as I work to not use food as a coping mechanism and cut back on my calories by staying grain free and sugar free and subbing protein shakes for breakfast and sometimes lunch. Hoping for a lower weight soon.


Mary McNamara said...


Your determination to keep plowing forward is such an inspiration! Don't give up - a one pound gain is so easy to reverse - You can do this!!

Thinking of you. <3


LuckyMama said...

Don't beat yourself up. While the scale shows 1 lb up, it's in the noise of the 3-4 lb fluctuation we all have.

I've graphed my weight EVERY DAY and the fluctuation is evident, but the trend is down.

You'll get there!

TNTriathlete said...

Why no biking? I thought you had a goal of at least 15 minutes a day. When you last posted about it it didn't bother your feet and your ortho doctor said to bike as much as possible.

Lyn said...

Thanks Mary, I appreciate it :)


yes, you're right, it was pretty much a maintain, which isn't bad with all that's been going on.


no time in the day, too tired by night.

Monique Noel said...

My dad used to tell me there's no such thing as "not enough time." If you're not doing something, it's because you don't want to do it. Are you sure you don't have 10 to 15 minutes per day to bike?

LHA said...

Reading between the lines it sounds like you are coping with a lot in your life right now. Considering how easily that kind of stress can really send eating off the rails completely, I would say you did well. April can be a great month for eating well and exercising. I hope you have great success on all fronts.

Lyn said...

Monique Noel~

Yes, I'm sure, but thanks for checking!


good reading ;) Thanks for the well wishes. I hope to have more time and less stress next week. Crossing fingers!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if my first comment made it through. Usually after I've commented I see it with a message about being moderated. So now I'm confused!

What I said in my first comment was basically watching you struggle like this, and identifying with so much of what you're dealing with (even if I don't know your exact details, we all know what it's like when real life and responsibilities overwhelm us). I hate seeing you struggle like this, and I wonder if you would just consider taking a break and focus on taking care of YOU. After all you've been dealing with and trying to do, over the last two and a half months the only result has been to gain a pound.

That would discourage ANYONE.

You don't need to keep beating your head against the wall. Take a break, take care of yourself, take care of your life, and then come back to dieting when you're in a better place.


JM said...

Just adding watching what you eat and getting exercise IS taking care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to add to the persistency of others here, but I feel like you see physical activity and exercise as a chore here. I still don't believe you don't have 15 minutes in your day to bike. And do you remember that feeling of relief, achievement and just plain proudness after exercising? I feel this will help you get through some
Of your worries. Just let it all go and give it 15 mins a day. It will heal you.
You can also try meditating, but I personally find this doesn't help when my mind is running 100 miles a minute. Exercise=endorphins!
Best of luck for April. You can do it.

Melting Candy said...

Sorry to hear you have had such a hard month. Sometimes that happens but was is very inspiring is how you are forming a plan for the upcoming month. Hang in there!

I struggle with my feet as well and can really relate to what you have described.Keep your head up and keep pushing though.