Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Eat or Act

I still have a lot going on over here, but I am not using food to cope with it. It's hard. I am feeling the feelings instead, which can be really overwhelming sometimes. Truly. But then, since I am not shoving the feelings down with potato chips, I pull out of the stress and I take action. Because if you're not dealing with it by eating, or checking out on the Internet, or whatever other coping mechanism you have, and you stand there feeling it and having tears welling up in your eyes and muttering things to yourself, you can either break down and sob for awhile (which is okay) or wipe the tears off your face and use the stress to propel yourself into doing SOMETHING. Which is what I have been doing. I mean, when I have a problem that needs to be addressed, there is no way that I can just plop down on the couch and forget about it... at least not without the assistance of some yummy junk food. If I can't distract and soothe with food then I have to feel it, which I find is *very* uncomfortable unless accompanied by action that will help relieve the stress. I hope that makes sense. Basically it means that if your kids says to you "Mom, the cat is chewing her leg off" and the cat is hiding in the storage closet, you can flip out, get overwhelmed, eat a container of chocolate covered nuts and THEN deal with it, or you can feel those feelings of worry, mutter to yourself a bit, take a deep breath and start moving everything out of the storage closet to find the cat. And what I have found is that I am capable of dealing with issues even without having a big snack first. Who knew? And yes, the cat is fine, some children exaggerate, she has an injury we've been dealing with and she was licking it raw which, apparently, looks like chewing one's leg off to some people. I wrapped her leg and she will be fine. So will I.


JoJo said...

I am not sure I agree. I'd go with EAT or FEEL. Not that I go with feel easily yet. I'd much rather eat because I know how to do that well. Feel can be a black hole.

Karen said...

Yes, I can relate. Eventually over the weeks and months the pain of the feelings will come and go. The pain of the overeating stayed with me for years. Feeling normal feelings hurt less than the problem and the emotional eating.

Keep going and seek support, always. Strength and courage. Recovery is sweet. Karen P.

Carla Birnberg said...

applauding that first sentence!!!!


Lori said...

Good for you for pushing through the hard part. You'll get to the good part very soon.

WatchMe Lose said...

I can relate!!

I need to go back and read some of your earlier posts!!

Dawn Darling said...

Oh my....I literally laughed out loud with your explanation of what really happened to your cat. That was very, very funny.