Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weigh In

This week was a pretty good one, I think. I already shared yesterday about the things I've been eating besides the vegan meals I was sent and reviewed. Again I did not count calories. I did make my goal of biking daily:

Weds 20 min
Thurs 25 min
Fri 15 min
Sat 15 min
Today 15 min

I did my pool PT walk for 20 minutes on Tuesday, I walked the dog a couple blocks on Thursday and Friday, and I did yard work on Wednesday. So all in all, the most active week I have had in months. I credit the ability to do this and the reduction in pain to the regimen the orthopedic surgeon prescribed; I have followed it religiously. I still have pain enough to limit my activities but it is SO much better to be able to do something for 20 or 30 minutes than not to be able to do it at all. Very thankful and I hope this continues.

Last week the scale said 228. Today it says 226, a two pound loss for the week. I am pleased with that.

I have this tendency to decompress after a weekly weigh-in, to get sort of lax with my eating or overdo it a bit. Today I had some full fat cheese on my taco salad for dinner. I bought some sugar free nut rolls and had one. I enjoyed an iced decaf coffee with cream while we were out running errands. I did make sure to drink plenty of water and eat my lean protein and veggies, too. Feeling good. Actually, I am starting to feel like *myself* again for the first time since my best friend's death last fall. I am starting to have hope, feel able, and look forward to the future again. I am enjoying my days more.

Plan for this week: same kind of eating (minus the vegan meals): lots of vegetables, and protein in the form of eggs, Eggbeaters, lean beef, chicken, fish, Greek yogurt, and light cheeses. I am still using up the leftover Medifast meals and Wonderslim stuff as well.

Here's to another good week!


timothy said...

good for you, I hope this week is as successful as the last!

Lori said...

Consistently losing two pounds per week, will get you to your goal. I'm glad you had a weight loss finally.

I have to weigh daily to keep myself from too many little extras after WI. It is what I have to do to stay accountable to myself. I know it isn't the popular wisdom but it is what I have to do.

I'm glad that the grief is abating. It can manifest itself so many ways and make life hard for a long time. Be kind to yourself in the meantime. Google griefshare and see if there is one in your area. They do amazing work helping people work through grief. Generally, it is very low cost or even free.

LuckyMama said...

*singing*....back in the saddle again...

Good job!

JoJo said...

I've been successful on medifast,jenny craig, nutrisystem, medifast and medifast again. Until I wasn't. I've found something different and you are the first person I want to tell. Your blog has both inspired me and made me feel the depth of despair as I share your same struggles/failures and shortterm successes. I saw Dr. Hyman on a PBS special and just decided to do it--The 10 day Detox. I didn't even get the book....just looked at Dr. Oz's one page summary. I didn't spend the money "just to feel like I was doing something" so this is already different. I am feeling the "clean" and the elimination of brain fog that Hyman talked about on his show. Although the constant thinking about food is not gone,it is quieter. I am only on day 5, but I feel better, maybe even a little happier. Is it the honeymoon period--maybe--but it seems different. Wanted you to have the opportunity to check this out. Thanks so much for all your blogs and willingness just to put it out there.