Friday, March 14, 2014

Good and Bad

I haven't felt like posting or doing anything blog related this week, but I don't want people to worry or think something is terribly wrong so here's where I'm at.

The bad:

After almost 2 weeks of no physical therapy, my pain is slightly increased and my mobility very slightly worse in the ankle of one foot. Additional PT visits are in appeals with insurance right now. In the meantime I am doing everything else I was doing before.

As my biking has increased and my foot pain has decreased, my arthritis has flared back up for the first time in months. I'm not sure if the biking is aggravating it or if the arthritis pain was there all along, but just not noticed because of how severe the foot pain was. Anyway, the arthritis sucks, my knees and ankles ache.

I also ate some ice cream this week and obviously the sugar does not help my pain, so no more of that.

I had to go back to using the shower chair sometimes. Standing is way more painful than slow walking.

The good:

I am still trying to bike most days. I was able to walk the dogs to the park this week. I am still at an activity level where I am mostly able to do what I need to do around the house, although with a bit more pain.

I am enjoying the spring-ish weather on some days and the sunshine is great for my mood! My daughter and I spend a lot more time outside at parks and on playdates.

My eating is okay. Not great, but okay, and I am trying to nudge it back towards perfect. I know perfect is just a concept, but the closer I get to my ideal of perfect eating, the better I feel. That just means more produce, plenty of protein, no junk. I have been eating too many protein bars and need to quit it. They make me feel sluggish and make my skin break out. So some adjustments are being made. I think I am close enough, still, that getting back to near ideal isn't a huge leap. I am craving green smoothies so I will indulge myself with those this weekend.

That's how my week has gone. I feel okay about it but want to polish it up a bit, try to bike more if my knees can tolerate it, and maybe it is time to restart counting calories.


CatherineMarie said...

Lynn, you have started losing again with just moderate/gentle exercise. Can you start swimming or something? Don't worry about counting calories so much, and do indulge in a little ice-cream from time to time. It is a lifestyle and that includes occasional ice cream.

JoJo said...

Hi Lynn, I am on day 9 of Dr. Hyman's 10 day detox. I am feeling so incredibly great and I am sure it is because I am not eating sugar or flour. I'm hoping I can will you to try it through the internet. I so want you to feel better, but know that our bodies are all different. Maybe it isn't for you, but I sure feel so much better and I was feeling really poorly before.